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Abbott, Lucy May (marriage to Henry James Perkins) (i2368) (living status unknown)


Adams, Semintha (marriage to Edward Bailey Jr.) (i2054), b.1816-d.1880


Agee, Russell (marriage to Alice Broaddus) (i559), b.1911-d.2001
Agee, Susan M. (marriage to Charles Harvey) (i466), b.1850-d.1916


Amon, Cheyenne (i679) (still alive)
Amon, Curt (i676) (still alive)
Amon, Curtis Don (i677) (still alive)


Anderson, Adrian Matthew (i55) (still alive)
Anderson, Jack Lee (i53) (still alive)
Anderson, Jasmine Belle (i465) (still alive)
Anderson, Jessica Leigh (i54) (still alive)


Anthony, Mary (marriage to John Perkins) (i2291)


Arie, Clyde (marriage to Catherine Hampton) (i2125), b.1881-d.1977


Badger, Bertha (marriage to William E. Sandage) (i2098)


Bailey, Albert (i530), b.1886-d.1960
Bailey, Albert (i535) (still alive)
Bailey, Alberta (i540) (still alive)
Bailey, Anna S. (i526), b.1877-d.1920
Bailey, Anna S. (marriage to Lewis P. Cook) (i526), b.1877-d.1920
Bailey, Arlie (i286), b.1904-d.1972
Bailey, Arvill C. (i2157), b.1898-
Bailey, Benjamin Franklin (i2067), b.1820-
Bailey, Cecil A. (i538) (still alive)
Bailey, Charles Clarence (i282), b.1873-d.1949
Bailey, Charles Clarence (marriage to Hattie May Bailey) (i282), b.1873-d.1949
Bailey, Cindy (i803) (still alive)
Bailey, Daisy E. (i2156), b.1890-
Bailey, daughter (i2375), b.1910-d.1910
Bailey, Dennis (i802) (still alive)
Bailey, Donald E. (i2116), b.1926-
Bailey, E. Frederick (i518), b.1857-
Bailey, Earl (i2376), b.1911-d.1986
Bailey, Edgar Lee (i2154), b.1883-d.1942
Bailey, Edward (i529), b.1881-d.1925
Bailey, Edward Ernest (i2380), b.1921-d.1998
Bailey, Edward, Jr. (i2053), b.1806-d.1875
Bailey, Edward, Sr. (i2045), b.1770-d.1856
Bailey, Elias (i2051), b.1804-
Bailey, Elizabeth (i2057), b.1812-
Bailey, Ellen (i2055), b.1807-d.1891
Bailey, Esther Catherine (i2071), b.1847-
Bailey, Esther Catherine (marriage to John Frederick Hampton) (i2071), b.1847-
Bailey, Flossie Mae (i293), b.1903-d.1948
Bailey, Francis Steele (i523), b.1871-d.1960
Bailey, Gail (i809) (still alive)
Bailey, George Alfred (i2206), b.1854-d.1855
Bailey, George Washington (i284), b.1826-d.1895
Bailey, George Washington (marriage to Mary Jane Wells) (i284), b.1826-d.1895
Bailey, Gwenyth Mae (i339) (living status unknown)
Bailey, Harland M. (i291), b.1892-d.1960
Bailey, Harriet (i2065), b.1817-
Bailey, Hattie May (i283), b.1876-d.1933
Bailey, Hattie May (marriage to Charles Clarence Bailey) (i283), b.1876-d.1933
Bailey, infant girl (i2205), b.1852-
Bailey, Iris (i287), b.1898-d.1970
Bailey, Iris (marriage to Elzie Wynn) (i287), b.1898-d.1970
Bailey, James L. (i2072), b.1848-
Bailey, James R. (i2060), b.1810-
Bailey, Jill (i805) (still alive)
Bailey, John (i2069), b.1821-
Bailey, John H. (i2155), b.1887-
Bailey, John H. (i531), b.1889-d.1960
Bailey, Larry (i810) (living status unknown)
Bailey, Lori (i806) (still alive)
Bailey, Lucy Margaret (i528), b.1878-d.1960
Bailey, Mabel Orpha (i288), b.1902-d.1983
Bailey, Martha (i787) (still alive)
Bailey, Mary (i2061), b.1815-
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth (i280), b.1900-d.1988
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth (i524), b.1874-d.1936
Bailey, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to William O. Bradley Harvey) (i280), b.1900-d.1988
Bailey, Morgan Beauregard (i520), b.1862-d.1923
Bailey, Morgan Lynn (i2377), b.1916-d.1971
Bailey, Norma Ellen (i346) (still alive)
Bailey, Ova Parlee (i2153), b.1880-d.1948
Bailey, Ramon Clarence (i2140)
Bailey, Raymond Dwayne (i347), b.1932-d.1980
Bailey, Rhonda (i804) (still alive)
Bailey, Rick (i2193) (still alive)
Bailey, Robert Dion (i539) (still alive)
Bailey, Robert Lee (i292), b.1883-d.1960
Bailey, Roscoe E. , Jr. (i537), b.1929-d.1997
Bailey, Roscoe E. , Sr. (i285), b.1907-d.1963
Bailey, Roscoe E. , Sr. (marriage to Cora Virginia Satterfeal) (i285), b.1907-d.1963
Bailey, Roscoe E. , Sr. (marriage to Sarah E. Satterfeal) (i285), b.1907-d.1963
Bailey, Rosemary (i811) (still alive)
Bailey, Sally S. (i2152), b.1877-
Bailey, Samuel (i2074), b.1850-
Bailey, Scott (i807) (still alive)
Bailey, Terry (i534) (still alive)
Bailey, Thomas (i517), b.1868-
Bailey, Thornsberry B. (i2063), b.1815-
Bailey, Will (i2075), b.1865-
Bailey, William George (i2150), b.1847-d.1919
Bailey, William George (marriage to Ellen A. Smith) (i2150), b.1847-d.1919


Baker, ? (i1899)
Baker, Elender (i1903)
Baker, Nancy (i1835), b.1783-d.1851
Baker, Nancy (marriage to Norris Harvey) (i1835), b.1783-d.1851
Baker, Rebecca (i1902)


Ball, Lysander (marriage to Elizabeth Bailey) (i2059), b.1815-


Barger, Dakota Dawn (i1934) (still alive)
Barger, Lindsay Marie (i1933), b.1993-d.1993
Barger, Michael Wade (i1932) (still alive)


Barnes, Temperance (marriage to Charles Harvey) (i1837), b.1835-


Barnett, James (marriage to Ellen Bailey) (i2056), b.1802-


Beaumar, Emerson C. (marriage to Llorene Rees) (i2113)


Bettie (i2371) (still alive)


Bishop, Martha Rose (i2378) (still alive)
Bishop, Ruth (i2379) (living status unknown)


