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Abigail Burr (marriage to Peter Burr) (i2428), d.1736


Adams, Jessie Maria (marriage to Edward Castle Mosher) (i9), b.1872-d.1936
Adams, Lydia (marriage to James Allen) (i3039), b.1653-
Adams, Margaret (Marjorie) (marriage to John Pease) (i594), b.1654-
Adams, Martha (marriage to Benjamin Pierce) (i2616), b.1665-d.1717
Adams, Mrs. Elizabeth, Perry (marriage to Benjamin Pierce) (i2617)


Alden, David (marriage to Judith Padelford) (i3221), b.1702-d.1763


Aldrich, Orrin E. (marriage to Emma Aldrich Post) (i2886)


Alger, Lydia (marriage to James? Mosher) (i3090)
Alger, Martha (marriage to Joshua Brown) (i1809)


Alice Allen (marriage to William Allen) (i2088), d.1687


Allen, Abigail(?) (i2087)
Allen, Amos (i2107), b.1736-
Allen, Ann (i2102), b.1704-
Allen, Ann (Abigail?) (i2077), b.1640-
Allen, Asa (i3212), b.1750-d.1750
Allen, Benjamin (i1922), b.1653-d.1723
Allen, Benjamin (i2094), b.1689-
Allen, Benjamin (i3041)
Allen, Benjamin (marriage to Hopestill Leonard) (i1922), b.1653-d.1723
Allen, Charles (i2113), b.1748-
Allen, David (i1924), b.1707-d.1751
Allen, David (marriage to Hannah Padelford) (i1924), b.1707-d.1751
Allen, David, Jr. (i2106), b.1734-d.1815
Allen, Elizabeth (i2093), b.1687-
Allen, Eunice (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i1811)
Allen, Eunice (marriage to Nathaniel Pease) (i229), d.1806
Allen, Hannah (i96), b.1733-d.1816
Allen, Hannah (i2078), b.1642-
Allen, Hannah (marriage to Nathan Munroe) (i96), b.1733-d.1816
Allen, Hopestill (i2110), b.1742-d.1789
Allen, James (i2579)
Allen, James (i3038), b.1646-d.1691
Allen, Jemima (i2098), b.1698-
Allen, Jemima (i2112), b.1746-
Allen, Jeremiah (i2086), b.1659-
Allen, Jeremiah (i2096), b.1693-
Allen, John (Lieut.) (i2081), b.1648-d.1697
Allen, Jonathan (i3208), b.1732-d.1751
Allen, Joseph (i2083), b.1653-
Allen, Joseph (i2097), b.1697-
Allen, Joseph (i2575), b.1652-d.1703
Allen, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Sabin) (i2575), b.1652-d.1703
Allen, Martha (i2080), b.1646-
Allen, Martha (i2105), b.1711-d.1793
Allen, Martha (i2582), b.1641-
Allen, Martha (marriage to William Sabin) (i2582), b.1641-
Allen, Martha (marriage to Zachariah Padelford) (i2105), b.1711-d.1793
Allen, Mary (i2079), b.1644-
Allen, Mary (i2100), b.1700-d.1766
Allen, Mary (i2581), b.1641-
Allen, Nathaniel (i2570), b.1648-d.1718
Allen, Nathaniel (marriage to Mary Sabin) (i2570), b.1648-d.1718
Allen, Philip (i2108), b.1738-
Allen, Philip (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i3071)
Allen, Rachel (i2103), b.1705-
Allen, Richard (i2084), b.1655-
Allen, Ruth (i2085), b.1658-
Allen, Sarah (i3042), b.1644-d.1715
Allen, Solomon (i2111), b.1744-
Allen, Squire (i2095), b.1691-
Allen, William (i1921), d.1686
Allen, William (i2082), b.1650-d.1700
Allen, William (i3040)
Allen, William (marriage to Ann Goodale) (i1921), d.1686
Allen, Zachariah (i2109), b.1739-d.1801


Allison, John W. (marriage to Caroline Susanna Mosher) (i209), d.1918


Allyn, Obadiah (marriage to Elizabeth Sandford) (i2318)


Andrews, Abigail (i1444)
Andrews, Daniel (i768)
Andrews, Edmund (i787)
Andrews, Edward (i766)
Andrews, Ezra Randall (i767), b.1828-d.1900
Andrews, Hannah (i782)
Andrews, Henry (i438), b.1600-d.1652
Andrews, Henry (i440), b.1630-d.1676
Andrews, James (i786)
Andrews, James (i788)
Andrews, John (i243), d.1679
Andrews, John (i250), b.1729-d.1767
Andrews, John (i252), b.1765-d.1807
Andrews, John (i764)
Andrews, John (i781)
Andrews, John (Captain) (i245), b.1662-d.1742
Andrews, John (Captain) (marriage to Alice Shaw) (i245), b.1662-d.1742
Andrews, John (marriage to Hannah Jackson) (i243), d.1679
Andrews, John (marriage to Patience Hathaway) (i252), b.1765-d.1807
Andrews, Martha (i784)
Andrews, Mary (i441)
Andrews, Mary (i785)
Andrews, Mary Jane (i19), b.1834-d.1917
Andrews, Mary Jane (marriage to Silas (Rev.) Franklin Millikan) (i19), b.1834-d.1917
Andrews, Patience (i765)
Andrews, Randall (i34), b.1794-d.1877
Andrews, Randall (marriage to Avis Mason) (i34), b.1794-d.1877
Andrews, Samuel (i789)
Andrews, Samuel (Sergent) (i247), d.1756
Andrews, Sarah (i442)
Andrews, Sarah (i763)
Andrews, Sarah (marriage to Jared Talbot) (i442)
Andrews, Susannah (i783)
Andrews, William Daniel (i769)


Ann Hathaway (marriage to Ephraim Hathaway) (i321)
Anna James (marriage to Michael (Capt.) Pierce) (i2607)


Anthony, Abraham (i346), b.1650-d.1727
Anthony, Abraham (i353), b.1682-
Anthony, Abraham (i362)
Anthony, Abraham (marriage to Alice Wodell) (i346), b.1650-d.1727
Anthony, Alice (i355), b.1686-
Anthony, Alice (i366)
Anthony, Amy (i369)
Anthony, Amy (Ammi) (i357), b.1688-
Anthony, Anne (i367)
Anthony, Avis (i376), b.1739-d.1822
Anthony, Avis (marriage to James Mason) (i376), b.1739-d.1822
Anthony, Avis (marriage to John Lee) (i376), b.1739-d.1822
Anthony, Benjamin (i373)
Anthony, Daniel (i374)
Anthony, Edward (i377)
Anthony, Elizabeth (i344), d.1698
Anthony, Elizabeth (i363)
Anthony, Elizabeth (i380)
Anthony, Gardner (i383)
Anthony, Isaac (i358), b.1690-
Anthony, Israel (i378)
Anthony, Jacob (i359), b.1693-
Anthony, James (i356), b.1686-
Anthony, James (i371)
Anthony, Job (i372)
Anthony, Job (i386)
Anthony, John (i340), b.1607-d.1675
Anthony, John (i342), b.1642-d.1715
Anthony, John (i348), b.1672-
Anthony, John (i365)
Anthony, John (i382)
Anthony, John (2) (i368), b.1708-
Anthony, Jonathan (i384)
Anthony, Joseph (i345), d.1728
Anthony, Lydia (i381)
Anthony, Mary (i350), b.1674-d.1674
Anthony, Mary (i364)
Anthony, Mary (2) (i352), b.1680-
Anthony, Sarah (i379)
Anthony, Susanna (i343), d.1716
Anthony, Susanna (i349), b.1674-d.1674
Anthony, Susanna (2) (i1369), b.1677-
Anthony, Thomas (i354), b.1684-
Anthony, William (i351), b.1675-d.1744
Anthony, William (i361)
Anthony, William (i385)
Anthony, William (2) (i370)
Anthony, William (marriage to Mary Coggeshall) (i351), b.1675-d.1744


Audley, Elizabeth (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i107), b.1668-


Ayer, Peter (marriage to Hannah Allen) (i2089)


Babcock, Abigail (marriage to Samuel Morse) (i2657), d.1693


Badcock, Hannah (marriage to Joseph (Captain) Morse) (i2639), b.1664-d.1711


Baker, Damaris (marriage to Nathan Rumsey) (i2954), b.1744-d.1786


Baldwin, Ruth (marriage to Joel Barlow) (i2972), b.1756-d.1818


Banks, Hannah (marriage to Daniel Burr) (i2394)


Barber, Polly (marriage to Samuel Pierce) (i2614)


Barker, Joyse (marriage to William Frost) (i2929), b.1584-d.1644


Barlow, Aaron (Colonel) (i864), b.1750-d.1800
Barlow, Abigail (i2201), b.1671-
Barlow, Abigail (i2218), b.1716-
Barlow, Ann (i2164), b.1621-d.1691
Barlow, Ann (i2224), b.1721-d.1801
Barlow, Daniel (i2215), b.1711-d.1712
Barlow, Daniel (i2265), b.1734-d.1759
Barlow, David (i2221), b.1719-
Barlow, Deborah (i1384), b.1630-d.1700
Barlow, Deborah (i2206), b.1673-d.1726
Barlow, Elizabeth (i1382), b.1623-d.1686
Barlow, Elizabeth (i2208), b.1677-d.1729
Barlow, Elizabeth (i2216), b.1714-
Barlow, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Frost) (i1382), b.1623-d.1686
Barlow, Gershom (i2212), b.1706-d.1707
Barlow, Gershom(2) (i2214), b.1708-d.1709
Barlow, Grace (i2227), b.1724-
Barlow, Hulda (i115), b.1760-d.1809
Barlow, Hulda (marriage to Nathan Bennett) (i115), b.1760-d.1809
Barlow, Isabella (i1386), b.1632-d.1698
Barlow, Jabez (i2269), b.1742-
Barlow, James (i2268), b.1739-d.1803
Barlow, Joel (i862), b.1754-d.1812
Barlow, John (i553), b.1594-d.1674
Barlow, John (Capt.) (i555), b.1635-d.1691
Barlow, John (Capt.) (marriage to Abigail Lockwood) (i555), b.1635-d.1691
Barlow, John (Lt. ) (i557), b.1668-d.1715
Barlow, Joseph (i2204), b.1679-d.1697
Barlow, Joseph (i2213), b.1707-d.1743
Barlow, Martha (i1383), b.1625-d.1698
Barlow, Martha (i2959), b.1674-
Barlow, Mary (i2220), b.1718-d.1719
Barlow, Nathaniel (i863), b.1745-d.1782
Barlow, Ruhamah (i2266), b.1737-d.1813
Barlow, Ruth (i1385), b.1640-
Barlow, Ruth (i2210), b.1680-d.1727
Barlow, Samuel (i116), b.1710-d.1773
Barlow, Samuel (i561), b.1682-d.1745
Barlow, Samuel (i865), b.1752-d.1776
Barlow, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Rumsey) (i561), b.1682-d.1745
Barlow, Samuel (marriage to Esther Hull) (i116), b.1710-d.1773
Barlow, Sarah (i2960), b.1675-


Barstow, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Church) (i2735)


Bartlett, Robert (marriage to Mary Warren) (i2727), d.1676


Barto, William, (Bearsto?) (marriage to Bethiah Brown) (i1819)


Bartram, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Rumsey) (i2939), b.1719-


Bastard, Ann (marriage to Robert Rumsey) (i2264), b.1685-


Batchelor, Susanna (marriage to John Lawrence) (i904), d.1668


Baulstone, Elizabeth (i1319), b.1630-d.1696
Baulstone, Elizabeth (marriage to John (Major) Coggeshall) (i1319), b.1630-d.1696
Baulstone, Mary (i1364), b.1634-
Baulstone, Mehitable (i1365), b.1636-
Baulstone, Meribah (i1366), b.1637-
Baulstone, William (i1320), b.1600-d.1679
Baulstone, William (i1363), b.1633-


Baxter, Hannah, Dyer (marriage to Joseph (Captain) Morse) (i2640), b.1661-d.1727


Beacham, Isabelle (marriage to Joseph Lockwood) (i2185)


Bedon, Richard (marriage to Sarah Mosher) (i3084)


Beers, Deborah (marriage to Samuel Hull) (i2297)
Beers, James (marriage to Martha Barlow) (i2167), b.1624-d.1694


Behr, John H. (marriage to Mary Grace Millikan) (i196), b.1873-d.1902


Bennett, Aaron (i3238), b.1785-d.1786
Bennett, Andrew (marriage to Lydia Brown) (i1834)
Bennett, Ann Elizabeth (i857), b.1824-d.1918
Bennett, Cynthia M. (marriage to Caleb Brown) (i1847), b.1814-d.1881
Bennett, Daniel (i112), b.1786-d.1882
Bennett, Emma O. (i860), b.1830-d.1902
Bennett, Esther (i3234), b.1781-d.1858
Bennett, Harriet Newell (i31), b.1822-d.1904
Bennett, Harriet Newell (marriage to Frederick P. Brown) (i31), b.1822-d.1904
Bennett, Harry (i3241), b.1791-d.1796
Bennett, Hulda B. (i853), b.1810-d.1889
Bennett, Ira (i3245), b.1800-d.1800
Bennett, Joel Barlow (i856), b.1815-d.1894
Bennett, Joel Barlow (i3240), b.1789-d.1863
Bennett, Larry (i3239), b.1788-d.1844
Bennett, Lewis Bradley (i858), b.1813-d.1874
Bennett, Mary (i3246), b.1802-
Bennett, Mary Jane (i855), b.1824-d.1892
Bennett, Nathan (i114), b.1760-d.1830
Bennett, Nathan (marriage to Hulda Barlow) (i114), b.1760-d.1830
Bennett, Nathaniel Barlow (i3237), b.1783-d.1839
Bennett, Reuben C. (i859), b.1816-d.1870
Bennett, Rhoda C. (i854)
Bennett, Russell (marriage to Mary Bennett) (i3251), b.1800-d.1850
Bennett, Samuel (i3236), b.1782-d.1865
Bennett, Sarah (i3242), b.1794-d.1796
Bennett, Sarah (i3243), b.1797-d.1862
Bennett, William G. (i3258), b.1819-d.1822


Beriah Franklin (marriage to Daniel Franklin) (i983), b.1735-d.1806


Best, Bridget (marriage to Abraham Shaw) (i414)


Betts, Charles W. (marriage to Sarah Belinda Mosher) (i202)


Bill, Abigail (i510), b.1702-
Bill, Abner (i534), b.1781-
Bill, Achsah (i531), b.1774-d.1775
Bill, Achsah (i532), b.1776-
Bill, Amos (i514)
Bill, Amos (i533), b.1779-
Bill, Asenath (i524), b.1759-
Bill, Benajah (i517)
Bill, Betty (i522), b.1746-
Bill, Clarissa (i530), b.1772-
Bill, Elizabeth (i504), b.1669-
Bill, Elvira (i527), b.1766-
Bill, Erastus (i528), b.1768-
Bill, James (i493), b.1615-
Bill, James (i526), b.1764-
Bill, James (Deacon) (i518), b.1736-
Bill, James (Lieut.) (i511), b.1703-d.1781
Bill, John (i491), b.1600-d.1638
Bill, John (i496), b.1622-
Bill, John (i503), b.1667-d.1739
Bill, John (i509), b.1696-
Bill, Johnathan (i505), b.1671-
Bill, Joshua (i506), b.1675-
Bill, Kezia (i521), b.1742-
Bill, Laurana (i516)
Bill, Laurania (i513), b.1728-
Bill, Lucy (i520), b.1739-
Bill, Lucy (i525), b.1761-
Bill, Margaret (i501), b.1663-d.1689
Bill, Mary (i497), b.1624-
Bill, Mary (i500), b.1661-
Bill, Mary Tyler (i538)
Bill, Norton (i529), b.1770-
Bill, Oliver (i519), b.1737-
Bill, Oliver (i536)
Bill, Peleg (i515), b.1733-
Bill, Philip (i495), b.1620-d.1689
Bill, Philip (i499), b.1658-
Bill, Samuel (i502), b.1665-
Bill, Sedley (i537)
Bill, Sophia F., Post (i29), b.1807-
Bill, Sophia F., Post (marriage to William S. Johnson) (i29), b.1807-
Bill, Thomas (i494), b.1618-


Blanchard, Greta Erwin (marriage to Robert Andrews Millikan) (i189), b.1878-d.1953


Blandford, John (i1929)
Blandford, Mary (i1931), b.1632-d.1676
Blandford, Mary (marriage to Jonathan Padelford) (i1931), b.1632-d.1676


Blucks, Mary (marriage to John (Capt.) King) (i1938)


Boenig, Rylea Suzanne (i3300) (still alive)


Boomer, Deborah (marriage to Elisha Mason) (i280), b.1692-d.1767


Boosey, Joseph (marriage to Hester? Ward) (i2370)


Booth, Elizabeth (marriage to Jonathan Pease) (i2037)
Booth, Simeon (marriage to Rebecca Frost) (i2240), b.1641-d.1703


Bostwick, Zecchariah, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Rumsey) (i2945)


Bosworth, William (marriage to Jemima Allen) (i2099)


Bowen, (?) (marriage to Comfort Munro) (i2757)
Bowen, Noah (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i1824)


Bradley, Daniel (marriage to Esther Burr) (i2433)
Bradley, Eunice (marriage to Samuel Barlow) (i861), b.1708-d.1743
Bradley, Francis (marriage to Ruth Barlow) (i2169), b.1625-d.1689
Bradley, Gloria M. (marriage to Willard Eugene Millikan) (i3284) (living status unknown)
Bradley, Jane (marriage to Nathaniel Barlow) (i2970), b.1744-
Bradley, Martha (marriage to Ebenezer Hull) (i2342)
Bradley, Myrick (marriage to Mary Bennett) (i3252)


Brazier, Abigail (marriage to James Sabin) (i3045), b.1664-


Breece, Erin Lee (i709) (still alive)
Breece, James Philip (i708) (still alive)
Breece, Megan Mosher (i710) (still alive)


Brewster, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Burr) (i2362)


Briggs, Daniel (marriage to Ann Hathaway) (i2159)
Briggs, Rebecca (marriage to Thomas Cornell) (i460), b.1600-d.1673
Briggs, Sarah (marriage to Edward Padelford) (i3226), b.1732-d.1819
Briggs, Susanna (marriage to Robert? Mosher) (i54), b.1782-d.1819


Bronson, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Sandford) (i2312)


Brooks, Henry (i449), b.1591-d.1683
Brooks, Hepsibeth (i268), b.1673-d.1727
Brooks, Hepsibeth (marriage to Peletiah Mason) (i268), b.1673-d.1727
Brooks, Isaac (i453)
Brooks, John (i451)
Brooks, John (i457), b.1662-
Brooks, Sarah (i454)
Brooks, Timothy (i452), b.1625-d.1712
Brooks, Timothy (i456), b.1660-
Brooks, Timothy (i1337), b.1661-
Brooks, Timothy (marriage to Mary Russell) (i452), b.1625-d.1712


Brown, (?) (marriage to Richard Haile (Hale)) (i1903)
Brown, Achsah (i823), b.1800-d.1837
Brown, Amey (i820), b.1793-
Brown, Amie (i1815), b.1747-
Brown, Amy (Amey) (i1842), b.1804-d.1867
Brown, Amy Eliza (i827), b.1819-d.1851
Brown, Ann (i1814), b.1745-
Brown, Anna (Rosanna) Hulda (i833), b.1859-d.1926
Brown, Anne (i1296), b.1673-
Brown, Bethiah (i1818), b.1753-
Brown, Betsy C. (i1851), b.1818-d.1857
Brown, Caleb (i549), b.1720-d.1768
Brown, Caleb (i551), b.1754-d.1827
Brown, Caleb (i822), b.1798-
Brown, Caleb (i1846), b.1809-d.1870
Brown, Caleb (marriage to Amey Mason) (i551), b.1754-d.1827
Brown, Caleb (marriage to Rebecca Daggett) (i549), b.1720-d.1768
Brown, Caleb Mason (i826), b.1825-d.1888
Brown, Charles B. (i830)
Brown, Chloe (i1825), b.1763-
Brown, Daniel (i1797), b.1683-d.1685
Brown, Daniel (i1800), b.1686-
Brown, Ebenezer (i1798), b.1685-
Brown, Edward (Dr.) Southard (i199), b.1917-
Brown, Electa (i1840), b.1802-d.1871
Brown, Elizabeth (i1806), b.1691-d.1691
Brown, Elizabeth (i1812), d.1758
Brown, Elizabeth (i1823), b.1760-
Brown, Elizabeth (marriage to John Daggett Jr.) (i1812), d.1758
Brown, Elizabeth Ann (i200), b.1920-
Brown, Emma E. (i831), b.1852-d.1924
Brown, Frederick (i828)
Brown, Frederick P. (i30), b.1821-d.1889
Brown, Frederick P. (marriage to Harriet Newell Bennett) (i30), b.1821-d.1889
Brown, Hannah (i1295), b.1657-
Brown, Hannah (i1848), b.1812-d.1814
Brown, James (i817), b.1785-
Brown, James (i1290), b.1623-d.1710
Brown, John (i1297), b.1675-d.1752
Brown, Joseph (i545), b.1658-d.1731
Brown, Joseph (i547), b.1690-d.1762
Brown, Joseph (i1810), b.1724-d.1758
Brown, Joseph (i1826), b.1765-
Brown, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Darling) (i547), b.1690-d.1762
Brown, Joseph (marriage to Hopestill Wood) (i547), b.1690-d.1762
Brown, Joshua (i1808), b.1722-
Brown, Levi (i1820), b.1756-
Brown, Lois (i819), b.1790-
Brown, Louisa (Lovisa) (i1849), b.1815-d.1881
Brown, Lydia (i821), b.1795-
Brown, Lydia (i1294), b.1655-
Brown, Lydia (i1791), b.1679-
Brown, Lydia Hannah (i17), b.1848-d.1919
Brown, Lydia Hannah (marriage to George Oliver Johnson) (i17), b.1848-d.1919
Brown, Manning (i818), b.1788-
Brown, Martha (i1795), b.1681-
Brown, Mary (i832)
Brown, Mary (i1291), d.1659
Brown, Mason (i812), b.1775-d.1778
Brown, Mason (2nd) (i816), b.1783-d.1836
Brown, Molly (i813), b.1777-d.1870
Brown, Nathaniel (i1293), b.1661-
Brown, Polly (i1838), b.1800-d.1857
Brown, Rachel (i1793), b.1679-
Brown, Rebeckah (i1822), b.1759-
Brown, Robert (Rev.) E. (i198), b.1873-d.1938
Brown, Robert (Rev.) E. (marriage to Mabel Aurelia Millikan) (i198), b.1873-d.1938
Brown, Russell (i815), b.1781-d.1851
Brown, Samuel (i1789), b.1677-
Brown, Samuel A. (marriage to Betsy C. Brown) (i1852), b.1818-d.1897
Brown, Sarah (i1817), b.1749-
Brown, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Rosbotham) (i2754), b.1699-d.1776
Brown, Seviah (i814), b.1779-d.1807
Brown, Seviah (Sarah) (i1844), b.1807-d.1875
Brown, Squire (i825)
Brown, Squire Munroe (i101), b.1798-d.1864
Brown, Squire Munroe (i829)
Brown, Stephen (i1802), b.1687-
Brown, Timothy (i824), b.1823-
Brown, Timothy (Judge) (i100), b.1774-d.1852
Brown, Timothy (Judge) (marriage to Betsey Munro) (i100), b.1774-d.1852
Brown, William (i1272)

Browne or Brown

Browne or Brown, (?) (i1270)


Browne, John (i541), b.1579-d.1662
Browne, John (i1292), b.1650-d.1709
Browne, John (marriage to Anna Mason) (i1292), b.1650-d.1709
Browne, John, Jr. (i543), b.1620-d.1662
Browne, Peter (i1271), b.1600-d.1633


Bryant, Christopher Robin (i729) (still alive)
Bryant, Dawn Elizabeth (i731) (still alive)
Bryant, Kevin Scott (i730) (still alive)
Bryant, Ronald (i728) (still alive)


Buckland, Lydia (marriage to John Browne Jr.) (i544)


Buckley, Sarah Louisa, Bond (marriage to Frederick William Millikan) (i181), b.1857-d.1918


Bucklin, Joseph (marriage to Mehitable Sabin) (i2588), d.1729


Bulkeley, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Jones) (i2054), b.1617-


Bullard, Isaac (marriage to Sarah Morse) (i2671), b.1686-d.1742
Bullard, Rachel (marriage to Benoni Morse) (i2668)


Bullen, Samuel (Deacon) (marriage to Mary Morse) (i2625)


Bullin, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Sabin) (i2573)
Bullin, Samuel (marriage to Experience Sabin) (i2568)


Bullock, Mary (i1904), b.1652-d.1730
Bullock, Mary (marriage to Richard Hale) (i1904), b.1652-d.1730
Bullock, Richard (i1917), b.1622-d.1667
Bullock, Richard (marriage to Elizabeth Ingraham) (i1917), b.1622-d.1667


Burr, Aaron (i2438), b.1716-d.1757
Burr, Abigail (i2406)
Burr, Daniel (i2361), b.1642-d.1695
Burr, Daniel (i2393), b.1660-d.1727
Burr, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Pinkney) (i2393), b.1660-d.1727
Burr, David (i2435)
Burr, David (i2436), d.1766
Burr, Elizabeth (i2357)
Burr, Elizabeth (i2400)
Burr, Elizabeth (i2425), b.1696-d.1760
Burr, Elizabeth (marriage to Nathaniel Hull) (i2425), b.1696-d.1760
Burr, Esther (i2432), d.1741
Burr, Esther (Or Hester) (i2396), b.1663-
Burr, Hannah (i2421), b.1681-
Burr, Jabez (marriage to Elizabeth Hull) (i2442)
Burr, Jane (i2430), d.1779
Burr, Jehu (i2352), d.1654
Burr, Jehu (i2422), b.1687-d.1757
Burr, Jehu, Jr. (i2353), b.1625-d.1692
Burr, Jehu, Jr. (marriage to Hester? Ward) (i2353), b.1625-d.1692
Burr, Joanna (i2404), d.1749
Burr, John (i2354), b.1633-
Burr, John (Col.) (marriage to Deborah Barlow) (i2207), b.1675-
Burr, John (marriage to Mary Ward) (i2354), b.1633-
Burr, Mary (i2397), b.1666-d.1688
Burr, Mary (i2423), b.1689-d.1763
Burr, Moses (i2437), d.1740
Burr, Nathaniel (i2356)
Burr, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Ward) (i2356)
Burr, Peter (i2399), b.1668-d.1724
Burr, Peter (i2427), d.1779
Burr, Philip (i2434)
Burr, Samuel (i2403)
Burr, Sarah (i2402)
Burr, Stephen (i2344), d.1778
Burr, Stephen (marriage to Elizabeth Hull) (i2344), d.1778


Burroughs, James (marriage to Sarah Church) (i2740), b.1650-d.1699


Burt, Hannah (Anna) (marriage to John Hathaway) (i2155)


Burton, Martha (marriage to Edward Church) (i2746), b.1678-d.1750


Butcher, Sarah, Harding (marriage to Hugh Mosher) (i866), d.1716


Butterworth, Henry (i1866), b.1598-d.1638
Butterworth, Mary (i255), b.1628-d.1714
Butterworth, Mary (marriage to Sampson Mason) (i255), b.1628-d.1714


Carley, Bill (i3307) (still alive)
Carley, Homer (i2872)
Carley, Homer (marriage to Luta Mershon) (i2872)
Carley, Homer, Jr. (i2926), b.1917-d.1987


Carpenter, (?) (marriage to Elizabeth Munro) (i2758)
Carpenter, Alice (marriage to Edward Southworth) (i1258), b.1590-d.1670


Carriell, Marie (marriage to Robert Pease) (i220), b.1594-


Castle, Caroline Elizabeth (marriage to Silas Briggs Mosher) (i21), b.1808-d.1879


Catharine Goodell (marriage to Robert Goodell) (i1474), b.1606-
Catherine (marriage to James? Mosher) (i3089)
Catherine (marriage to Joseph? Mosher) (i3097)


Chace, Hezekiah (marriage to Jael Pierce) (i2612)


Chambers, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Sandford) (i2334)


Chase, Mary (marriage to William Hathaway) (i2163)


Chittenden, Hetty (marriage to John P. Johnson) (i122)


Chubb, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Bennett) (i3247), b.1799-d.1838