Broaddus, Alice (i558)
Broaddus, Arathema (i2018), b.1821-d.1846
Broaddus, Benjamin (i1975), b.1896-
Broaddus, Benjamin Morton (i2036), b.1851-d.1921
Broaddus, Douglas W. (i2227) (still alive)
Broaddus, Edward (i1861), b.1870-d.1955
Broaddus, Edward (marriage to Martha Ellen Harvey) (i1861), b.1870-d.1955
Broaddus, Elijah (i1998), b.1844-d.1916
Broaddus, Elizabeth (i2031), b.1842-
Broaddus, Ellena Jane (i2021), b.1824-d.1885
Broaddus, Emmeline (i2026), b.1829-
Broaddus, Everett M. (i561), b.1911-d.1972
Broaddus, George M. (i2038), b.1855-
Broaddus, Hazel L. (i1965), b.1905-d.1998
Broaddus, Herbert (i1963), b.1893-d.1968
Broaddus, Imogene (i2228) (still alive)
Broaddus, James (i560), b.1918-
Broaddus, John Morton (i303), b.1871-d.1945
Broaddus, John Morton (marriage to Lilly Minoana Harvey) (i303), b.1871-d.1945
Broaddus, Johnny Dale (i2230) (still alive)
Broaddus, Joseph Rice (i1953), b.1868-d.1919
Broaddus, Joseph Rice (marriage to Rosa Ann Harvey) (i1953), b.1868-d.1919
Broaddus, Lossie (i1967), b.1909-
Broaddus, Lucinda (i2007), b.1810-
Broaddus, Lucy M. (i1969), b.1899-d.1971
Broaddus, Margaret (i2032), b.1847-
Broaddus, Martha (i2016), b.1833-
Broaddus, Mary Frances (Mollie) (i2034), b.1849-
Broaddus, Mitch (i2000), b.1873-d.1967
Broaddus, Mitchell (i2005), b.1818-d.1879
Broaddus, Morton (i2023), b.1826-d.1904
Broaddus, Overton (i2014), b.1831-
Broaddus, Paulina (i2011), b.1815-d.1864
Broaddus, Ramona Sue (i2229) (still alive)
Broaddus, Robert D. (i1961), b.1912-d.1971
Broaddus, Russell (i1959), b.1904-d.1988
Broaddus, Sallie B. (i2043), b.1862-
Broaddus, Sarah F. (i2001), b.1878-d.1941
Broaddus, Thomas (i2003), b.1790-d.1841
Broaddus, Thomas L. (i2029), b.1840-
Broaddus, William M. (i2009), b.1812-d.1875
Broaddus, William Mason (i2041), b.1860-


Brown, Cheyenne Noel (i727) (still alive)
Brown, Logan Matthew (i728) (still alive)
Brown, Matthew David (i726) (still alive)


Browning, unknown (marriage to Alice Broaddus) (i2278)


Burns, Kaylee (i1930) (still alive)
Burns, Tony (i1929) (still alive)
Burns, Trevor (i1931) (still alive)


Burrus, Bessie Lee (marriage to Herbert Broaddus) (i1964), b.1895-d.1943


Burton, Charles T. (i2274), b.1915-d.1978
Burton, Charles T. (marriage to Susan Johns) (i2274), b.1915-d.1978
Burton, Charles T., Jr. (i2275) (still alive)
Burton, Hubert L. (i2276) (still alive)


Butler, Barbara Carol (i476) (still alive)
Butler, Donna Sue (i477) (still alive)
Butler, Everett Frank (i305), b.1910-d.1985
Butler, Jackie Lynn (i482), b.1951-d.1953
Butler, Jacob (i714) (still alive)
Butler, James Franklin (i472) (still alive)
Butler, Jamie Ellen (i703) (still alive)
Butler, Jeffrey (i711) (still alive)
Butler, Jerry Lee (i474) (still alive)
Butler, Kathy Jeanette (i480) (still alive)
Butler, Marah Elizabeth Irene (i742) (still alive)
Butler, Megan Marie (i741) (still alive)
Butler, Melissa Elaine (i716) (still alive)
Butler, Patty Ann (i478) (still alive)
Butler, Rachele Lynn (i700) (still alive)
Butler, Randi Renee (i719) (still alive)
Butler, Sandra (i712) (still alive)
Butler, Sharon Kay (i473) (living status unknown)
Butler, Stanley Roger (i479) (still alive)
Butler, Stephanie Millianne (i705) (still alive)
Butler, Tamara Michelle (i481) (still alive)
Butler, Tessa LeAnne (i704) (still alive)
Butler, Tommy Eugene (i717) (still alive)
Butler, Tommy Gene (i475) (still alive)
Butler, Travis James (i701) (still alive)


Byrd, Jason (i501) (still alive)
Byrd, Kailey Ann (i502) (still alive)


Byrum, John (marriage to Martha Broaddus) (i2017)
Byrum, Kinchen (marriage to Lucinda Broaddus) (i2008), b.1809-d.1897


Cassity, William (marriage to Grace Adaline Johns) (i2200)


Centers, Erikka Kandace (i2360) (still alive)
Centers, James (i1845)
Centers, James Cody Ray (i2361) (still alive)
Centers, James Scott (i1913) (still alive)
Centers, Patricia Lynn (i1914) (still alive)
Centers, Tracy Michelle (i1915) (still alive)


Chaney, Amanda (marriage to Bowlin Perkins) (i2333), b.1850-d.1933


Clark, Allen Franklin (marriage to Mabel Orpha Bailey) (i289), b.1899-d.1986
Clark, unknown (marriage to Eva Wells) (i2178)
Clark, unknown (marriage to Laura Wells) (i2182)


Clemons, Mary Margaret Ester (marriage to William Thomas Wells) (i2169), b.1868-d.1915


Clifford, Hunter Lee (i604) (still alive)
Clifford, Jim (i2078) (still alive)
Clifford, Michele Lynn (i2080) (still alive)
Clifford, Mitchell Lee (i603) (still alive)
Clifford, Robert Clay (i605) (still alive)
Clifford, Tonya Ann (i2082) (still alive)


Coates, Sallie B. (marriage to Russell Broaddus) (i1960), b.1906-d.1990


Coleman, Lawrence (marriage to Ova Parlee Bailey) (i2190), b.1877-d.1940


Cook, Alice L. (i2091), b.1909-d.1920
Cook, Andrew (i2093), b.1913-d.1920
Cook, Asa L. (i2089), b.1904-d.1926
Cook, Elizabeth (marriage to William Harvey Jr.) (i1870), b.1777-d.1825
Cook, George P. (i2087), b.1899-d.1952
Cook, Harry P. (i2085), b.1896-d.1970
Cook, Jesse (i2086), b.1897-
Cook, Lewis P. (i527), b.1868-d.1916
Cook, Lewis P. (marriage to Anna S. Bailey) (i527), b.1868-d.1916
Cook, Louise (i2092), b.1911-
Cook, Lucy Mae (i2088), b.1902-d.1991
Cook, Myrtle (i2094), b.1916-
Cook, Sarah E. (i2090), b.1908-


Cotton, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Morton Broaddus) (i2024), b.1830-d.1851
Cotton, Thomas (marriage to Paulina Broaddus) (i2012), b.1812-d.1850


Courtney, Stanley (marriage to Hallie Rae Perkins) (i2239), d.1990


Cowan, Pauline (marriage to Phillip L. Johns) (i2265), b.1916-d.2000


Cox, Naoma (marriage to Levi Harvey) (i1878), b.1817-


Croutcher, F. (marriage to Alice Broaddus) (i2279)


Culbertson, Dana Andrea (i2258) (still alive)
Culbertson, Dane Anthony (i2259) (still alive)
Culbertson, David (i2257) (still alive)
Culbertson, Joc Allen (i2260) (still alive)
Culbertson, Jon Angus (i2261) (still alive)


Cunliffe, Charles Michael (i690) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Donald Paul (i687) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Jessica Louise (i688) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Mathew Isaiah (i689) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Robert Dwayne (i1946) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Ronald Blake (i683) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Ronald Blake, III (i686) (still alive)
Cunliffe, Ronald Blake, Jr. (i684) (still alive)


Curtis, Odessa (i2381), b.1927-d.1994


Daily, Maria Jane (marriage to Norris Harvey Jr.) (i1890)


Dalton, William N. (marriage to Catherine Hampton) (i1909), b.1874-d.1937


Damrell, Kendra Shay Dean (i1940) (still alive)
Damrell, Shadie (i1847), b.1946-d.1996
Damrell, Stacy Lee (i1911) (still alive)
Damrell, Tonya Sue (i1941) (still alive)


Davis, Aaron Dallas (i723) (still alive)
Davis, Glenn Sheldon (i720) (still alive)
Davis, Heather Annette (i722) (still alive)
Davis, Martha Jane (marriage to Elbridge Harvey) (i1949), b.1844-d.1897
Davis, Wendy Andrea (i721) (still alive)


Deihl, Charles (marriage to Ferrie Wells) (i2176)


Denny, Brenda (i2138) (still alive)
Denny, Jerry (i835) (still alive)


Derr, Charles Eugene (i724) (still alive)
Derr, Jaclyn Elizabeth (i725) (still alive)


Doris Harvey (marriage to Nelson Harvey) (i591)


Dubson, unknown (marriage to Dollie Wells) (i2172)


Dunn, Collin Joseph (i801) (still alive)
Dunn, James Joseph (i799) (still alive)
Dunn, Johnathan James (i800) (still alive)


Eckler, Billy (i1937) (still alive)
Eckler, Emily Beallen (i1939) (still alive)
Eckler, Evan Blake (i1938) (still alive)


Eldridge, Corey (i451), b.1985-d.1985
Eldridge, Nathaniel (i452) (still alive)
Eldridge, Roy Eugene (i453) (still alive)
Eldridge, Samantha (i450) (still alive)


Farmer, Jerry (i588) (living status unknown)
Farmer, Jerry (marriage to Joretta Harvey) (i588) (living status unknown)
Farmer, John (marriage to Elizabeth Bailey) (i2058), d.1847
Farmer, Scott (i680) (still alive)


Finley, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Nathan Ledington) (i2221)


Forbes, Agnes (marriage to Sanders Calloway Johns) (i2196), b.1846-


Foster, Lucinda A. (marriage to John J. Wynn) (i1980), b.1855-d.1934
Foster, Martha Ann (marriage to James P. Harvey) (i1882), b.1825-


Gates, Martha Patience (marriage to William Harvey) (i1873), b.1809-d.1873


Gelsthorpe, Alex Edward (i337) (still alive)
Gelsthorpe, James David (i323) (still alive)
Gelsthorpe, Jason Randall (i335) (still alive)
Gelsthorpe, Jim (i322), b.1926-d.1989
Gelsthorpe, Kevin James (i332) (still alive)
Gelsthorpe, Kyle David (i333) (still alive)
Gelsthorpe, Martin Randall (i324) (still alive)
Gelsthorpe, Stacey Nicole (i336) (still alive)


Givens, Jane (marriage to William Harvey Jr.) (i1871), b.1793-d.1869


Grammer, Emma Jane (marriage to Shieval H. Satterfeal) (i1990), b.1873-d.1950


Gullette, Opal (marriage to Nelson Harvey) (i592), b.1928-d.2001
Gullette, Virginia Maria (marriage to William (Rev.) Harvey) (i1820), b.1922-d.1985


Gulley, Earl, (Gullett?) (marriage to Lucy M. Broaddus) (i1970), b.1897-d.1972


Hadden, Roger Dale (i2373) (still alive)


Hadley, Henry (marriage to Susan Mildred Harvey) (i1876)


Hamblin, Gary Eugene (i794) (still alive)
Hamblin, Gregory Loren (i793) (still alive)
Hamblin, Jaren Robert Kainoa (i796) (still alive)
Hamblin, Joshua Gregory (i797) (still alive)
Hamblin, Kathy Marie (i790) (still alive)
Hamblin, Loren Eugene (i340) (living status unknown)


Hamilton, Delmar (marriage to Phyllis Jean Harvey) (i484) (living status unknown)


Hampton, Catherine (i2104), b.1885-d.1977
Hampton, Florence E. (i2101), b.1875-
Hampton, John Frederick (i1910), b.1830-
Hampton, John Frederick (marriage to Esther Catherine Bailey) (i1910), b.1830-
Hampton, Leonard Napoleon (i2102), b.1878-d.1954
Hampton, Wade W. (i2103), b.1882-d.1950


Harms, Amanda Rose (i40) (still alive)
Harms, Robert Walter (i39) (still alive)


Harris, Billy (i2281) (still alive)
Harris, Bradley (i2282) (still alive)
Harris, Tyler (i2283) (still alive)


Harrison, Ernest (i312) (still alive)
Harrison, Gary Lynn (i313) (still alive)
Harrison, Laura Rose (i458) (still alive)
Harrison, Rebecca Lynn (i314) (still alive)