Church, Abigail (i1247), b.1648-d.1677
Church, Alice (i1263), b.1677-
Church, Benjamin (i89), b.1640-d.1718
Church, Benjamin (marriage to Alice Southworth) (i89), b.1640-d.1718
Church, Caleb (i1246), b.1646-d.1722
Church, Charles (i1245), b.1644-d.1659
Church, Charles (i1265), b.1682-d.1746
Church, Constant (i1262), b.1676-d.1727
Church, Deborah (i1250), b.1657-
Church, Edward (i1264), b.1680-d.1706
Church, Elizabeth (i91), b.1684-d.1757
Church, Elizabeth (i1241), b.1636-d.1659
Church, Elizabeth (marriage to John Sampson) (i91), b.1684-d.1757
Church, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Rosbotham) (i91), b.1684-d.1757
Church, Joseph (i1242), b.1638-d.1711
Church, Mary (i1249), d.1662
Church, Nathaniel (i1243), b.1642-d.1689
Church, Nathaniel (i1266), b.1686-d.1687
Church, Richard (i88), b.1608-d.1668
Church, Richard (marriage to Elizabeth Warren) (i88), b.1608-d.1668
Church, Richard? (i1244)
Church, Sarah (i1248), b.1650-d.1693
Church, Thomas (i1261), b.1674-d.1746


Clapham, Peter (marriage to Isabella Barlow) (i2170), b.1628-d.1698


Clapp, Sarah (marriage to Peleg Padelford) (i3233), b.1739-d.1827


Clark, Benjamin (marriage to Dorcas Morse) (i2635), b.1644-d.1724
Clark, Jane (marriage to William Collier) (i1252), b.1590-
Clark, Joseph (marriage to Mary Allen) (i3036), b.1642-d.1702


Clarke, Samuel (marriage to Mary Sampson) (i2752), b.1699-d.1759


Coggeshall, Abigail (i1336)
Coggeshall, Ann (i1315), b.1625-d.1687
Coggeshall, Baulston (i1325), b.1672-d.1672
Coggeshall, Baulston (i1333), b.1690-d.1720
Coggeshall, Bedaiah (i1318)
Coggeshall, Constant (i1330), b.1682-
Coggeshall, Daniel (i1334), b.1692-d.1777
Coggeshall, Elizabeth (i1321), b.1650-
Coggeshall, Elizabeth (i1324), b.1670-d.1678
Coggeshall, Hananiel (i1316)
Coggeshall, James (i1331), b.1686-
Coggeshall, Job (i1335), b.1694-
Coggeshall, John (i777), b.1591-d.1647
Coggeshall, John (i779), b.1650-d.1706
Coggeshall, John (i1326), b.1673-
Coggeshall, John (Major) (i778), b.1618-d.1708
Coggeshall, John (Major) (marriage to Elizabeth Baulstone) (i778), b.1618-d.1708
Coggeshall, John (marriage to Elizabeth Timberlake) (i779), b.1650-d.1706
Coggeshall, Joshua (i1314), b.1623-d.1688
Coggeshall, Mary (i360), b.1675-d.1739
Coggeshall, Mary (marriage to William Anthony) (i360), b.1675-d.1739
Coggeshall, Patience (i1328), b.1680-
Coggeshall, Peter (i1329), b.1684-
Coggeshall, Rebecca (i1332), b.1688-
Coggeshall, Wait (i1317), d.1718
Coggeshall, William (i1322), d.1696
Coggeshall, William (i1327), b.1677-d.1752


Cole, Abigail (marriage to John Brown) (i1787)
Cole, Israel, Jr. (marriage to Molly Brown) (i1827)
Cole, Lucinda Eugenia (marriage to Caleb Mason Brown) (i3264), b.1827-d.1872
Cole, Mary (marriage to Edmund Jackson) (i790), d.1659


Coleman, Eugene (marriage to Vera Lydia Johnson) (i2928)
Coleman, Louisa, Merriman (marriage to Squire Munroe Brown) (i1837)


Coley, Samuel (marriage to Esther Frost) (i2253), b.1650-


Collier, Elizabeth (i1256), b.1616-
Collier, Elizabeth (marriage to Constant Southworth) (i1256), b.1616-
Collier, Mary (i1255), b.1614-d.1662
Collier, Rebecca (i1253), b.1610-d.1698
Collier, Sarah (i1254), b.1612-d.1691
Collier, William (i1251), b.1585-d.1671


Cook, Austin Ryan (i3053) (still alive)
Cook, H. Kelson, II (i3050) (still alive)
Cook, Mikl Parke (i3051) (still alive)
Cook, Patience (marriage to Constant Church) (i2745), b.1699-d.1764


Cooke, John (marriage to Sarah Warren) (i2729), d.1695


Cooper, Nathaniel (marriage to Mary Sabin) (i2590)


Cornell, Ann (i464)
Cornell, Edward (i473)
Cornell, Edward (i478)
Cornell, Elijah (i486)
Cornell, Elisha (i483)
Cornell, Elizabeth (i468)
Cornell, Elizabeth (i471), b.1644-
Cornell, Elizabeth (i481)
Cornell, Gideon (i485)
Cornell, Innocent (i804)
Cornell, Israel (i482)
Cornell, John (i466)
Cornell, John (i479)
Cornell, John (i802)
Cornell, Josuha (i467)
Cornell, Mary (i282), b.1724-d.1772
Cornell, Mary (marriage to James Mason) (i282), b.1724-d.1772
Cornell, Parthania (marriage to John Munro) (i2759)
Cornell, Rebecca (i463)
Cornell, Richard (i465), d.1694
Cornell, Richard (i480), b.1702-
Cornell, Ruth (i487)
Cornell, Samuel (i469)
Cornell, Samuel (i474)
Cornell, Sarah (i462)
Cornell, Sarah (i803)
Cornell, Stephen (i404), d.1765
Cornell, Stephen (i475), b.1656-
Cornell, Stephen (i484)
Cornell, Stephen (marriage to Hannah Mosher) (i475), b.1656-
Cornell, Stephen (marriage to Ruth Pierce) (i404), d.1765
Cornell, Thomas (i459), b.1595-d.1655
Cornell, Thomas (i461), d.1673
Cornell, Thomas (i472), b.1653-
Cornell, William (i477)


Crawford, Ann (marriage to Zachariah Allen) (i3210), b.1759-d.1808
Crawford, Hannah (marriage to Daniel Bennett) (i113), b.1789-d.1864


Cummings, Ann (marriage to John Pease) (i223), d.1689


Curtis, John (Ens.) (marriage to Joanna Burr) (i2405)
Curtis, Luzon (marriage to Susan Mosher) (i212), b.1795-d.1863


Cushman, Jabez (marriage to Sarah Padelford) (i3224), b.1713-d.1784


Daggett, John (i1868), b.1626-d.1707
Daggett, John (i1872), b.1690-d.1738
Daggett, John (i1886)
Daggett, John (Capt.) (i1873), b.1723-d.1789
Daggett, John (Capt.) (marriage to Penelope Wood) (i1873), b.1723-d.1789
Daggett, John (marriage to Anne Sutton) (i1868), b.1626-d.1707
Daggett, John (marriage to Hopestill Wood) (i1872), b.1690-d.1738
Daggett, John, Jr. (i1813)
Daggett, John, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i1813)
Daggett, Mary (i98), b.1755-d.1845
Daggett, Mary (marriage to Squire (Hon.) Munro) (i98), b.1755-d.1845
Daggett, Nathaniel (i1870), b.1661-d.1707
Daggett, Nathaniel (marriage to Rebecca Miller(d)) (i1870), b.1661-d.1707
Daggett, Rebecca (i550), b.1722-
Daggett, Rebecca (marriage to Caleb Brown) (i550), b.1722-


Darling, Abigail (i2681), b.1708-
Darling, Anna (i2673), b.1689-
Darling, Anna (marriage to Samuel Brown) (i1790)
Darling, Deborah (i2683), b.1713-
Darling, Dennis (i1879), b.1640-d.1715
Darling, Ebenezer (i2678), b.1702-
Darling, Elizabeth (i548), b.1692-d.1744
Darling, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i548), b.1692-d.1744
Darling, Hannah (i2676), b.1697-
Darling, John (i1881), b.1664-d.1753
Darling, John (i2672), b.1687-
Darling, John (marriage to Elizabeth Morse) (i1881), b.1664-d.1753
Darling, Margaret (i2677), b.1700-
Darling, Martha (i2680), b.1706-
Darling, Mary (i2679), b.1704-
Darling, Rachel (i2682), b.1711-
Darling, Ruth (i2675), b.1695-
Darling, Samuel (i2674), b.1694-


Darrow, Jonathan (marriage to Grace Barlow) (i2229)


Davol, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Mosher) (i3073), b.1707-d.1769
Davol, Mary (marriage to James Mosher) (i1970)
Davol, Sarah (marriage to Hugh Mosher) (i109), d.1746
Davol, Saran (marriage to Hugh Mosher Jr.) (i3081)


Dean, Ebenezer (marriage to Rachel Allen) (i2104)
Dean, Ephraim (Capt.) (marriage to Mary Allen) (i2101), b.1700-d.1775
Dean, Ezra (marriage to Jemima Allen) (i3211), b.1742-d.1798
Dean, Mary (marriage to David Allen Jr.) (i3209), b.1734-d.1816
Dean, Zebedee (marriage to Lois Brown) (i1832)


Deborah (marriage to Caleb Church) (i2737), d.1690
Della (marriage to Homer Carley Jr.) (i2955)


Denton, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Barlow) (i2203), b.1670-


Dimon, Moses (marriage to Abigail Ward) (i2379)
Dimon, Moses (marriage to Jane Pinkney) (i2420)


Dodson, Anthony (i488)
Dodson, Anthony (marriage to Mary Williams) (i488)
Dodson, Bethiah (i809)
Dodson, Eunice (i810)
Dodson, Gershom (i806)
Dodson, Jonathan (i808)
Dodson, Margaret (i811)
Dodson, Mary (i807)
Dodson, Patience (i394), b.1660-
Dodson, Patience (marriage to John Pierce) (i394), b.1660-
Dodson, Sarah (i805)


Dorothy Brown (marriage to John Browne) (i542), b.1584-d.1674
Dorothy Goodale (marriage to Richard Goodale) (i1919)
Dorothy Wood (marriage to Nicholas Wood) (i1894)


Drake, Samuel (Col.) (marriage to Ann Barlow) (i2165), b.1625-d.1686


Dunning, Hannah (marriage to Hiram? Mosher) (i3094), b.1779-d.1812


Eagan, Mary Kathleen, Hartley (marriage to Edward Adams Mosher) (i44), b.1909-d.1986


Eagles, John (marriage to Amie Brown) (i1816)


Eames, Thomas (marriage to Mary Blandford) (i3213)


Earle, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Cornell) (i801)


Edwards, Esther (marriage to Aaron Burr) (i2439)


Elinor Whitney (marriage to John Whitney) (i906)
Elizabeth (Juliana?) Sutton (marriage to John Sutton) (i1888)
Elizabeth Ann Bennett (marriage to Joel Barlow Bennett) (i3260), b.1825-d.1847
Elizabeth Ballstone (marriage to William Baulstone) (i1492), b.1597-d.1683
Elizabeth Franklin (marriage to Daniel Franklin) (i984), b.1737-
Elizabeth Jackson (marriage to Edmund Jackson) (i794)
Elizabeth Miller(d) (marriage to John Miller(d)) (i1875), d.1680
Elizabeth Russell (marriage to John Russell) (i1896), d.1644


Emerson, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel (Sergent) Andrews) (i248), d.1724


Emery, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Pease) (i2044)


Emma Charlotte Wilson (marriage to Elza Charles Johnson) (i139), b.1882-d.1948


Fairchild, Walter Henry (marriage to May Louise Mosher) (i61), b.1877-d.1944


Faunce, Priscilla (marriage to Joseph Warren) (i2732), b.1634-d.1707


Ferguson, Barrett Alan (i2606) (still alive)


Ferris, Mary (marriage to Jonathan Lockwood) (i2180)


Ferry, Ebenezer (marriage to Eleanor Hull) (i2349)


Fiscock, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Cornell) (i470)


Fisher, Lydia (marriage to Daniel Morse) (i2628), b.1620-


Fitch, Ebenezer (marriage to Martha Brown) (i1796)
Fitch, George (marriage to Ellen Douglas Millikan) (i176), b.1822-d.1887
Fitch, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i546), d.1739
Fitch, Sarah (marriage to John Burr) (i2355)


Fletcher, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Pease) (i2045)


Flood, James (marriage to Hannah Morse) (i2632)


Fowler, Jeremiah (marriage to Elizabeth Barlow) (i2209), b.1671-d.1723
Fowler, Mercy (Marcy) (marriage to John Bill) (i507)


Francis, Hannah (marriage to Dennis Darling) (i1880), b.1650-


Franklin, Daniel (i981), d.1818
Franklin, Dean (i985), b.1763-
Franklin, Hannah (i165), b.1769-d.1863
Franklin, Hannah (marriage to Alexander Millikan) (i165), b.1769-d.1863


French, Kezia (marriage to James (Lieut.) Bill) (i512), d.1786


Frizzell, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Allen) (i3037), d.1746


Frost, Abraham (i2238), b.1622-d.1645
Frost, Daniel (i2166), b.1613-d.1682
Frost, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Barlow) (i2166), b.1613-d.1682
Frost, Daniel (Sergeant) (i2243), b.1648-d.1707
Frost, Elizabeth (i2231), b.1614-d.1682
Frost, Esther (i2252), b.1652-
Frost, Hannah (i2249), b.1650-
Frost, Isaac (i2251), b.1645-d.1684
Frost, Joseph (i2245), b.1644-d.1698
Frost, Joshua (i2931), b.1620-d.1625
Frost, Lydia (i2234), b.1618-
Frost, Mary (i2236), b.1616-
Frost, Rachel (i2247), b.1642-d.1717
Frost, Rachel (marriage to Robert Rumsey) (i2247), b.1642-d.1717
Frost, Rebecca (i2239), b.1640-d.1688
Frost, Rebecca (i2934)
Frost, Samuel (i2932), b.1624-d.1631
Frost, Sarah (i2241), b.1646-
Frost, Sarah (i2935)
Frost, Susanna (i2933), b.1626-d.1626
Frost, William (i2230), b.1589-d.1645


Fuller, Ebenezer (marriage to Mary Munro) (i2764)


Gamba, Andrew Paul (i2903) (still alive)
Gamba, Elizabeth Jeanne (i2904) (still alive)
Gamba, Laura Ann (i2902) (still alive)
Gamba, Paul Andrew (i2901) (still alive)


Garrett, Richard, III (marriage to Persis Pierce) (i2615), b.1659-
Garrett, William (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Mosher) (i206)


Gaylord, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Hull) (i2279)


Geissal, Abigail Leigh (i733) (still alive)
Geissal, Amanda Beth (i734) (still alive)
Geissal, Benjamin Andrews (i737) (still alive)
Geissal, Emily Elizabeth (i736) (still alive)
Geissal, Janet Francis (i726) (still alive)
Geissal, John Andrews (i152) (still alive)
Geissal, Marjorie Mertz (i722) (still alive)
Geissal, Mary Elizabeth (i150) (still alive)
Geissal, Matthew Philip (i724) (still alive)
Geissal, Michael Philip (i721) (still alive)
Geissal, Olive Marie (i3306) (still alive)
Geissal, Peter Links (i151) (still alive)
Geissal, Philip Emil (i148), b.1906-d.1975
Geissal, Philip Emil (marriage to Marjorie Norma Johnson) (i148), b.1906-d.1975
Geissal, Philip George (i149) (still alive)
Geissal, Susan Jane (i725) (still alive)


Gilbert, Obadiah (marriage to Elizabeth Burr) (i2359)


Glover, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Burr) (i2363), b.1652-d.1721


Gold, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Barlow) (i2219), b.1715-


Goodale, Ann (i1920), d.1678
Goodale, Ann (marriage to William Allen) (i1920), d.1678
Goodale, Richard (i1918)


Goodell, (Baby) (i1477), b.1640-
Goodell, Abraham (i1475), b.1632-
Goodell, Hannah (i1479), b.1645-
Goodell, Isaac (i1476), b.1633-
Goodell, Jacob (i1478), b.1642-
Goodell, Mary (i222), b.1630-d.1669
Goodell, Mary (marriage to John Pease) (i222), b.1630-d.1669
Goodell, Robert (i1473), b.1607-


Gorham, John (marriage to Anne Brown) (i1786)


Gould, Samuel (marriage to Cynthia C. Mosher) (i204)
Gould, Samuel (marriage to Mary Josephine Mosher) (i204)


Grace (marriage to Daniel Rumsey) (i2937)


Gray, Henry (marriage to Lydia Frost) (i2235), b.1613-
Gray, John (marriage to Elizabeth Frost) (i2233), b.1617-d.1663
Gray, John (marriage to Ruhamah Barlow) (i2267), b.1734-d.1793
Gray, Mehetible (marriage to Stephen Munro) (i2760)


Gregory, Abigail (marriage to James Barlow) (i2973), b.1739-
Gregory, Martha (marriage to George Hull) (i2336)
Gregory, Rebecca (marriage to Ezekiel Sandford) (i2321)


Grosvenor, Laura (marriage to Robert F. Millikan) (i187)


Guild, Anna (marriage to James Allen) (i2580), b.1615-d.1673


Hacker, Carolyn Millikan (i716) (still alive)
Hacker, Patricia Janet (i717) (still alive)
Hacker, Stephan Otto (i48) (still alive)


Haight, Elizabeth (marriage to John? Mosher) (i3093), b.1766-d.1857

Haile (Hale)

Haile (Hale), Richard (i1901), b.1610-d.1687


Hale, Hannah (i1907), b.1716-d.1766
Hale, Hannah (marriage to Peletiah Mason) (i1907), b.1716-d.1766
Hale, John (i1905), b.1677-d.1718
Hale, John (marriage to Hannah Tillinghast) (i1905), b.1677-d.1718
Hale, Richard (i1902), b.1640-d.1720
Hale, Richard (marriage to Mary Bullock) (i1902), b.1640-d.1720


Hall, Abigail (marriage to Stephen Burr) (i2426)


Hamant, Elizabeth (marriage to Jeremiah Morse) (i2652)


Hamilton, Anna B. (marriage to George Oliver Johnson) (i131), b.1846-d.1870
Hamilton, Silas (marriage to Isabella Millikan) (i171)


Hammond, Charles Albert, Jr. (marriage to Florence Ione Mosher) (i64), b.1880-d.1921


Hannah Bill (marriage to Philip Bill) (i498)


Hannum-Geissal, Alys Katrina (i3048) (still alive)


Harding, Phebe (?) (marriage to John Browne Jr.) (i1779), d.1658


Harmon, Hannah (marriage to James Pease) (i2038)


Harris, Mary (marriage to John Ward) (i2373), b.1646-
Harris, Mary (marriage to William Allen) (i2090)
Harris, Rollin Christopher (i2604) (still alive)
Harris, Steven John (i2962) (still alive)


Hathaway, Abigail (i307), b.1667-d.1690
Hathaway, Abigail (i320), b.1715-
Hathaway, Abraham (i303), b.1652-d.1725
Hathaway, Ann (i322), b.1718-
Hathaway, Anna (i332), b.1766-
Hathaway, Elizabeth (i310), b.1690-d.1753
Hathaway, Elizabeth (i325), b.1724-
Hathaway, Ephraim (i306), b.1661-d.1716
Hathaway, Ephraim (i311), b.1692-d.1771
Hathaway, Ephraim (i323), b.1719-
Hathaway, Ephraim (marriage to Elizabeth Talbot) (i306), b.1661-d.1716
Hathaway, Isaac (i304), b.1655-d.1722
Hathaway, Jacob (i1442)
Hathaway, John (i302), b.1650-d.1730
Hathaway, John (i337)
Hathaway, John (Ensign) (i300), b.1629-d.1705
Hathaway, Jonathan (i334)
Hathaway, Joseph (i314), b.1698-
Hathaway, Joseph (i1443)
Hathaway, Joshua (i319), b.1712-d.1804
Hathaway, Josiah (i313), b.1696-d.1778
Hathaway, Lydia (i326), b.1729-
Hathaway, Marcy (i315), b.1701-d.1754
Hathaway, Nathaniel (i312), b.1694-
Hathaway, Nicholas (i299), b.1595-
Hathaway, Patience (i253), b.1772-d.1804
Hathaway, Patience (marriage to John Andrews) (i253), b.1772-d.1804
Hathaway, Phebe (i324), b.1722-
Hathaway, Polly (i335)
Hathaway, Randall (i339)
Hathaway, Rebecca (i308), b.1669-d.1742
Hathaway, Rebecca (i318), b.1710-
Hathaway, Rebecca (marriage to Jared Talbot) (i308), b.1669-d.1742
Hathaway, Ruth (i328), b.1731-
Hathaway, Sally (i338)
Hathaway, Sarah (i316), b.1704-
Hathaway, Seth (i317), b.1707-d.1748
Hathaway, Seth (i336)
Hathaway, William (i327), b.1727-d.1741
Hathaway, William (i329), b.1742-d.1825
Hathaway, William (i333), b.1774-


Hayman, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Church) (i2742), b.1679-d.1712


Haynes, Amanda Christine (i2859) (still alive)
Haynes, Jessica Ryan (i2860) (still alive)
Haynes, John Wesley (i2858) (still alive)


Hayward, Nathan (marriage to Abigail Pease) (i2041)


Healy, Lyman (marriage to Polly Brown) (i1839), b.1796-d.1845


Hide, John (marriage to Rachel Rumsey) (i2257), b.1670-d.1744


Hill, William (marriage to Elizabeth Jones) (i2292)


Hinsdale, S. H. (marriage to Rhoda C. Bennett) (i3253)


Hitt, Benjamin James (i2857) (still alive)
Hitt, Samuel George (i2856) (still alive)


Hobart, Caleb (marriage to Elizabeth Church) (i2733), b.1622-d.1711


Hoff, B. C. (marriage to Mary Jane Bennett) (i3255)


Hogeboom, Adelia (marriage to Horace Porter Johnson) (i128), b.1844-d.1925


Holbrook, Hannah (marriage to Ephraim Pierce) (i2618), d.1719


Holesapple, Anna (marriage to William Chancy Johnson) (i124), b.1836-d.1887


Horsewell, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Church) (i2744), b.1694-d.1768


Horton, James (marriage to Alice Munro) (i2765)


Hosford, Stephen (marriage to Amey Brown) (i1833)


Howard, Edward (marriage to Abigail Ward) (i2380)


Howland, Lydia (marriage to James Brown) (i1784)


Hoyt, Nathaniel (marriage to Martha Sandford) (i2330)


Hubbard, Susannah (marriage to David Barlow) (i2222), b.1726-d.1745


Hubbell, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Frost) (i2246), b.1652-d.1712
Hubbell, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Hull) (i2246), b.1652-d.1712
Hubbell, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Burr) (i2401)


Hull, Aaron (i2449), b.1736-d.1748
Hull, Cornelius (i2280), b.1627-d.1695
Hull, Cornelius (i2299), b.1655-d.1740
Hull, Cornelius (i2350), d.1787
Hull, Cornelius (marriage to Abigail Rumsey) (i2350), d.1787
Hull, Cornelius (marriage to Rebecca Jones) (i2280), b.1627-d.1695
Hull, Cornelius (marriage to Sarah Sandford) (i2299), b.1655-d.1740
Hull, David (i2448), b.1734-d.1758
Hull, Ebenezer (i2341)
Hull, Eleanor (i2348), d.1762
Hull, Elizabeth (i2278), d.1680
Hull, Elizabeth (i2343), d.1760
Hull, Elizabeth (i2441), b.1719-d.1760
Hull, Elizabeth (marriage to Stephen Burr) (i2343), d.1760
Hull, Esther (i117), b.1721-d.1775
Hull, Esther (marriage to Samuel Barlow) (i117), b.1721-d.1775
Hull, Ezekiel (i2447), b.1732-
Hull, George (i2270)
Hull, George (i2335), b.1686-d.1769
Hull, Hannah (i2451), b.1741-d.1761
Hull, John (i2347), b.1703-d.1741
Hull, Josias (i2275), d.1675
Hull, Martha (i2277)
Hull, Martha (i2303)
Hull, Martha (i2345), b.1701-d.1782
Hull, Mary (i2273), d.1685
Hull, Naomi (i2281)
Hull, Nathaniel (i563), b.1695-d.1749
Hull, Nathaniel (i2444), b.1727-
Hull, Nathaniel (marriage to Elizabeth Burr) (i563), b.1695-d.1749
Hull, Peter (i2445), b.1728-
Hull, Rebecca (i2300)
Hull, Rebecca (i2339), b.1693-
Hull, Samuel (i2296)
Hull, Sarah (i2302)
Hull, Sarah (i2337), b.1690-d.1720
Hull, Sarah (i2440), b.1717-
Hull, Sarah (i2446), b.1730-d.1748
Hull, Seth (marriage to Hannah Rumsey) (i2952)
Hull, Silas (i2450), b.1739-
Hull, Stephen (i2443), b.1724-
Hull, Theophilus (i2298), d.1710
Hull, Theophilus (marriage to Mary Sandford) (i2298), d.1710


Hurd, Lydia Anna (i144), b.1920-d.1992
Hurd, Lydia Anna (marriage to Carroll D. James) (i144), b.1920-d.1992
Hurd, Roy Clifford (i143)
Hurd, Roy Clifford (marriage to Norma Lydia Johnson) (i143)
Hurd, Sophia M. (marriage to William S. Johnson) (i55), d.1832


Husted, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Lockwood) (i2197)


Hyde, Sarah (marriage to Ebenezer Brown) (i1799)


Ingham, Hannah (marriage to Amos Bill) (i535), b.1787-d.1867


Ingraham, Elizabeth (i1916), b.1630-d.1659
Ingraham, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Bullock) (i1916), b.1630-d.1659
Ingraham, Richard (i1914)
Ingraham, Richard (marriage to Elizabeth Wignall) (i1914)


Jackson, Edmund (i405), d.1675
Jackson, Edmund (i791), b.1654-
Jackson, Edmund (i798), b.1668-
Jackson, Edmund (i1344), b.1672-
Jackson, Elisha (i793), b.1659-
Jackson, Elizabeth (i792), b.1657-
Jackson, Hannah (i244), b.1636-d.1679
Jackson, Hannah (marriage to John Andrews) (i244), b.1636-d.1679
Jackson, Isaac (i412), b.1651-
Jackson, Jeremiah (i410), b.1645-
Jackson, John (i407), b.1638-
Jackson, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Sandford) (i2333)
Jackson, Joshua (marriage to Elizabeth Sandford) (i2332)
Jackson, Martha (i796), b.1662-
Jackson, Mary (i411), b.1647-
Jackson, Mary (i1345), b.1674-
Jackson, Samuel (i409), b.1643-
Jackson, Sarah (i795), b.1660-
Jackson, Susanna (i797), b.1663-
Jackson, Susanna (i1343), b.1666-
Jackson, Thomas (i408), b.1640-


Jacobs, Mary (marriage to Stephen Brown) (i1805)


James, Alexander Conrad (i2885) (still alive)
James, Carroll D. (i145), b.1919-d.1996
James, Carroll D. (marriage to Lydia Anna Hurd) (i145), b.1919-d.1996
James, John W. (marriage to Sarah Bennett) (i3244), b.1791-d.1873
James, John Wesley (i2884) (still alive)
James, Norma Janet (i1504) (still alive)
James, Richard Alan (i1507) (still alive)
James, Ross Edward (i1505) (still alive)
James, Steven Austin (i1506) (still alive)
James, Thomas (Rev.) (marriage to Ruth Jones) (i2288)


Jane Masters (marriage to John Masters) (i1913)
Jane Pinkney (marriage to Philip Pinkney) (i2408)


Jaquith, Annis (marriage to Henry Brooks) (i458)


Jasper, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Morse) (i1890), b.1587-d.1655


Jenks, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Brown) (i1782)


Jennings, Benjamin (marriage to Ann Rumsey) (i2947)
Jennings, Joseph, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Rumsey) (i2944)


Jewson, Elizabeth (marriage to Nicholas Phillips) (i430)


Johnson, Ada Fay (i138), b.1910-d.1965
Johnson, Clarissa (i120), b.1812-d.1833
Johnson, Elza Charles (i133), b.1873-d.1942
Johnson, Frederick (i140), b.1874-d.1874
Johnson, George Monroe (i10), b.1875-d.1955
Johnson, George Monroe (marriage to Marjorie Avis Millikan) (i10), b.1875-d.1955
Johnson, George Oliver (i16), b.1844-d.1909
Johnson, George Oliver (marriage to Lydia Hannah Brown) (i16), b.1844-d.1909
Johnson, Grove Charles (i132), b.1847-d.1849
Johnson, Harriet Mary (i45), b.1905-d.2000
Johnson, Harriet Mary (marriage to Charles Adams Mosher) (i45), b.1905-d.2000
Johnson, Horace Porter (i127), b.1841-d.1910
Johnson, Janet Grace (i7), b.1916-d.1974
Johnson, Janet Grace (marriage to Edward Adams Mosher) (i7), b.1916-d.1974
Johnson, John (i118), b.1780-d.1833
Johnson, John P. (i121), b.1826-d.1833
Johnson, Kate Sophia (i129)
Johnson, Marjorie Norma (i46), b.1908-
Johnson, Marjorie Norma (marriage to Philip Emil Geissal) (i46), b.1908-
Johnson, Mary Adelia (i2887)
Johnson, Mattie Elnora (i130)
Johnson, Norma Lydia (i142), b.1886-d.1920
Johnson, Norma Lydia (marriage to Roy Clifford Hurd) (i142), b.1886-d.1920
Johnson, Pearl (i141), b.1883-
Johnson, Rita Anna (i137), b.1905-d.1964
Johnson, Rita Anna (marriage to Emmons Alger Rodda) (i137), b.1905-d.1964
Johnson, Rita Anna (marriage to Johannes (John) B. Nicholson) (i137), b.1905-d.1964
Johnson, Savillian Wotuous (i125), b.1837-d.1921
Johnson, Vera Lydia (i136), b.1900-d.1944
Johnson, William Chancy (i123), b.1834-d.1887
Johnson, William S. (i28), b.1807-
Johnson, William S. (marriage to Sophia F. Bill Post) (i28), b.1807-