Harvey, Alonzo (i564), b.1938-
Harvey, Amy Jo (i500) (still alive)
Harvey, Arminta (i300), b.1876-d.1950
Harvey, Bessie (i565), b.1910-d.1983
Harvey, Bessie (marriage to Charley Noland) (i565), b.1910-d.1983
Harvey, Beula Mae (i571), b.1934-d.1934
Harvey, Bobby (i579) (living status unknown)
Harvey, Candace Sue (i329) (still alive)
Harvey, Charles (i281), b.1852-d.1922
Harvey, Charles (i1836), b.1827-
Harvey, Charles Wesley (i563), b.1914-d.1973
Harvey, Charles Wesley, Jr. (i570), b.1935-d.1947
Harvey, Cheryl Lou (i330) (still alive)
Harvey, Dana Sue (i1936) (still alive)
Harvey, Dani (i692) (still alive)
Harvey, David Wayne (i695) (still alive)
Harvey, Delbert (i1823) (still alive)
Harvey, Delphia (i1824) (still alive)
Harvey, Dylan (i515) (still alive)
Harvey, Edward Rice (i1867), b.1783-d.1850
Harvey, Elbridge (i1892), b.1844-d.1903
Harvey, Elenor (Ellen) (i1883), b.1823-
Harvey, Elizabeth Lee (i748), b.1880-d.1940
Harvey, Elizabeth Lee (marriage to Philip F. Johns) (i748), b.1880-d.1940
Harvey, Elsie Marie (i1822) (still alive)
Harvey, Forest Dale (i325) (still alive)
Harvey, Gladys Joy (i19), b.1925-d.1985
Harvey, Gladys Joy (marriage to Dudley Clark Starr) (i19), b.1925-d.1985
Harvey, Glenna (i1825) (still alive)
Harvey, Greenberry (i1879), b.1817-
Harvey, Gregory Wayne (i669) (still alive)
Harvey, Harold Price (i573), b.1916-d.1994
Harvey, James A. (i1891), b.1840-d.1923
Harvey, James P. (i1881), b.1820-
Harvey, James Randall (i675) (still alive)
Harvey, Jarrett Steven (i498) (still alive)
Harvey, Jennifer Ann (i503) (still alive)
Harvey, Jessica Peyton (i671) (still alive)
Harvey, John (i1864), b.1771-
Harvey, Jonathan (i1885), b.1825-d.1928
Harvey, Jonathan Cox (i1893), b.1845-d.1928
Harvey, Joretta (i587), b.1945-d.1993
Harvey, Joseph Sire (i298), b.1891-d.1966
Harvey, Justin Daniel (i673) (still alive)
Harvey, Kathleen (i574) (still alive)
Harvey, Kimberly Ann (i693) (still alive)
Harvey, Larry Dale (i578) (still alive)
Harvey, Laura Belle (i296), b.1886-d.1947
Harvey, Laura Belle (marriage to Terry Greene Perkins Jr.) (i296), b.1886-d.1947
Harvey, Laura Belle (marriage to William Motley) (i296), b.1886-d.1947
Harvey, Leslie Eugene (i328) (still alive)
Harvey, Levi (i299), b.1883-d.1960
Harvey, Levi (i1877), b.1815-
Harvey, Levi (i1896), b.1851-
Harvey, Lilly Minoana (i302), b.1878-d.1962
Harvey, Lilly Minoana (marriage to John Morton Broaddus) (i302), b.1878-d.1962
Harvey, Loretta Jean (i682) (still alive)
Harvey, Lorinda (Lurinda) (i1887), b.1831-
Harvey, Lorraine (i575), b.1925-d.1992
Harvey, Madelyn Idell (i321) (still alive)
Harvey, Marjorie Irene (i304) (still alive)
Harvey, Mark Alan (i512) (still alive)
Harvey, Martha Ellen (i1817), b.1873-d.1937
Harvey, Martha Ellen (marriage to Edward Broaddus) (i1817), b.1873-d.1937
Harvey, Mary Jane (i1866), b.1782-d.1830
Harvey, Mary Sue (i1827) (still alive)
Harvey, Mike (i593) (still alive)
Harvey, Minerva B. (i1816), b.1872-d.1887
Harvey, Myrtle (i1819), b.1911-d.1929
Harvey, Nancy (i1894), b.1847-
Harvey, Nelson (i576)
Harvey, Norris (i1834), b.1781-d.1850
Harvey, Norris (marriage to Nancy Baker) (i1834), b.1781-d.1850
Harvey, Norris, Jr. (i1889), b.1834-
Harvey, Paul Gaston (i572), b.1918-d.1989
Harvey, Paul Wayne (i681), b.1940-d.1940
Harvey, Phillip D. (i1954)
Harvey, Phyllis Jean (i306), b.1928-d.1967
Harvey, Phyllis Jean (marriage to Jennings Bryan Rees) (i306), b.1928-d.1967
Harvey, Rickey Dale (i1935) (still alive)
Harvey, Rosa Ann (i1952), b.1870-d.1950
Harvey, Rosa Ann (marriage to Joseph Rice Broaddus) (i1952), b.1870-d.1950
Harvey, Rose A. (i294), b.1888-d.1944
Harvey, Shirley Colleen (i311), b.1924-d.1981
Harvey, Squire (i1895), b.1849-d.1913
Harvey, Steven Dale (i327) (still alive)
Harvey, Susan A. (i1950), b.1868-d.1951
Harvey, Susan Mildred (i1874), b.1810-
Harvey, Tammy Lynn (i694) (still alive)
Harvey, Virginia Louise (i1826) (still alive)
Harvey, Wanda (i581) (living status unknown)
Harvey, Wanda (marriage to Morris Ray) (i581) (living status unknown)
Harvey, Wanda Lee (i317) (still alive)
Harvey, Wauletta (i583) (living status unknown)
Harvey, Wendell Harold (i585) (still alive)
Harvey, Wesley Alan (i514) (still alive)
Harvey, Willa Mae (i319), b.1931-d.2003
Harvey, William (i1872), b.1808-d.1885
Harvey, William (i586) (still alive)
Harvey, William (Rev.) (i567), b.1921-d.1975
Harvey, William O. Bradley (i279), b.1895-d.1942
Harvey, William O. Bradley (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Bailey) (i279), b.1895-d.1942
Harvey, William, Jr. (i1865), b.1770-d.1848
Harvey, William, Sr. (i1832), b.1744-d.1819


Harvie, Sally Elizabeth (i1862), b.1768-


Hazelwood, Cicely (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Bailey) (i2068)
Hazelwood, Jane Ann (marriage to John Bailey) (i2070), b.1826-d.1907


Henderson, Andy (i456) (still alive)
Henderson, Brady Shea (i449) (still alive)
Henderson, Brandon (i438) (still alive)
Henderson, Bryan (i437) (still alive)
Henderson, Dale Andrew (i429) (still alive)
Henderson, David Eric (i427) (still alive)
Henderson, Debra Lee (i425) (still alive)
Henderson, Harold James (i318), d.1990
Henderson, Harvey James (i424) (still alive)
Henderson, Jason (i447) (still alive)
Henderson, Jennifer Lee (i432) (still alive)
Henderson, Jeremy (i441) (still alive)
Henderson, Joshua (i440) (still alive)
Henderson, Justin (i445) (still alive)
Henderson, Rebecca (i443) (still alive)
Henderson, Ronald Eugene (i426) (still alive)
Henderson, Terri Marie (i428) (still alive)
Henderson, Timothy James (i431) (still alive)


Hendrickson, Lucinda Ann (marriage to Thomas Nathan Ledington) (i2220), b.1809-d.1848


Hiatt, James Dallas (i1924) (still alive)
Hiatt, Russell Lee (i1922) (still alive)
Hiatt, Russell Lee Dillon (i1923) (still alive)


Hisle, Benjamin Glyn (i1852) (still alive)
Hisle, James , Jr. (i1851) (still alive)
Hisle, James Curtis (i1850)
Hisle, Sierra Paige (i1854) (still alive)


Holman, Winifred (marriage to Greenberry Harvey) (i1880), b.1826-


Hopper, Gregory Todd (i1858), b.1968-d.1998
Hopper, Rona Sue (i1857) (still alive)
Hopper, Ronald (i1856) (still alive)


Howard, Lucy Mae, Warmouth (marriage to Levi Harvey) (i469), b.1908-


Hudson, Thena (marriage to William Thomas Wells) (i2170), b.1861-d.1934


Humes, Mary Baxter (marriage to Charles Wesley Harvey) (i1821)


Hutchens, Cynthia Diane (i1918) (still alive)
Hutchens, Dallas Ray (i1844) (still alive)
Hutchens, Dalvonne Renee (i1920) (still alive)
Hutchens, Jeana Marie (i1919) (still alive)
Hutchens, Lawanda Leann (i1921) (still alive)


Johns, Cecelia Isabel (i2197), b.1871-d.1912
Johns, Charles Ezekiel (i2201), b.1881-d.1923
Johns, Earlene (i1974), b.1909-
Johns, Edward (i750), b.1904-
Johns, Grace Adaline (i2199), b.1878-d.1963
Johns, Gracie A. (i1958), b.1906-d.1911
Johns, James Martin (i2202), b.1882-d.1969
Johns, Joyce Ann (i2267) (still alive)
Johns, Lottie (i1973), b.1903-
Johns, Philip F. (i749), b.1873-d.1953
Johns, Philip F. (marriage to Elizabeth Lee Harvey) (i749), b.1873-d.1953
Johns, Phillip L. (i751), b.1911-d.1989
Johns, Robert E. Lee (i2203), b.1885-d.1969
Johns, Sanders (i752), b.1913-
Johns, Sanders Calloway (i2195), b.1842-d.1912
Johns, Sanders Calloway, Jr. (i2198), b.1876-d.1965
Johns, Susan (i753), b.1915-d.1999
Johns, Susan (marriage to Charles T. Burton) (i753), b.1915-d.1999
Johns, Verdie L. (i1957), b.1901-d.1902


Jones, Elizabeth B. (marriage to Joseph Sire Harvey) (i467), b.1898-d.1998
Jones, James H. (marriage to Paulina A. Perkins) (i2332), b.1864-d.1944


Kanatzar, William (marriage to Diannah Perkins) (i2312), b.1804-d.1885


Kelley, Angel (i1926) (still alive)
Kelley, App (marriage to Arminta Harvey) (i1908), b.1875-d.1904
Kelley, Greg (i1927) (still alive)
Kelley, Jeff (i1925) (still alive)
Kelley, Tyler (i1928) (still alive)
Kelley, Walter (marriage to Sarah F. Broaddus) (i2002), b.1875-d.1962


Kelly, Benjamin L. (marriage to Sallie B. Broaddus) (i2044), b.1844-


Kerns, Edward Allen (i2248) (still alive)
Kerns, Thomas Wayne (i2249) (still alive)
Kerns, Timothy Darnaby (i2250) (still alive)
Kerns, William Allen , Jr. (i2247)
Kerns, William Allen , Jr. (marriage to Edna Rae Moore) (i2247)
Kerns, William Allen, Sr. (i2238), b.1908-d.1980
Kerns, William Allen, Sr. (marriage to Hallie Rae Perkins) (i2238), b.1908-d.1980


Keys, Michael David (i739) (still alive)
Keys, Michael Gene (i738), b.1952-d.1996


King, Daniel Boone (marriage to Elizabeth Taylor Ledington) (i2218), b.1793-d.1873


Knapp, Angie Marie, Starr (i52) (still alive)
Knapp, Shelly LeAnne, Starr (i56) (still alive)


Lackey, Susannah (marriage to ? Baker) (i1900)


Lainhart, Albert(?) (marriage to Lilly Minoana Harvey) (i562), b.1887-d.1962


Lake, John Ryan (i57) (still alive)
Lake, Steven Johnathan Michael (i58) (still alive)


Lamb, Wilbert (marriage to Gladys Joy Harvey) (i316)


LaMont, Allison Andrea (i2077) (still alive)
LaMont, Clifton (i598) (still alive)
LaMont, Gerald (i596) (still alive)
LaMont, Gerald Bobby (i320) (still alive)
LaMont, Gerald Bradley (i492) (still alive)
LaMont, Jacob Keith (i599) (still alive)
LaMont, Jedidiah (i601) (still alive)
LaMont, Jeffrey (i494) (still alive)
LaMont, John Aaron (i597), b.1974-d.1992
LaMont, Laura Ann (i495), b.1964-d.1975
LaMont, Linda Marie (i496) (still alive)
LaMont, Mallory (i1907) (still alive)
LaMont, Michael Bruce (i493) (still alive)
LaMont, Scarlet Ann (i602) (still alive)


Lane, Lawrence (marriage to Emmeline Broaddus) (i2028)


Lankster, Dewayne Allen (i729) (still alive)
Lankster, Gequetta Joanne (i730) (still alive)
Lankster, Sean Willis (i731) (still alive)
Lankster, Seth Allen (i733) (still alive)


Latham, James C. (marriage to Daisy E. Bailey) (i2191)


Layne, Freeman (marriage to Margaret Broaddus) (i2033), b.1840-


Layton, Lucinda (marriage to George M. Broaddus) (i2039), b.1854-d.1880
Layton, Paulina (marriage to William Mason Broaddus) (i2042), b.1855-


Ledington, daughter (i2222), b.1829-
Ledington, daughter (i2223), b.1830-
Ledington, Elizabeth (i2159), b.1827-
Ledington, Elizabeth (marriage to Hiram W. Wells) (i2159), b.1827-
Ledington, Elizabeth Taylor (i2217), b.1800-d.1850
Ledington, Ephriam (i2213), b.1785-
Ledington, Solomon (i2215), b.1798-
Ledington, Thomas Nathan (i2219), b.1802-d.1882
Ledington, Thomas, Jr. (i2210), b.1760-d.1831
Ledington, Thomas, Sr. (i2209)
Ledington, William (i2212), b.1778-


Lewis, Jan Baptiste (marriage to Sally Elizabeth Harvie) (i1863), b.1766-


Lindsey, Christopher Paul (i434) (still alive)
Lindsey, David James (i435) (still alive)
Lindsey, Raymond (i433) (still alive)


Logan, Hugh, Jr. (marriage to Arathema Broaddus) (i2019)
Logan, Joan (marriage to Squire Perkins) (i2323), b.1852-d.1942
Logan, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Elijah Broaddus) (i1999), b.1849-d.1937


Long, Elisha (marriage to Paulina Broaddus) (i2013)
Long, Lillie M. (marriage to Elza Perkins) (i2262), b.1906-d.1986


Lucas, Emma F. (marriage to Minor J. Rees) (i2108), b.1878-d.1944


March, Anderson (marriage to Lorinda (Lurinda) Harvey) (i1888)


Marium (marriage to Mitchell Perkins) (i2338), b.1817-d.1875


Martin, Chalmer Phillip (i1848)
Martin, Deborah (i2346) (still alive)
Martin, Georginia Phylip (i1849) (still alive)
Martin, John (i2344)
Martin, John (marriage to Shirley Louise Wynn) (i2344)
Martin, John Eldon (i2347) (still alive)
Martin, Sonya (i2345) (still alive)