Jones, Eliphalet (i2293), b.1641-d.1732
Jones, Elizabeth (i2291), b.1635-
Jones, Esther (marriage to John Rumsey) (i2950), b.1732-d.1808
Jones, John (i2286), b.1624-
Jones, John (Rev.) (i2282), b.1593-d.1665
Jones, Rebecca (i2290), b.1633-
Jones, Rebecca (marriage to Cornelius Hull) (i2290), b.1633-
Jones, Ruth (i2287), b.1628-
Jones, Sarah (i2284), b.1620-d.1683
Jones, Theophilus (i2289), b.1631-


Jordan, John (marriage to Barbara Mosher) (i3086), b.1743-


Kelly, John (marriage to Elizabeth Rosbotham) (i2756), b.1700-d.1777


Kilbride, Christopher George (i2879) (still alive)
Kilbride, George B. (i2877) (still alive)
Kilbride, Robert James (i2881) (still alive)
Kilbride, William Harold (i2878) (still alive)


King, Daniel (marriage to Marcy Hathaway) (i2161)
King, Hannah (i1936), b.1671-d.1735
King, Hannah (marriage to Jonathan Padelford III) (i1936), b.1671-d.1735
King, John (Capt.) (i1937)
King, Philip (Ensign) (i1939), b.1645-d.1710
King, Philip (Ensign) (marriage to Judah (Judith) Whitman) (i1939), b.1645-d.1710


Kingsbury, Mary (marriage to Joshua Morse) (i2665), b.1680-


Kirby, Experience (marriage to John Mosher) (i3066), b.1670-d.1745
Kirby, John (marriage to Rebecca Mosher) (i3069), b.1672-d.1727


Knapp, Joseph (marriage to Mary Lockwood) (i2198)


Knight, James (marriage to Maria Mosher) (i3091)


Knowles, William (marriage to Ann Barlow) (i2226)


Krieger, Dana Marie (i2967) (still alive)
Krieger, Daniel Roy (i2854) (still alive)
Krieger, Scott Daniel (i2966) (still alive)


Lawrence, Abigail (i1358), b.1665-
Lawrence, Betsy (i231), b.1762-d.1837
Lawrence, Betsy (marriage to Phineas Pease) (i231), b.1762-d.1837
Lawrence, Daniel (i756), b.1681-d.1778
Lawrence, Daniel (i1539), b.1702-
Lawrence, David (i1545), b.1732-
Lawrence, Elizabeth (i1355), b.1655-
Lawrence, Enoch (i754), b.1649-d.1744
Lawrence, Enoch (marriage to Mrs. Ruth Shattuck Whitney) (i754), b.1649-d.1744
Lawrence, Henry (i1535)
Lawrence, Isaac (i1354), b.1658-d.1731
Lawrence, Isaac (Capt.) (i759), b.1705-d.1793
Lawrence, Jeremiah (i758), b.1707-d.1781
Lawrence, Jeremiah (i1362), b.1686-d.1744
Lawrence, Jeremiah (marriage to Olive Wheeler) (i758), b.1707-d.1781
Lawrence, John (i753), b.1609-d.1667
Lawrence, John (i1346), b.1635-d.1672
Lawrence, Jonathan (i1350), b.1644-d.1648
Lawrence, Jonathan (i1356), b.1657-d.1725
Lawrence, Jonathan (i1544), b.1732-
Lawrence, Joseph (i1348), b.1642-d.1642
Lawrence, Joseph (i1349), b.1643-
Lawrence, Martha (marriage to Eliphalet Jones) (i2294)
Lawrence, Mary (i1351), b.1645-d.1687
Lawrence, Mary (i1541), b.1713-
Lawrence, Nathaniel (i1347), b.1639-d.1724
Lawrence, Nathaniel (i1360), b.1678-d.1765
Lawrence, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Morse) (i1347), b.1639-d.1724
Lawrence, Nehemiah (Capt.) (i761), b.1730-d.1800
Lawrence, Peleg (i1352), b.1647-d.1692
Lawrence, Peleg (marriage to Elizabeth Morse) (i1352), b.1647-d.1692
Lawrence, Robert (i1537)
Lawrence, Samuel (i1353), b.1651-
Lawrence, Sarah (i1540), b.1709-
Lawrence, Susanna (i1359), b.1667-
Lawrence, Zechariah (i1357), b.1659-
Lawrence, Zechariah (i1361), b.1683-d.1754


Lawrence?, Betsey (marriage to Hiram? Mosher) (i3095)


Lee, John (i387)
Lee, John (marriage to Avis Anthony) (i387)
Lee, Peter (marriage to Ann Mosher) (i3065)
Lee, Sarah (i289), b.1761-d.1817
Lee, Sarah (marriage to David Mason) (i289), b.1761-d.1817


Leonard, Hopestill (i1923), b.1671-d.1754
Leonard, Hopestill (marriage to Benjamin Allen) (i1923), b.1671-d.1754
Leonard, Rice (i1928), d.1700
Leonard, Rice (marriage to Mary Pilbeane) (i1928), d.1700


Lewis, Charles (marriage to Rachel Rumsey) (i2942)


Lightner, Matthew Harry (i3314) (still alive)


Lines, Benjamin (marriage to Grace Barlow) (i2228), b.1724-


Little, Thomas (marriage to Anna Warren) (i2728), d.1672


Lockwood, Abigail (i556), b.1640-d.1690
Lockwood, Abigail (marriage to John (Capt.) Barlow) (i556), b.1640-d.1690
Lockwood, Daniel (i2186), b.1640-d.1691
Lockwood, Deborah (i2181), b.1636-
Lockwood, Deborah (marriage to William (Dr.) Ward) (i2181), b.1636-
Lockwood, Ephraim (i2188), b.1641-d.1685
Lockwood, Gershom (i2190), b.1643-d.1719
Lockwood, John (i2193), d.1677
Lockwood, Jonathan (i2179), b.1634-d.1688
Lockwood, Joseph (i2184), b.1638-d.1717
Lockwood, Mary (i2196)
Lockwood, Robert (Sergt.) (i2177), d.1658
Lockwood, Sarah (i2194), d.1651
Lockwood, Sarah (i2195), b.1652-


Loomis, Elizabeth (marriage to Josias Hull) (i2276)

Lourie Mosher

Lourie Mosher, Noah Daniel (i740) (still alive)


Luther, Bethamy (marriage to Benjamin Munro) (i2763)
Luther, Lydia (marriage to John (2) Anthony) (i375), b.1714-


Lydia Mosher (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i942)


Lyon, John, Sr. (marriage to Rebecca Hull) (i2301)


Macomber, John (marriage to Abigail Padelford) (i3231), b.1719-


Mann, John (marriage to Rebecca Sandford) (i2326)


Margaret Pease (marriage to Robert Pease) (i2863)


Mariner, Arline James (marriage to Max Franklin Millikan) (i194), b.1871-d.1955


Martha Hathaway (marriage to John (Ensign) Hathaway) (i305)
Martha Jackson (marriage to Edmund Jackson) (i406), d.1652
Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Brown) (i2974)
Mary Andrews (marriage to Henry Andrews) (i439), b.1611-d.1653
Mary Andros (marriage to John (Lieut.) Allen) (i2091), d.1695
Mary Blandford (marriage to John Blandford) (i1930)
Mary Butterworth (marriage to Henry Butterworth) (i1867), b.1600-d.1687
Mary Coggeshall (marriage to John Coggeshall) (i1313)
Mary Timberlake (marriage to Henry Timberlake) (i1486), d.1705
Mary Wodell (marriage to William Wodell or Waddell) (i1481), d.1676


Mason, Aaron (i273)
Mason, Amey (i552), b.1758-d.1822
Mason, Amey (marriage to Caleb Brown) (i552), b.1758-d.1822
Mason, Anna (i1785), b.1650-d.1709
Mason, Anna (marriage to John Browne) (i1785), b.1650-d.1709
Mason, Anne (i274)
Mason, Anthony (i290)
Mason, Avis (i35), b.1798-d.1843
Mason, Avis (marriage to Randall Andrews) (i35), b.1798-d.1843
Mason, Benjamin (i266)
Mason, Bethiah (i263), b.1665-d.1712
Mason, Bethiah (marriage to John Wood) (i263), b.1665-d.1712
Mason, David (i287), b.1758-
Mason, David (i294)
Mason, David (marriage to Sarah Lee) (i287), b.1758-
Mason, Edward (i292)
Mason, Elihu (i270)
Mason, Elisha (i271), b.1699-d.1760
Mason, Elizabeth (i275)
Mason, Gardner (i388)
Mason, George (marriage to Amy Eliza Brown) (i3262)
Mason, Hepsebeth (i276)
Mason, Isaac (i264)
Mason, James (i261)
Mason, James (i281), b.1724-d.1795
Mason, James (i284)
Mason, James (i293)
Mason, James (marriage to Avis Anthony) (i281), b.1724-d.1795
Mason, James (marriage to Mary Cornell) (i281), b.1724-d.1795
Mason, Job (i269)
Mason, John (i279), b.1716-d.1801
Mason, John (i291)
Mason, John (i1882), b.1601-d.1672
Mason, John (marriage to Ann Peck) (i1882), b.1601-d.1672
Mason, Jonathan (i389)
Mason, Joseph (i262)
Mason, Louisa (marriage to James Brown) (i1829)
Mason, Luther (i295)
Mason, Mary (i260)
Mason, Mary (i285)
Mason, Mary (i298)
Mason, Nancy (i297)
Mason, Noah (i256)
Mason, Peletiah (i265), b.1669-d.1763
Mason, Peletiah (i277), b.1711-d.1781
Mason, Peletiah (marriage to Hannah Hale) (i277), b.1711-d.1781
Mason, Peletiah (marriage to Hepsibeth Brooks) (i265), b.1669-d.1763
Mason, Russel (i278)
Mason, Ruth (i288)
Mason, Sampson (i254), d.1676
Mason, Sampson (marriage to Mary Butterworth) (i254), d.1676
Mason, Sampson John (i257)
Mason, Samuel (i258)
Mason, Samuel (i272)
Mason, Sarah (i259)
Mason, Sarah (i296)
Mason, Sarah (marriage to Daniel Brown) (i1801)
Mason, Stephen (i286)
Mason, Thankful (i267)
Mason, William (i283)


Masters, John (i1912)
Masters, Lydia (i1909), d.1651
Masters, Lydia (marriage to Philip Taber (Tabor)) (i1909), d.1651


Matthews, Hannah (marriage to Nathaniel Brown) (i1783)


Maxfield, Christian (marriage to John Hathaway) (i2156)


Maxson, John (i903), b.1638-d.1720
Maxson, John (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i903), b.1638-d.1720
Maxson, Rebecca (i105), b.1631-d.1708
Maxson, Rebecca (marriage to Hugh Mosher) (i105), b.1631-d.1708
Maxson, Richard (i900), d.1643
Maxson, Richard (i902), b.1629-d.1643


McKnight, Maryan (i154), b.1733-d.1813
McKnight, Maryan (marriage to William Millikan) (i154), b.1733-d.1813
McKnight, Robert (i799), b.1699-d.1776


McLallen, Emily Morgan (i2914), b.1998-d.1999
McLallen, Francis (i2912) (still alive)
McLallen, Lindsey Jean (i2913) (still alive)
McLallen, Steffanie (i2927) (still alive)


Meeker, David (marriage to Mary Burr) (i2424)
Meeker, David (marriage to Sarah Hull) (i2338)
Meeker, Joseph (marriage to Rebecca Hull) (i2340)


Meigs, Tryal (marriage to Andrew Ward) (i2376)


Mentor, Jane (marriage to Abraham Pease) (i2036)


Mershon, Ada May (marriage to Elza Charles Johnson) (i134), b.1875-d.1919
Mershon, Luta (i135), b.1895-d.1998
Mershon, Luta (marriage to Homer Carley) (i135), b.1895-d.1998


Messenger, Pamelia (marriage to William Millikan) (i169), d.1870


Miller, Daniel (marriage to Hannah Pease) (i2046)
Miller, John, (d) (i1874), b.1636-d.1684
Miller, John, (d) (i1885)
Miller, Rebecca, (d) (i1871), b.1661-d.1711
Miller, Rebecca, (d) (marriage to Nathaniel Daggett) (i1871), b.1661-d.1711


Millerd, Charity (i1864), b.1696-
Millerd, Charity (marriage to John Wood) (i1864), b.1696-
Millerd, Robert, Jr. (i1860), b.1666-d.1710
Millerd, Robert, Jr. (marriage to Charity Thurber) (i1860), b.1666-d.1710
Millerd, Robert, Sr. (i1858), b.1632-d.1699
Millerd, Robert, Sr. (marriage to Elizabeth Sabin) (i1858), b.1632-d.1699


Millette, Nancy Margaret (marriage to Henry Adams Mosher) (i712), b.1911-d.2003


Millikan, Abigail (i3273) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Alexander (i39)
Millikan, Alexander (i164), b.1769-d.1803
Millikan, Alexander (marriage to Hannah Franklin) (i164), b.1769-d.1803
Millikan, Allan (i3308) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Allan Fairchild (i182), b.1866-d.1942
Millikan, Allen Frederick (i3275), b.1914-d.1990
Millikan, Allen Frederick (i3277) (still alive)
Millikan, Clark Blanchard (i190), b.1903-
Millikan, Daniel Franklin (i32), b.1797-d.1880
Millikan, Daniel Franklin (i3266), b.1891-d.1938
Millikan, Daniel Franklin (i3282), b.1918-
Millikan, Daniel Franklin (marriage to Sallie Aurelia Pease) (i32), b.1797-d.1880
Millikan, David (i3309) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Diane Linda (i3279) (still alive)
Millikan, Edward P. (i184), b.1898-
Millikan, Edward Scott (i3269)
Millikan, Eliza (i173), b.1821-d.1822
Millikan, Ellen Douglas (i175), b.1825-d.1893
Millikan, Frederick William (i179), b.1842-d.1911
Millikan, Glenn Allen (i191), b.1906-d.1947
Millikan, Isabella (i158), b.1760-
Millikan, Isabella (i170), b.1800-d.1893
Millikan, Jane (i3271) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Joel (i3311) (living status unknown)
Millikan, John (i155), b.1751-
Millikan, Kathy Francis (i3292) (still alive)
Millikan, Keith Elbert (i3290) (still alive)
Millikan, Larry Edward (i3294) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Mabel Aurelia (i197), b.1877-
Millikan, Mabel Aurelia (marriage to Robert (Rev.) E. Brown) (i197), b.1877-
Millikan, Maria (i172)
Millikan, Marilyn J. (i3285) (still alive)
Millikan, Marjorie Avis (i11), b.1874-d.1957
Millikan, Marjorie Avis (marriage to George Monroe Johnson) (i11), b.1874-d.1957
Millikan, Marshall Robert (i3296) (still alive)
Millikan, Martha A. (i177), b.1832-
Millikan, Mary (i156), b.1757-
Millikan, Mary Ann (i166), b.1769-
Millikan, Mary Grace (i195), b.1871-d.1943
Millikan, Max Franklin (i192), b.1913-d.1969
Millikan, Max Franklin (i193), b.1870-d.1940
Millikan, Nicholas (i3272) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Rebecca Marie (i3298) (still alive)
Millikan, Robert (i161), b.1764-d.1787
Millikan, Robert (Capt.) (i167), b.1792-d.1867
Millikan, Robert Andrews (i188), b.1868-d.1953
Millikan, Robert D. (i174), b.1823-d.1828
Millikan, Robert F. (i186), b.1901-
Millikan, Roger (i3310) (living status unknown)
Millikan, Sarah (Sallie) (i162), b.1767-d.1844
Millikan, Silas (Rev.) Franklin (i18), b.1834-d.1915
Millikan, Silas (Rev.) Franklin (marriage to Mary Jane Andrews) (i18), b.1834-d.1915
Millikan, Suzanne (i3288) (still alive)
Millikan, unknown (i3281)
Millikan, Willard Eugene (i3283), b.1922-
Millikan, William (i153), b.1726-d.1788
Millikan, William (i168), b.1795-d.1853
Millikan, William 'Major' (i159), b.1762-d.1850
Millikan, William (marriage to Maryan McKnight) (i153), b.1726-d.1788
Millikan, William F. (i3268)


Milliken, Alexander (i1546), b.1720-


Millington(?), Ann (marriage to Gershom Lockwood) (i2191)


Mitchell, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Sherman) (i2390)
Mitchell, Thomasin (marriage to George Hull) (i2271)


Morehouse, Hannah (marriage to Benjamin Rumsey) (i2255), b.1668-d.1698
Morehouse, John (marriage to Esther Bennett) (i3235), b.1776-d.1869
Morehouse, John (marriage to Ruth Barlow) (i2211), b.1668-d.1727


Morey, Sarah (marriage to Zebulon Mosher) (i111)


Morgan McKnight (marriage to Robert McKnight) (i800), b.1700-d.1801


Morse, Abigail (i2626)
Morse, Benoni (i2667), b.1682-
Morse, Daniel (i2621), b.1611-d.1688
Morse, Dorcas (i2634), b.1645-d.1725
Morse, Eleazer (i2666), b.1680-
Morse, Elizabeth (i1878), b.1668-d.1718
Morse, Elizabeth (i2636), b.1647-
Morse, Elizabeth (i2650), b.1605-
Morse, Elizabeth (marriage to John Darling) (i1878), b.1668-d.1718
Morse, Elizabeth (marriage to Peleg Lawrence) (i2636), b.1647-
Morse, Hannah (i2631), b.1641-
Morse, Hannah (i2659), b.1669-
Morse, Hannah (i2660), b.1670-
Morse, Jeremiah (i2623)
Morse, Jeremiah (i2641), b.1651-
Morse, John (i2620), b.1607-
Morse, Joseph (i1891), b.1613-d.1654
Morse, Joseph (i2662), b.1674-
Morse, Joseph (Captain) (i2637), b.1649-d.1717
Morse, Joshua (i2663), b.1679-
Morse, Mary (i2624), b.1620-
Morse, Mary (i2653), b.1653-
Morse, Ruth (i2661), b.1672-d.1716
Morse, Samuel (i1876), b.1639-d.1718
Morse, Samuel (i1889), b.1587-d.1654
Morse, Samuel (i2622), d.1626
Morse, Samuel (i2656), b.1666-
Morse, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Wood) (i1876), b.1639-d.1718
Morse, Sara (i2651), b.1616-
Morse, Sarah (i2633), b.1643-
Morse, Sarah (i2670), b.1686-
Morse, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Lawrence) (i2633), b.1643-
Morse, Solomon (i2669), b.1685-d.1704
Morse, Thomas (i2649), b.1603-


Mosher, Abner (i889), b.1732-
Mosher, Adley (i884)
Mosher, Ann (i867), d.1721
Mosher, Avram Lev Robinson (i741) (still alive)
Mosher, Barbara (i890)
Mosher, Caroline Pamelia (i58), b.1870-d.1943
Mosher, Caroline Susanna (i208), b.1843-d.1927
Mosher, Charles Adams (i36), b.1906-d.1984
Mosher, Charles Adams (marriage to Harriet Mary Johnson) (i36), b.1906-d.1984
Mosher, Christopher Ryan (i1037) (still alive)
Mosher, Clay Adams (i2605) (still alive)
Mosher, Cynthia C. (i203), b.1839-d.1893
Mosher, Danae Lynn (i41) (still alive)
Mosher, Daniel (i871)
Mosher, David Adams (i704) (still alive)
Mosher, Edward Adams (i6), b.1910-d.1998
Mosher, Edward Adams (marriage to Janet Grace Johnson) (i6), b.1910-d.1998
Mosher, Edward Castle (i8), b.1872-d.1942
Mosher, Elizabeth (i213), b.1803-
Mosher, Elizabeth (i876), b.1697-
Mosher, Elizabeth Ann (i205), b.1836-
Mosher, Ella Marie (i2957) (still alive)
Mosher, Ephraim (i881), b.1710-
Mosher, Ephraim (i886), b.1726-d.1823
Mosher, Eric Shipherd (i705) (still alive)
Mosher, Florence Ione (i60), b.1885-d.1986
Mosher, Frederic Adams (i43), b.1902-d.1903
Mosher, Frederic Adams (i146) (still alive)
Mosher, Frederic Stevens (i12), b.1841-d.1925
Mosher, Hannah (i476), b.1664-d.1717
Mosher, Hannah (i888)
Mosher, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Cornell) (i476), b.1664-d.1717
Mosher, Henry Adams (i37), b.1911-d.1995
Mosher, Henry Charles (i3312) (still alive)
Mosher, Hiram? (i898), b.1776-d.1820
Mosher, Hugh (i104), b.1633-d.1713
Mosher, Hugh (i108), b.1690-d.1764
Mosher, Hugh (marriage to Rebecca Maxson) (i104), b.1633-d.1713
Mosher, Hugh Millette (i713) (still alive)
Mosher, Hugh, Jr. (i883), b.1720-d.1785
Mosher, James (i873), d.1768
Mosher, James Wallace (i5) (still alive)
Mosher, James? (i894), b.1757-d.1841
Mosher, Jemima (i896), b.1761-d.1805
Mosher, Jennifer Marie (i42) (still alive)
Mosher, John (i215), b.1807-d.1831
Mosher, John (i868), b.1668-
Mosher, John Carpenter (i1) (still alive)
Mosher, John Millette (i714) (still alive)
Mosher, John? (i897), b.1762-d.1836
Mosher, Joseph (i869), b.1670-d.1754
Mosher, Joseph (i874), b.1692-d.1766
Mosher, Joseph? (i899), b.1784-d.1814
Mosher, Linda Nancy (i719) (still alive)
Mosher, Margaret (i882), b.1713-
Mosher, Maria (i895), b.1759-
Mosher, Martha Andrews (i2) (still alive)
Mosher, Mary (i870), b.1672-
Mosher, Mary (i875), b.1695-
Mosher, Mary (i887)
Mosher, Mary (i943), b.1640-d.1719
Mosher, Mary (marriage to John Maxson) (i943), b.1640-d.1719
Mosher, Mary Josephine (i210), b.1847-
Mosher, Mary_Jane (i147) (still alive)
Mosher, May Louise (i59), b.1878-d.1976
Mosher, Mercy (i879), b.1705-d.1747
Mosher, Michael James (i4) (still alive)
Mosher, Nathanial Newcomb (i3313) (still alive)
Mosher, Nellie Wing (i57), b.1874-d.1942
Mosher, Nicholas (i106), b.1666-d.1747
Mosher, Nicholas (i878), b.1703-d.1765
Mosher, Nicholas (i892), b.1740-
Mosher, Nicholas (i941), b.1596-
Mosher, Nicholas Newcomb (i706) (still alive)
Mosher, Phebe (i891)
Mosher, Polly (i214), b.1804-d.1822
Mosher, Rebecca (i872), b.1677-d.1746
Mosher, Rebecca (i880), b.1708-
Mosher, Robert, Jr. (i218), b.1814-d.1815
Mosher, Robert? (i53), b.1778-d.1815
Mosher, Salome (i216), b.1810-
Mosher, Sarah (i885)
Mosher, Sarah Belinda (i201), b.1834-
Mosher, Silas Briggs (i20), b.1812-d.1871
Mosher, Stephen Henry (i718) (still alive)
Mosher, Susan (i211), b.1801-d.1829
Mosher, Thomas (i877), b.1698-d.1776
Mosher, Timothy (marriage to Sarah Mosher) (i3082), b.1716-d.1745
Mosher, Victoria Elizabeth (i2964) (still alive)
Mosher, Zebulon (i110), b.1733-d.1790
Mosher, Zebulon (i893), b.1756-d.1846


Mott, Joanna, Mosher (marriage to Ephraim Mosher) (i3080)


Munro, Alice (i1378), b.1747-d.1789
Munro, Benjamin (i1373), b.1735-d.1818
Munro, Betsey (i99), b.1779-d.1863
Munro, Betsey (marriage to Timothy (Judge) Brown) (i99), b.1779-d.1863
Munro, Comfort (i1370), b.1729-
Munro, David (i846)
Munro, David Allen, Jr. (marriage to Emma E. Brown) (i3263) (living status unknown)
Munro, Elisha (i850)
Munro, Elizabeth (i1374), b.1738-d.1789
Munro, Hannah (i848)
Munro, Hannah (i2767), b.1753-
Munro, John (i94), b.1701-d.1793
Munro, John (i844)
Munro, John (i1376), b.1742-
Munro, John (i1899), d.1691
Munro, John (marriage to Hannah Rosbotham) (i94), b.1701-d.1793
Munro, Joseph (i2766), b.1750-
Munro, Mary (i1377), b.1745-d.1789
Munro, Nathan (i849), b.1791-
Munro, Phillip (i852)
Munro, Polly (i847)
Munro, Polly E. (i851)
Munro, Rothbotham (i1372), b.1733-
Munro, Samuel (i1375), b.1740-d.1789
Munro, Squire (Hon.) (i97), b.1757-d.1835
Munro, Squire (Hon.) (marriage to Mary Daggett) (i97), b.1757-d.1835
Munro, Squire, Jr. (i845)
Munro, Stephen (i1371), b.1732-
Munro, Thomas (i1379), b.1748-
Munro, Thomas (i1380), b.1667-d.1727


Munroe, Allen (i842)
Munroe, Bette (i836)
Munroe, David (i841)
Munroe, Hannah (i834)
Munroe, Jonathan (i840)
Munroe, Lydia (i837)
Munroe, Nancy (i839)
Munroe, Nathan (i95), b.1730-d.1806
Munroe, Nathan (marriage to Hannah Allen) (i95), b.1730-d.1806
Munroe, Nathan Jr. (i838)
Munroe, Sarah (i835)
Munroe, Thomas (i843)


Nichols, Benjamin (marriage to Rebecca Sandford) (i2325)
Nichols, Caleb (marriage to Ann Ward) (i2368)


Nicholson, Doris Jeanne (i2874) (still alive)
Nicholson, Johannes (John) B. (i2873), b.1900-d.1934
Nicholson, Johannes (John) B. (marriage to Rita Anna Johnson) (i2873), b.1900-d.1934
Nicholson, Richard (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i3085)


Norton, Asenath (marriage to James (Deacon) Bill) (i523), b.1738-d.1810


Oakley, Miles (marriage to Elizabeth Barlow) (i2961), b.1671-d.1762


Odlin, John (marriage to Lydia Tillinghast) (i1959), b.1666-d.1738


Olmstead, Nehemiah (marriage to Elizabeth Burr) (i2358)


Ormsberg, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Munro) (i2762)


Osborn, David (marriage to Abigail Pinkney) (i2413), d.1679
Osborn, Mindwell (marriage to Isaac Pease) (i2039), d.1731
Osborn, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Rumsey) (i2262), b.1680-


Osborne, Hannah (marriage to Isaac Rumsey) (i2259)


Padelford, Abigail (i3230), b.1723-d.1793
Padelford, Edward (i3217), b.1660-
Padelford, Edward (i3225), b.1717-d.1800
Padelford, Hannah (i1925), b.1715-d.1751
Padelford, Hannah (marriage to David Allen) (i1925), b.1715-d.1751
Padelford, John (i3227), b.1721-d.1758
Padelford, Jonathan (i1932), b.1628-d.1661
Padelford, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Blandford) (i1932), b.1628-d.1661
Padelford, Jonathan, III (i1935), b.1679-
Padelford, Jonathan, III (marriage to Hannah King) (i1935), b.1679-
Padelford, Jonathan, IV (i3219), b.1704-d.1783
Padelford, Jonathan, Jr. (i1933), b.1656-d.1710
Padelford, Jonathan, Jr. (i3214), b.1653-d.1653
Padelford, Judith (i3220), b.1708-d.1802
Padelford, Mary (i3215), b.1654-
Padelford, Peleg (i3232), b.1729-d.1812
Padelford, Philip (i3229), b.1722-d.1754
Padelford, Sarah (i3223), b.1711-d.1803
Padelford, Zachariah (i3216), b.1657-d.1737
Padelford, Zachariah (i3222), b.1708-d.1763
Padelford, Zachariah (marriage to Martha Allen) (i3222), b.1708-d.1763


Paine, Hannah (marriage to Charles Church) (i2747), b.1685-d.1755


Parker, William (marriage to Lydia Brown) (i1780)