Masters, Bettie Myrtle (marriage to Bryant Perkins) (i2330)
Masters, Mary Delphia (marriage to Levi Harvey) (i1818), b.1883-d.1933
Masters, Nancy B. (marriage to Elza Perkins) (i2326), b.1861-d.1893
Masters, Sereptha B. (marriage to Harold Price Harvey) (i580), b.1920-d.2002


McCormick, Brandie Lee (i509) (still alive)
McCormick, Brian Michael (i510) (still alive)
McCormick, Brittany Marie (i511) (still alive)
McCormick, Dennis (i2049) (still alive)
McCormick, Gary Lee (i508), b.1953-d.2002
McCormick, Leo (i2047) (still alive)


McKewan, Matt (marriage to Alice Broaddus) (i2277)


McWoard, Lucinda, Morgan (marriage to Jonathan Cox Harvey) (i1897)


Mefford, Pamela (i708) (still alive)
Mefford, Rodney (i706) (still alive)
Mefford, Traci (i707) (still alive)


Meiners, Orville (marriage to Laura Wells) (i2181)


Million, Susannah A. (marriage to Pleasant Perkins) (i2304), b.1792-d.1851


Moncey, Mary (marriage to Solomon Ledington) (i2216), b.1800-d.1854


Moore, Edna Rae (i2235), b.1933-
Moore, Edna Rae (marriage to William Allen Kerns Jr.) (i2235), b.1933-
Moore, Edward Morris (i2234), b.1911-d.1992
Moore, Edward Morris (marriage to Hallie Rae Perkins) (i2234), b.1911-d.1992
Moore, Laura Meade (i2237) (still alive)
Moore, Wanda Louise (i2236) (still alive)


Moreland, Drusilla (marriage to Thornsberry B. Bailey) (i2064), b.1820-


Motley, Ada Meade (i2246), b.1926-
Motley, William (i2245)
Motley, William (marriage to Laura Belle Harvey) (i2245)


Myles, Bradley Harvey (i735) (still alive)
Myles, John Clarence (i734) (still alive)
Myles, John Zachary (i736) (still alive)


Newby, James M. (marriage to Arminta Harvey) (i301), b.1883-d.1970
Newby, Mary Leatha (marriage to Phillip D. Harvey) (i1956), b.1874-d.1901
Newby, Winnie (marriage to Charles Harvey) (i1904), b.1868-


Noland, Charley (i566), b.1907-d.1991
Noland, Charley (marriage to Bessie Harvey) (i566), b.1907-d.1991
Noland, Donnie Ray (i1841), b.1933-
Noland, Harold Lloyd (i1842), b.1942-d.1999
Noland, Lonnie Orville (i1840), b.1930-d.1931
Noland, Minvel Ailene (i1839), b.1929-


Norris, Nat. Mic (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Bailey) (i525), b.1862-d.1936


O'Bannon, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Bailey Sr.) (i2046), b.1784-


Osborne, Mary (marriage to Ephriam Ledington) (i2214), b.1789-


Patterson, Thomas (marriage to Mary Jane Harvey) (i1869), b.1784-d.1830


Pelfrey, James Asa (i2369), b.1910-d.2004
Pelfrey, James Asa (marriage to Viola Perkins) (i2369), b.1910-d.2004
Pelfrey, James Asa, Jr. (i2370) (still alive)
Pelfrey, Richard Arlen (i2372), b.1935-


Perkins, Bowlin (i2313), b.1838-
Perkins, Bryant (i2329), b.1868-
Perkins, Bulah M. (i2263), b.1923-
Perkins, Charles G. (i2264), b.1928-
Perkins, Clarky (i2308), b.1804-
Perkins, Dabney M. (i2294), b.1781-d.1820
Perkins, daughter (i2307), b.1804-
Perkins, Diannah (i2311), b.1813-
Perkins, Eliza A. (i2297), b.1818-d.1847
Perkins, Eliza A. (marriage to Terry Greene Perkins) (i2297), b.1818-d.1847
Perkins, Elizabeth (i2317), b.1845-
Perkins, Elizabeth (marriage to Dabney M. Perkins) (i2295), b.1781-d.1860
Perkins, Elza (i1976), b.1906-d.1986
Perkins, Elza (i2325), b.1856-d.1925
Perkins, Fountain Jarvis (i2320), b.1850-d.1925
Perkins, George (i2318), b.1848-
Perkins, Hallie Rae (i2233), b.1918-d.1995
Perkins, Hallie Rae (marriage to Edward Morris Moore) (i2233), b.1918-d.1995
Perkins, Hallie Rae (marriage to William Allen Kerns Sr.) (i2233), b.1918-d.1995
Perkins, Harrison (i2310), b.1811-
Perkins, Henrietta (i2339), b.1818-
Perkins, Henry James (i2244), b.1920-d.2000
Perkins, James (i2319), b.1849-
Perkins, Jefferson (i2340), b.1819-d.1869
Perkins, Jesse (i2299), b.1774-
Perkins, John (i2290)
Perkins, John W. (i2324), b.1854-d.1901
Perkins, Juranda (i2335), b.1832-
Perkins, Louisa (i2314), b.1839-d.1854
Perkins, Lydia (i2342), b.1822-
Perkins, Madison (i2309), b.1810-
Perkins, Mary Ann (i2336), b.1826-
Perkins, Mary B. (i2301), b.1783-
Perkins, Mary Jane (i1972), b.1904-d.1909
Perkins, Mattie Lalia (i2243), b.1917-
Perkins, Michael (i2292), b.1751-d.1821
Perkins, Michael (i2300), b.1776-d.1870
Perkins, Minnie Lee (i1971), b.1903-d.1908
Perkins, Mitchell (i2337), b.1816-d.1880
Perkins, Opal Susan (i1977), b.1908-
Perkins, Paulina A. (i2331), b.1869-d.1907
Perkins, Paulina B. (i1978), b.1910-
Perkins, Pauline (i2298), b.1825-d.1900
Perkins, Pauline (marriage to Phillip D. Harvey) (i1955)
Perkins, Pauline (marriage to Terry Greene Perkins) (i2298), b.1825-d.1900
Perkins, Pleasant (i2303), b.1787-d.1854
Perkins, Richard (i2341), b.1820-
Perkins, Robert B. (i2241), b.1914-d.1967
Perkins, Squire (i2322), b.1852-d.1910
Perkins, Strawder (i2316), b.1843-d.1851
Perkins, Susan (i2334), b.1830-
Perkins, Susan Ann (i2328), b.1858-d.1888
Perkins, Talton (i2315), b.1841-
Perkins, Terry (i2343), b.1824-
Perkins, Terry Greene (i2296), b.1812-d.1898
Perkins, Terry Greene (marriage to Eliza A. Perkins) (i2296), b.1812-d.1898
Perkins, Terry Greene (marriage to Pauline Perkins) (i2296), b.1812-d.1898
Perkins, Terry Greene, III (i2242), b.1916-
Perkins, Terry Greene, Jr. (i297), b.1860-d.1922
Perkins, Terry Greene, Jr. (marriage to Laura Belle Harvey) (i297), b.1860-d.1922
Perkins, Terry Mitchell (marriage to Susan A. Harvey) (i1951), b.1861-d.1941
Perkins, Thomas Wright (i2305), b.1789-d.1836
Perkins, Viola (i2240), b.1912-d.2000
Perkins, William (i2302), b.1785-
Perkins, Winnifred (i2306), b.1791-