Parkham, Lydia (marriage to Squire Munroe Brown) (i102), b.1797-d.1847


Parmenter, Harriet Adeline (marriage to Daniel Franklin Millikan) (i3267), b.1890-d.1940


Payne, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Sandford) (i2314)


Pease, Aaron (i946), b.1726-
Pease, Abigail (i752), b.1675-d.1689
Pease, Abigail (i1511), b.1682-
Pease, Abraham (i748), b.1662-d.1735
Pease, Allen (i1525), b.1762-d.1843
Pease, Alonzo (i241), b.1799-d.1802
Pease, Amanda S. (i242), b.1804-d.1878
Pease, Betsy (i1531), b.1774-d.1819
Pease, Calvin (i1523), b.1757-
Pease, Daniel (i1513), b.1692-
Pease, Dudley (i1528), b.1768-
Pease, Earl P. (i1533), b.1778-d.1864
Pease, Ebenezer (i1516), b.1699-d.1743
Pease, Electa (i237), b.1791-
Pease, Electa (i1530), b.1772-d.1843
Pease, Elizabeth (i236), b.1788-
Pease, Elizabeth (i1519), b.1716-
Pease, Ephraim (i1512), b.1689-
Pease, Ephraim (i1520), b.1719-d.1801
Pease, Eunice (i1529), b.1770-d.1806
Pease, Flavius (i232), b.1780-d.1845
Pease, Flavius (i1532), b.1776-
Pease, Hannah (i1514), b.1694-
Pease, Hiram Abiff (i240), b.1797-d.1889
Pease, Isaac (i751), b.1672-d.1731
Pease, James (i750), b.1670-d.1748
Pease, Joannah (i1521), b.1722-
Pease, John (i221), b.1630-d.1689
Pease, John (i746), b.1654-d.1734
Pease, John (i1388)
Pease, John (marriage to Mary Goodell) (i221), b.1630-d.1689
Pease, Jonathan (i749), b.1669-d.1721
Pease, Louisa (i1524), b.1760-d.1835
Pease, Margaret (i1515), b.1695-
Pease, Martha (i235), b.1786-d.1847
Pease, Martha (i1534), b.1781-d.1784
Pease, Mary (i745)
Pease, Mary (i747), b.1658-
Pease, Mary (i1510), b.1681-
Pease, Mary (i1522), b.1723-
Pease, Mehitabel (i1517), b.1712-
Pease, Nathaniel (i228), b.1728-d.1818
Pease, Nathaniel (i743)
Pease, Nathaniel (i1526), b.1764-d.1815
Pease, Obadiah (i1527), b.1766-d.1809
Pease, Pelera (i234), b.1785-d.1828
Pease, Peter Pindar (i239), b.1795-d.1861
Pease, Phineas (i230), b.1756-d.1836
Pease, Phineas (i238), b.1792-d.1818
Pease, Phineas (marriage to Betsy Lawrence) (i230), b.1756-d.1836
Pease, Robert (i219), b.1607-d.1644
Pease, Robert (i224), b.1656-d.1744
Pease, Robert (i742), b.1628-
Pease, Robert (i944), b.1685-d.1766
Pease, Robert (i1387)
Pease, Sallie Aurelia (i33), b.1801-d.1875
Pease, Sallie Aurelia (marriage to Daniel Franklin Millikan) (i33), b.1801-d.1875
Pease, Samuel (i226), b.1686-d.1770
Pease, Samuel (i945), b.1718-
Pease, Samuel (i1518), b.1715-
Pease, Sarah (i233), b.1783-
Pease, Sarah (i744)
Pease, William (i1509), b.1679-d.1688


Peck, Ann (i1883), b.1619-d.1672
Peck, Ann (marriage to Abraham Frost) (i2930), b.1622-
Peck, Ann (marriage to John Mason) (i1883), b.1619-d.1672
Peck, Robert (Rev.) (i1884)
Peck, Sarah (marriage to John Sabin) (i3044), b.1669-d.1738


Pence, Harriet Charlotte (marriage to Savillian Wotuous Johnson) (i126), b.1848-d.1911


Penniman, Elizabeth (marriage to Joshua Morse) (i2664)


Pettibone, Mary (marriage to Manning Brown) (i1830)


Phelps, Israel (marriage to Mary Pease) (i2040), d.1738


Philips, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Morse) (i1892), d.1676


Phillips, Abigail (i437)
Phillips, Alice (i419)
Phillips, Alice (marriage to John Shaw) (i419)
Phillips, Benjamin (i435)
Phillips, Caleb (i433)
Phillips, Experience (i432)
Phillips, Hannah (i436)
Phillips, James (marriage to Abigail Hathaway) (i2076), b.1661-
Phillips, Joshua (i434)
Phillips, Nicholas (i429), b.1608-d.1672
Phillips, Richard (i431)


Pickering, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Pinkney) (i2415)


Pierce, Abiah (i774)
Pierce, Abigail (i776)
Pierce, Anna (i773)
Pierce, Benjamin (i393), d.1723
Pierce, Clothier (i401), b.1698-
Pierce, David (i400), b.1695-
Pierce, Deborah (i772)
Pierce, Elizabeth (i771)
Pierce, Ephraim (i770), d.1719
Pierce, Jael (i399), b.1692-
Pierce, John (i391), d.1738
Pierce, John (i396), b.1686-d.1766
Pierce, John (marriage to Patience Dodson) (i391), d.1738
Pierce, Jonathan (i397), b.1688-
Pierce, Mary (i402)
Pierce, Mary (i2619)
Pierce, Mary, Burgain (marriage to John Brown) (i1788)
Pierce, Mial (i395), b.1684-d.1764
Pierce, Michael (Capt.) (i390), b.1615-d.1676
Pierce, Persis (i392), d.1723
Pierce, Ruth (i398), b.1689-
Pierce, Ruth (i775)
Pierce, Ruth (marriage to Stephen Cornell) (i398), b.1689-
Pierce, Samuel (i403), b.1702-
Pierce, Sarah (i2608)


Pilbeane, James (i1926)
Pilbeane, Mary (i1927), d.1700
Pilbeane, Mary (marriage to Rice Leonard) (i1927), d.1700


Pinkney, Abigail (i2412)
Pinkney, Ann (i2418)
Pinkney, Deborah (i2419)
Pinkney, Elizabeth (i2416)
Pinkney, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Burr) (i2416)
Pinkney, Hannah (i2414)
Pinkney, Jane (i2417)
Pinkney, John (i2410)
Pinkney, Philip (i2407)
Pinkney, Thomas (i2409)
Pinkney, William (i2411)


Pinney, Humphrey (marriage to Mary Hull) (i2274)


Pitts, Mary (marriage to Isaac Hathaway) (i2158), d.1727
Pitts, Mary (marriage to Samuel (Sergent) Andrews) (i249)


Plumb, Mary (marriage to Allan Fairchild Millikan) (i183), b.1868-d.1956


Plunkett, William Caudwell (marriage to Achsah Brown) (i1836), b.1799-d.1884
Plunkett, William Caudwell (marriage to Louisa (Lovisa) Brown) (i1836), b.1799-d.1884


Plympton, Joseph (marriage to Mary Morse) (i2654)


Pope, Amaziah (marriage to Sarah Mosher) (i3083)


Post, (?) (marriage to Sophia F. Bill Post) (i539)
Post, Emma Aldrich (i540), b.1831-


Potter, Dorothy (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i3075)
Potter, Susanna (marriage to John Anthony) (i341), d.1675


Powell, Mary (marriage to Ephraim Sandford) (i2316)
Powell, Ruth Alice (marriage to Allen Frederick Millikan) (i3276) (living status unknown)


Prentice, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Barlow Bennett) (i3248), b.1792-d.1836


Priscilla Thurber (marriage to John Thurber) (i1862)


Prudden, Elizabeth (marriage to Jehu Burr Jr.) (i2392)


Rachel Pease (marriage to Robert Pease) (i2043)
Rachel Wheeler (marriage to Benjamin Allen) (i2092), d.1695


Randall, Abigail (marriage to Robert Pease) (i225)
Randall, Mary (Molly) (marriage to William Hathaway) (i331), b.1748-d.1829


Rathbun, Joseph (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i3068)


Read, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Barlow) (i2205), b.1674-


Rebecca Maxson (marriage to Richard Maxson) (i901)
Rebecca Scottow (marriage to Caleb Church) (i2738), d.1715
Rebecca Wood (marriage to Thomas Wood) (i1855)


Rexford, Ann (marriage to Russell Brown) (i1828)


Reynolds, Robert (i909)
Reynolds, Ruth (i908)
Reynolds, Ruth (marriage to John Whitney Jr.) (i908)


Reynor, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Southworth) (i2861)


Rhoades, John Dickinson (Hon.) (marriage to Seviah (Sarah) Brown) (i1845), b.1801-d.1884


Rice, David M. (marriage to Emma O. Bennett) (i3257), b.1832-d.1913
Rice, John (marriage to Amy (Amey) Brown) (i1843), b.1799-d.1875


Richmond, Hulda (marriage to Levi Brown) (i1821)


Rider, Betsy Lucelia (marriage to Ezra Randall Andrews) (i2035)


Riley, William (marriage to Mary Frost) (i2237), b.1616-


Risley, Mary (marriage to Stephen Brown) (i1803)


Rist, Hannah (Rust) (marriage to John Bill) (i508)


Rivera, Alexandra Millette (i3305) (still alive)
Rivera, Erick Dunn (i3304) (still alive)
Rivera, Jimmy Edward (i3301) (still alive)
Rivera, Michael Mosher (i3303) (still alive)
Rivera, Phillip Hunnicut (i3302) (still alive)


Robbard, Elizabeth (marriage to Nehemiah (Capt.) Lawrence) (i762)


Rodda, Emmons Alger (i2875), b.1891-d.1971
Rodda, Emmons Alger (marriage to Rita Anna Johnson) (i2875), b.1891-d.1971
Rodda, Harry Edwin (i2876) (still alive)


Rollandi, Matthew Bryant (i3099) (still alive)
Rollandi, Nicolas Albert (i2848) (still alive)
Rollandi, Scott Allen (i2847) (still alive)


Rosanna Bennett (marriage to Joel Barlow Bennett) (i3259), b.1833-d.1913


Rosbotham, Alice (i1268), b.1704-
Rosbotham, Benjamin (i1267), b.1701-d.1777
Rosbotham, Elizabeth (i1269), b.1708-d.1745
Rosbotham, Hannah (i93), b.1711-d.1809
Rosbotham, Hannah (marriage to John Munro) (i93), b.1711-d.1809
Rosbotham, Joseph (i92), d.1717
Rosbotham, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Church) (i92), d.1717


Rowland, Jonathan (marriage to Abigail Barlow) (i2202), b.1670-d.1691
Rowland, Mary (marriage to Daniel (Sergeant) Frost) (i2244), b.1650-d.1691


Rugg, Abigail (marriage to Stephen Brown) (i1804)


Rumsey, Abigail (i2261), b.1680-d.1724
Rumsey, Abigail (i2351), b.1710-d.1776
Rumsey, Abigail (marriage to Cornelius Hull) (i2351), b.1710-d.1776
Rumsey, Ann (i2946), b.1721-
Rumsey, Benjamin (i2254), b.1667-d.1732
Rumsey, Daniel (i2260), b.1675-
Rumsey, Daniel (i2948), b.1723-d.1761
Rumsey, Elizabeth (i562), b.1686-d.1752
Rumsey, Elizabeth (i2943), b.1713-d.1785
Rumsey, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Barlow) (i562), b.1686-d.1752
Rumsey, Hannah (i2951), b.1728-
Rumsey, Isaac (i2258), b.1673-d.1727
Rumsey, John (i2949), b.1726-d.1796
Rumsey, Joseph (i2938), b.1718-d.1760
Rumsey, Nathan (i2953), b.1730-d.1800
Rumsey, Rachel (i2256), b.1671-d.1738
Rumsey, Rachel (i2941), b.1716-d.1783
Rumsey, Robert (i2248), b.1645-d.1712
Rumsey, Robert (i2263), b.1682-d.1761
Rumsey, Robert (marriage to Rachel Frost) (i2248), b.1645-d.1712
Rumsey, William (i2940), b.1708-d.1749


Russell, John (i1895), b.1608-d.1676
Russell, Mary (i455), d.1680
Russell, Mary (marriage to Timothy Brooks) (i455), d.1680


Ruth Dyer (marriage to John (Ensign) Hathaway) (i301), b.1643-d.1705
Ruth Whitman (marriage to John Whitman) (i1942)


Sabin, Abigail (i2572), b.1653-d.1721
Sabin, Benjamin (i2565), b.1646-
Sabin, Elizabeth (i1859), b.1643-d.1718
Sabin, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Millerd Sr.) (i1859), b.1643-d.1718
Sabin, Experience (i2567), b.1648-d.1728
Sabin, Hannah (i2574), b.1654-d.1730
Sabin, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Allen) (i2574), b.1654-d.1730
Sabin, Hezekiah (i2585), b.1669-d.1693
Sabin, James (i2583), b.1665-d.1748
Sabin, Jeremiah (i2577), b.1657-
Sabin, John (i2584), b.1666-d.1742
Sabin, Joseph (i2564), b.1645-
Sabin, Margaret (i2592), b.1680-d.1695
Sabin, Mary (i2569), b.1652-d.1674
Sabin, Mary (i2589), b.1675-
Sabin, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Allen) (i2569), b.1652-d.1674
Sabin, Mehitable (i2587), b.1673-d.1751
Sabin, Nehemiah (i2566), b.1647-
Sabin, Noah (i2586), b.1671-d.1694
Sabin, Patience (i2576), b.1655-
Sabin, Samuel (i2563), b.1640-
Sabin, Sarah (i2578), b.1660-
Sabin, Sarah (i2591), b.1677-
Sabin, William (i1897), b.1609-d.1687
Sabin, William (marriage to Martha Allen) (i1897), b.1609-d.1687


Sampson, John (i2748), d.1735
Sampson, John (i2750), b.1719-
Sampson, John (i2753), b.1722-
Sampson, John (marriage to Elizabeth Church) (i2748), d.1735
Sampson, Mary (i2751), b.1719-d.1748