Portwood, Ellen Louise (marriage to Alonzo Harvey) (i568), b.1943-


Powers, unknown (marriage to Margaret Wells) (i2167)


Prewitt, Isabella (marriage to Jonathan Harvey) (i1886)
Prewitt, Lelond (marriage to Lossie Broaddus) (i1968), b.1908-d.1978


Primmer, Dora Ella (marriage to Elzie Wynn) (i1981), b.1883-d.1916


Purkey, Jess (marriage to Rose A. Harvey) (i468)


Quiggins, James (i1860) (still alive)
Quiggins, James Wynn (i1859) (still alive)


Rae, Winifred (marriage to Michael Perkins) (i2293), b.1760-


Raines, Betty Paxton (i2374), b.1882-d.1937
Raines, Betty Paxton (marriage to Edward Bailey) (i2374), b.1882-d.1937
Raines, John (marriage to Harriet Bailey) (i2066), b.1809-d.1875
Raines, Robert F. (marriage to Mary Bailey) (i2062), b.1809-d.1875


Rawlins, Alexandra Courtney Elizabeth (i1945) (still alive)
Rawlins, Christianna Mackenzie Taylor (i1944) (still alive)
Rawlins, Christopher Earl (i1942) (still alive)
Rawlins, Jennah Cheyenne Page (i1943) (still alive)


Ray, Allen (marriage to Mary Frances (Mollie) Broaddus) (i2035), b.1847-
Ray, Billie Price (i666) (still alive)
Ray, Dillard H. (i665) (still alive)
Ray, Morris (i582), d.2001
Ray, Nicki (i667) (still alive)


Rees, Brenda K. (i308) (still alive)
Rees, Bryan Eugene (i309) (still alive)
Rees, Eunice (i2110)
Rees, George W. (i2105), b.1850-d.1903
Rees, Jennings Bryan (i307), b.1910-d.1983
Rees, Jennings Bryan (marriage to Phyllis Jean Harvey) (i307), b.1910-d.1983
Rees, Llorene (i2112)
Rees, Minor J. (i2107), b.1876-d.1955
Rees, Raymond (i2109), b.1902-d.1931


Renfro, Forrest (marriage to Lorraine Harvey) (i590), b.1913-d.1997


Ricks, Harry (i470)
Ricks, Laura (i697) (still alive)
Ricks, Rhonda (i698) (still alive)
Ricks, Ronald Dean (i471) (living status unknown)


Rieger, Danny Joseph (i460) (still alive)
Rieger, Joseph Daniel (i462) (still alive)
Rieger, Lyndi Colleen (i461) (still alive)


Robertson, Polly Jane (marriage to William Harvey Sr.) (i1833), b.1749-d.1844


Robinson, Butler (marriage to Elenor (Ellen) Harvey) (i1884), b.1828-d.1888


Ross, Callie D. (marriage to George M. Broaddus) (i2040), b.1866-
Ross, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Broaddus) (i2004), b.1794-d.1860


Sandage, Harold Steven (i310), b.1946-d.2004
Sandage, Jessie H. (i2099), d.1986
Sandage, Steven Scott (i486) (still alive)
Sandage, Sydney Taylor (i488) (still alive)
Sandage, William E. (i2097)


Sanders, Cecil (marriage to Hazel L. Broaddus) (i1966) (living status unknown)
Sanders, Elijah (marriage to Ellena Jane Broaddus) (i2022), b.1818-d.1896
Sanders, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Morton Broaddus) (i2025), b.1833-d.1900
Sanders, Mary J. (marriage to Elza Perkins) (i2327), b.1870-d.1920


Satterfeal, Christine (i2127) (still alive)
Satterfeal, Cora Virginia (i536), b.1909-d.1990
Satterfeal, Cora Virginia (marriage to Roscoe E. Bailey Sr.) (i536), b.1909-d.1990
Satterfeal, Emily (i1992)
Satterfeal, Karla (i840) (still alive)
Satterfeal, Kelly (i841) (still alive)
Satterfeal, Kevin (i842) (still alive)
Satterfeal, Kim (i839) (still alive)
Satterfeal, Leo (i1991)
Satterfeal, Lillie (i2096), b.1897-d.1943
Satterfeal, Sarah E. (i348), b.1914-d.1977
Satterfeal, Sarah E. (marriage to Roscoe E. Bailey Sr.) (i348), b.1914-d.1977
Satterfeal, Shieval H. (i1989), b.1873-d.1964
Satterfeal, Susan (i843), b.1962-d.1963
Satterfeal, Theodore Richard (i837), b.1940-d.2003


Schaefer, Sam (marriage to Dorothy Wells) (i2184)


Scott, James P. (marriage to Susan Mildred Harvey) (i1875)
Scott, Sarah (marriage to Edward Bailey Sr.) (i2076), d.1802
Scott, Wanda J. (marriage to Jessie H. Sandage) (i2100), b.1922-d.1986
Scott, William L. (marriage to Eunice Rees) (i2111)


Sebastian, Wiley, Jr. (marriage to Emmeline Broaddus) (i2027), b.1827-d.1863


Shanks, Jimmy (i1916) (still alive)
Shanks, Justin Lee (i2362) (still alive)
Shanks, Natasha Bryann (i2363) (still alive)


Sigler, Phares (marriage to Lucy Mae Cook) (i2095), b.1887-d.1963


Simpson, Lucy (marriage to Mitchell Broaddus) (i2006), b.1819-d.1879


Singer, David (i663) (living status unknown)
Singer, Debra (i664) (still alive)


Slugantz, Andrew Thomas (i2272) (still alive)
Slugantz, Emma (i2273) (still alive)
Slugantz, John (i2268) (still alive)
Slugantz, John Thomas (i2269) (still alive)
Slugantz, Mollie Beth (i2271) (still alive)


Smith, Ellen A. (i2151), b.1858-d.1930
Smith, Ellen A. (marriage to William George Bailey) (i2151), b.1858-d.1930
Smith, J. A. (i2224)
Smith, Jane (marriage to Elias Bailey) (i2052), b.1813-


Stapp, Ellen B. (marriage to James A. Harvey) (i1898), b.1845-d.1913


Starr, Allen Lee (i36) (still alive)
Starr, Cory Allen (i63) (still alive)
Starr, Cristy Lynette (i50) (still alive)
Starr, Donald Clark (i35) (still alive)
Starr, Dudley Clark (i18), b.1909-d.1973
Starr, Dudley Clark (marriage to Gladys Joy Harvey) (i18), b.1909-d.1973
Starr, Lillian Kathryn (i60) (still alive)
Starr, Mary Ellen (i1) (still alive)
Starr, Megan Renae (i64) (still alive)
Starr, Roux Allen (i1997) (still alive)
Starr, Tara Gayle (i37) (still alive)
Starr, William Andrew (i59) (still alive)


Stewart, Sandra Kay (marriage to Theodore Richard Satterfeal) (i838), b.1942-
Stewart, Virginia (marriage to Roscoe E. Bailey Jr.) (i2192)


Stocker, Udorah (marriage to Fountain Jarvis Perkins) (i2321), b.1853-d.1923


Swearingen, Margaret Jane (marriage to John H. Bailey) (i1994), b.1890-d.1945


Taylor, Jeff S. (i743) (still alive)


Terven, Coralene Sarah (marriage to Lloyd Elzie Wynn) (i2115), b.1920-d.1996


Thompson, ? (marriage to Emily Satterfeal) (i1993)


Truitt, Harold Lee (i32) (still alive)
Truitt, Michele Leigh, Muller (i43) (still alive)
Truitt, Shane Eric, Muller (i44) (still alive)


Tucker, Elizabeth (marriage to George Washington Bailey) (i516), b.1828-


Tudor, William (marriage to Arathema Broaddus) (i2020)


Unzicker, John (marriage to Rose A. Harvey) (i295), b.1884-d.1953

Van Vleck

Van Vleck, Harry Raymond (marriage to Flossie Frances Wells) (i2174), b.1879-d.1952


Walker, Sallie (marriage to Benjamin Morton Broaddus) (i2037), b.1854-d.1928
Walker, Teresa Banks (marriage to Overton Broaddus) (i2015), b.1830-d.1901


Walkup, Polly (marriage to Edward Rice Harvey) (i1868), b.1785-


Warren, Robert G. (marriage to Sally S. Bailey) (i2189), b.1871-


Watkins, Ben Hillard (marriage to Geneva Mae Wynn) (i1986), b.1902-d.1991
Watkins, Edith (marriage to Glenn Edwards Wynn) (i2114)


Weaver, Ida May (marriage to Morgan Beauregard Bailey) (i2073), b.1864-


Wedemeyer, Mackenzie Ellen (i2194) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Michael Alan (i48) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Michael Ross (i45) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Savannah Lee (i46) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Summer Rae (i47) (still alive)


Wells, Charles J. (i2160), b.1847-
Wells, Daniel (i2187)
Wells, Dollie (i2171), b.1887-
Wells, Dorothy (i2183), b.1904-
Wells, Eva (i2177), b.1898-
Wells, Ferrie (i2175), b.1891-
Wells, Flossie Frances (i2173), b.1889-d.1977
Wells, Hiram W. (i2158), b.1825-
Wells, Hiram W. (marriage to Elizabeth Ledington) (i2158), b.1825-
Wells, James F. (i2162), b.1860-
Wells, John (i2164), b.1865-
Wells, Juanita (i2179)
Wells, Laura (i2180), b.1902-
Wells, Margaret (i2166), b.1852-
Wells, Martha A. (i2168), b.1857-
Wells, Mary Jane (i522), b.1850-d.1892
Wells, Mary Jane (marriage to George Washington Bailey) (i522), b.1850-d.1892
Wells, Robert (i2165), b.1867-
Wells, Sarah (i2163), b.1863-
Wells, unknown1 (i2186)
Wells, unknown2 (i2185)
Wells, William Thomas (i2161), b.1855-d.1935


Wesley, Serelda (marriage to Edgar Lee Bailey) (i2188), b.1886-d.1943


Wheeler, Alice (i2143) (still alive)
Wheeler, Betty (i2147) (still alive)
Wheeler, Janice (i2145) (still alive)
Wheeler, Lillian (marriage to Phillip L. Johns) (i2266)
Wheeler, Mitch (i2149) (still alive)
Wheeler, Robert Lynn (i2141) (still alive)
Wheeler, Robert Snowden (i831), b.1925-d.2003


Whisman, Belle (marriage to George W. Rees) (i2106), b.1853-d.1926


Whitaker, Dan Hysle (i2285) (still alive)
Whitaker, Lloyd Hysle (i2284) (living status unknown)


White, Flossie (marriage to Robert D. Broaddus) (i1962), b.1915-d.1994
White, Keith (i1917) (still alive)
White, Lauren Alexys Carlynn (i2366) (still alive)
White, Mercedez Danielle (i2365) (still alive)
White, Noah Jacob Keith (i2367) (still alive)
White, Rachel Kaitlen (i2364) (still alive)


Whitfield, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Ledington Jr.) (i2211), b.1766-d.1860


Williamson, Alicia Shirley (i2352) (still alive)
Williamson, John Eugene, Sr. (i1987), b.1918-d.2003
Williamson, John Eugene, Sr. (marriage to Shirley Louise Wynn) (i1987), b.1918-d.2003
Williamson, Montgomery Allen (i2349) (still alive)
Williamson, Samantha (i2355) (still alive)
Williamson, Shawn Javier (i2353) (still alive)
Williamson, Shawn Newton (i2350) (still alive)
Williamson, Stephen Elzie (i2348) (still alive)
Williamson, unknown (i2356) (still alive)
Williamson, unknown (i2358) (still alive)


Wood, Lucinda (marriage to William M. Broaddus) (i2010), b.1812-d.1888


Woolfolk, Mary A. (Mollie) (marriage to Thomas L. Broaddus) (i2030), b.1844-


Woolridge, Christopher (i491) (still alive)
Woolridge, Jennifer (i490) (still alive)


Woosley, Lorena Mae (marriage to Arlie Bailey) (i338), b.1909-d.1961


Wright, M. (marriage to J. A. Smith) (i2225)


Wynn, Albert (i2119), b.1878-
Wynn, Bessie (i2120), b.1887-
Wynn, Clifford (i1983), b.1913-d.1990
Wynn, Elmer W. (i2123), b.1894-
Wynn, Elzie (i290), b.1884-d.1969
Wynn, Elzie (marriage to Iris Bailey) (i290), b.1884-d.1969
Wynn, Geneva Mae (i1985), b.1909-
Wynn, Glenn Edwards (i1982), b.1905-d.1989
Wynn, James Thomas (i2117), b.1874-
Wynn, John J. (i1979), b.1844-d.1929
Wynn, Johnnie (i2122), b.1891-
Wynn, Lawrence (i2124), b.1896-
Wynn, Lloyd Elzie (i1984), b.1910-d.1981
Wynn, Lucille Elsie (i1988), b.1907-d.1930
Wynn, Shirley Louise (i532), b.1939-d.2003
Wynn, Shirley Louise (marriage to John Eugene Williamson Sr.) (i532), b.1939-d.2003
Wynn, Shirley Louise (marriage to John Martin) (i532), b.1939-d.2003
Wynn, Tina (i2121), b.1889-
Wynn, William Jasper (i2118), b.1875-


Young, James Edward (i2256) (still alive)
Young, Marion Samuel, Jr. (i2253) (still alive)
Young, Marion Samuel, Sr. (i2251) (still alive)
Young, Tanya Lynn (i2254) (still alive)
Young, Tonda Louise (i2252) (still alive)


Zenor, Braden Matthew (i2286) (still alive)
Zenor, Danielle Taylor (i507) (still alive)
Zenor, Matthew Eric (i505) (still alive)
Zenor, Robert Francis (i504) (still alive)

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