Sandford, Elizabeth (i2317)
Sandford, Elizabeth (i2331), b.1679-
Sandford, Ephraim (i2315), d.1687
Sandford, Ezekial (i2306), b.1637-d.1683
Sandford, Ezekial (marriage to Rebecca Whelpley) (i2306), b.1637-d.1683
Sandford, Ezekiel (i2320), b.1668-d.1729
Sandford, Martha (i2329), b.1677-
Sandford, Mary (i2310)
Sandford, Mary (i2322), b.1670-d.1710
Sandford, Mary (marriage to Theophilus Hull) (i2322), b.1670-d.1710
Sandford, Rebecca (i2323), b.1672-d.1726
Sandford, Samuel (i2311), d.1691
Sandford, Sarah (i2308), b.1639-
Sandford, Sarah (i2319), b.1666-
Sandford, Sarah (marriage to Cornelius Hull) (i2319), b.1666-
Sandford, Thomas (i2304), b.1608-d.1681
Sandford, Thomas (i2313), d.1721
Sandford, Thomas (i2327), b.1675-d.1757


Sanford, Rebecca (marriage to Aaron (Colonel) Barlow) (i2971), b.1747-d.1839


Sarah A. Brown (marriage to Caleb Mason Brown) (i3265), d.1888
Sarah Jones (marriage to John (Rev.) Jones) (i2283), b.1601-
Sarah Lawrence (marriage to Daniel Lawrence) (i757)
Sarah Munro (marriage to John Munro) (i1900)
Sarah Sandford (marriage to Thomas Sandford) (i2305), d.1681


Savage, Darius (marriage to Salome Mosher) (i217), b.1816-


Savery, Hiram (marriage to Sarah (Sallie) Millikan) (i163), b.1763-d.1839


Schoen, Muriel (marriage to Edward P. Millikan) (i185)


Seeley, John (marriage to Rebecca Sandford) (i2324)
Seeley, Nathaniel (Capt.) (marriage to Elizabeth Burr) (i2360)


Sexton, Gersham (marriage to Hannah Pease) (i2047)
Sexton, Hannah (marriage to Robert Pease) (i2042)
Sexton, Mindwell (marriage to Ebenezer Pease) (i2048)


Sharp, John (marriage to Hannah Frost) (i2936), b.1647-


Shaw, Abigail (i427)
Shaw, Abraham (i413), b.1595-
Shaw, Abraham (i421)
Shaw, Alice (i246), b.1666-d.1735
Shaw, Alice (marriage to John (Captain) Andrews) (i246), b.1666-d.1735
Shaw, Benjamin (i426)
Shaw, Ebenezer (i428)
Shaw, Elizabeth (i420)
Shaw, Hannah (i425)
Shaw, John (i416), b.1630-d.1704
Shaw, John (marriage to Alice Phillips) (i416), b.1630-d.1704
Shaw, Joseph (i415)
Shaw, Joseph (i424)
Shaw, Martha (i418)
Shaw, Mary (i417)
Shaw, Mary (i422)
Shaw, Nicholas (i423)


Sherman, Ann (i2383)
Sherman, Bezaleel (i2386)
Sherman, Daughter (i2391)
Sherman, Edmund (i2381), b.1572-d.1641
Sherman, Edmund (i2382)
Sherman, Grace? (i2388)
Sherman, Hannah (marriage to Clothier Pierce) (i2613)
Sherman, Hester (i2365), d.1666
Sherman, Hester (marriage to Andrew Ward) (i2365), d.1666
Sherman, Jeremiah (marriage to Phebe Mosher) (i3087)
Sherman, Joan (i2384)
Sherman, John (i2387), b.1613-d.1685
Sherman, Richard (i2385)
Sherman, Samuel (i2389), d.1700
Sherman, Samuel (i2492), b.1641-d.1719


Sherwood, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Lockwood) (i2187)
Sherwood, Daniel (marriage to Martha Hull) (i2346)
Sherwood, Mary (marriage to Daniel Burr) (i2395)
Sherwood, Ruth (marriage to John (Lt. ) Barlow) (i558), b.1670-
Sherwood, Samuel (marriage to Jane Burr) (i2431)


Shrieve, Caleb (marriage to Mercy Mosher) (i3076), b.1707-


Shute, Richard (marriage to Sarah Sandford) (i2309)


Simmons, Hannah (marriage to Zebulon Mosher) (i3088), b.1754-d.1834


Smaltz, Margaret (marriage to Joel Barlow Bennett) (i3250), b.1799-d.1827


Smedley, Mary (marriage to Manning Brown) (i1831)


Smith, Elizabeth Van Ness (marriage to Frederic Stevens Mosher) (i13), b.1844-d.1939
Smith, Methitable (marriage to Joseph Mosher) (i3070), b.1691-d.1768
Smith, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Frost) (i2242), b.1640-d.1699


Snow, Anthony (marriage to Abigail Warren) (i2730), d.1692


Southworth, Alice (i90), b.1646-d.1719
Southworth, Alice (marriage to Benjamin Church) (i90), b.1646-d.1719
Southworth, Constant (i1259), b.1615-d.1679
Southworth, Constant (marriage to Elizabeth Collier) (i1259), b.1615-d.1679
Southworth, Edward (i1257)
Southworth, Edward (i1283)
Southworth, Elizabeth (i1288)
Southworth, Elizabeth (i2862)
Southworth, Mary (i1287)
Southworth, Mercy (i1286)
Southworth, Nathaniel (i1284), b.1648-d.1711
Southworth, Priscilla (i1289)
Southworth, Sophia (marriage to Caleb Brown) (i1835)
Southworth, Thomas (i1260), b.1616-d.1669
Southworth, William (i1285), b.1659-


Spalding, Elizabeth (marriage to Ephraim Wheeler) (i1543)


Sprague, Joanna (marriage to Caleb Church) (i2736), b.1645-d.1678

St. John

St. John, Mercy (marriage to Ephraim Lockwood) (i2189)
St. John, Susanna (or Senison) (marriage to Robert (Sergt.) Lockwood) (i2178)


Staroszczyk, Benjamin Thomas (i2850) (still alive)
Staroszczyk, Katelyn Marjorie (i3098) (still alive)
Staroszczyk, Thomas (i2849) (still alive)


Steel, Eliphalet (marriage to Mary Millikan) (i157)


Stevens, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Sandford) (i2328), b.1679-


Stone, Emma P. (marriage to Frederick William Millikan) (i180), b.1843-d.1885


Story, Elizabeth (marriage to Ephraim Mosher) (i3079), b.1730-


Stotler, John Charles (i2889) (still alive)
Stotler, Kathleen Lydia (i2891) (still alive)
Stotler, Kenneth Robert (i2893) (still alive)
Stotler, Mandy Marie (i2906) (still alive)
Stotler, Marc Andrew (i2894) (still alive)
Stotler, Marc Andrew, II (i2907) (still alive)
Stotler, Michael Alan (i2892) (still alive)
Stotler, Patricia Anna (i2895), b.1964-d.1964
Stotler, Richard Thomas (i2909) (still alive)
Stotler, Richard Thurman (i2888), b.1912-d.1976
Stotler, Ronald Edwin (i2890) (still alive)
Stotler, Steven Michael (i2910) (still alive)
Stotler, Teresa Rita (i2897) (still alive)
Stotler, Thomas Patrick (i2896) (still alive)
Stotler, Timothy Francis (i2898) (still alive)


Sturges, John (marriage to Deborah Barlow) (i2168), b.1624-d.1700


Sturgis, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Barlow) (i2217), b.1714-
Sturgis, Esther (marriage to David Barlow) (i2223), b.1722-
Sturgis, Joseph (marriage to Ann Barlow) (i2225), b.1720-


Susannah Brooks (marriage to Henry Brooks) (i450), d.1681


Sutton, Anne (i1869), b.1629-d.1673
Sutton, Anne (marriage to John Daggett) (i1869), b.1629-d.1673
Sutton, John (i1887)


Sweet, Cyrus T. (marriage to Ann Elizabeth Bennett) (i3256), b.1825-d.1899


Swort, (?) (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Mosher) (i207)

Taber (Tabor)

Taber (Tabor), Philip (i1908), b.1605-d.1669
Taber (Tabor), Philip (marriage to Lydia Masters) (i1908), b.1605-d.1669


Taber, Lydia (i1910), b.1640-d.1720
Taber, Lydia (marriage to Joseph Mosher) (i3067)
Taber, Lydia (marriage to Pardon Tillinghast) (i1910), b.1640-d.1720
Taber, William (marriage to Margaret Mosher) (i3078), b.1711-


Talbee, Stephen (marriage to Alice Rosbotham) (i2755), d.1745


Talbot, Elizabeth (i309), b.1671-
Talbot, Elizabeth (marriage to Ephraim Hathaway) (i309), b.1671-
Talbot, Elizabeth (marriage to John Andrews) (i251)
Talbot, Jared (i443)
Talbot, Jared (i444), b.1667-d.1734
Talbot, Jared (marriage to Rebecca Hathaway) (i444), b.1667-d.1734
Talbot, Jared (marriage to Sarah Andrews) (i443)
Talbot, Josiah (i447)
Talbot, Mary (i445)
Talbot, Nathaniel (i448)
Talbot, Samuel (i446)


Taylor, Steven Ray (i2968) (still alive)
Taylor, Tabatha Tenae (i2969) (still alive)


Thaxter, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Church) (i2739), b.1641-d.1725


Thayer, Hannah (marriage to Jonathan Padelford Jr.) (i1934), b.1658-d.1685


Theale, Joseph (marriage to Rebecca Jones) (i2295)


Thompson, Abigail (marriage to Samuel Sherman) (i1414), b.1646-d.1731
Thompson, Jeanne MacBeth (marriage to Max Franklin Millikan) (i3270)


Thorp, John (marriage to Hannah Frost) (i2250), b.1650-


Thurber, Charity (i1863), b.1663-d.1741
Thurber, Charity (marriage to John Wood) (i1863), b.1663-d.1741
Thurber, Charity (marriage to Robert Millerd Jr.) (i1863), b.1663-d.1741
Thurber, John (i1861), d.1703


Thurston, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Morse) (i2630), b.1662-


Tillinghast, Hannah (i1906), b.1682-
Tillinghast, Hannah (marriage to John Hale) (i1906), b.1682-
Tillinghast, Lydia (i1960), b.1666-d.1707
Tillinghast, Pardon (i1911), b.1622-d.1718
Tillinghast, Pardon (marriage to Lydia Taber) (i1911), b.1622-d.1718


Timberlake, Elizabeth (i780)
Timberlake, Elizabeth (marriage to John Coggeshall) (i780)
Timberlake, Hannah (i1491), d.1713
Timberlake, Henry (i1323)
Timberlake, Henry (i1488), d.1687
Timberlake, John (i1490)
Timberlake, Joseph (i1489)
Timberlake, William (i1487), d.1678


Titus, Maria (marriage to Daniel Franklin) (i982)


Topping, John (marriage to Deborah Lockwood) (i2183)


Townsend, Elizabeth Wright (marriage to Gershom Lockwood) (i2192)


Tripp, Benoni (marriage to Elizabeth Mosher) (i3072)


Tucker, Mary (marriage to Joseph Church) (i2734), b.1640-d.1710


Tuttle, Dorothy (marriage to John Bill) (i492), b.1600-


Viall, Benjamin (marriage to Rachel Brown) (i1794)


Vinton, Abigail (marriage to John Pierce) (i2611)


Wadsworth, Joseph (marriage to Lydia Brown) (i1792)


Walker, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Warren) (i1234), b.1580-d.1673
Walker, Jonathan (marriage to Elizabeth Hathaway) (i2162)
Walker, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Warren) (i2731), d.1700


Ward, Abigail (i2378), b.1647-
Ward, Andrew (i2364), d.1659
Ward, Andrew (i2375), b.1642-
Ward, Andrew (marriage to Hester Sherman) (i2364), d.1659
Ward, Ann (i2367), b.1629-d.1718
Ward, Ann, (?) (marriage to John Barlow) (i554), b.1604-d.1685
Ward, Edmund (i2366)
Ward, Hester? (i2369), b.1633-d.1664
Ward, Hester? (marriage to Jehu Burr Jr.) (i2369), b.1633-d.1664
Ward, John (i2372), b.1637-d.1684
Ward, Mary (i2371), b.1635-d.1672
Ward, Mary (marriage to John Burr) (i2371), b.1635-d.1672
Ward, Rebecca (marriage to Peter Burr) (i2429)
Ward, Samuel (i2377), b.1644-
Ward, Sarah (i2374), b.1640-
Ward, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Burr) (i2374), b.1640-
Ward, William (Dr.) (i2182), b.1631-
Ward, William (Dr.) (marriage to Deborah Lockwood) (i2182), b.1631-


Waring, Mary (marriage to Lewis Bradley Bennett) (i3254), b.1807-d.1888


Warner, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Pease) (i227)
Warner, Roy (marriage to Caroline Pamelia Mosher) (i2871)


Warren, Abigail (i1238), b.1618-d.1693
Warren, Anna (i1236), b.1612-d.1675
Warren, Elizabeth (i87), b.1616-d.1670
Warren, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Church) (i87), b.1616-d.1670
Warren, Joseph (i1240), b.1626-d.1689
Warren, Mary (i1235), b.1610-d.1683
Warren, Nathaniel (i1239), b.1624-d.1667
Warren, Richard (i86), b.1580-d.1628
Warren, Sarah (i1237), b.1614-d.1696


Waters, Elizabeth (marriage to John Lawrence) (i103), b.1614-d.1663


Watson, John (marriage to Elizabeth Frost) (i2232), b.1614-
Watson, Polly (marriage to Larry Bennett) (i3249), b.1789-d.1868


Way, Daniel (marriage to Jemima Mosher) (i3092)

West (?)

West (?), Mary (marriage to Henry Lawrence) (i1536)


Whallon, John (Capt.) (marriage to Martha A. Millikan) (i178), b.1827-d.1903


Wheeler, Ephraim (i1542)
Wheeler, Henry (marriage to Ann (Abigail?) Allen) (i2114)
Wheeler, Jared Warner (Dr.) (marriage to Electa Brown) (i1841), b.1793-d.1866
Wheeler, Olive (i760), b.1709-d.1772
Wheeler, Olive (marriage to Jeremiah Lawrence) (i760), b.1709-d.1772


Whelpley, Henry (i2594)
Whelpley, Joseph (i2595) (living status unknown)
Whelpley, Rebecca (i2307)
Whelpley, Rebecca (marriage to Ezekial Sandford) (i2307)


White, Domingo (marriage to Sarah Allen) (i3043)
White, John (marriage to Elizabeth Hathaway) (i2160)
White, Sylvanus (marriage to Deborah Church) (i2741), b.1667-d.1688


Whiting, Abigail (marriage to Samuel Morse) (i2658)


Whitman, John (i1941)
Whitman, Judah (Judith) (i1940), d.1710
Whitman, Judah (Judith) (marriage to Philip (Ensign) King) (i1940), d.1710


Whitney, John (i905)
Whitney, John, Jr. (i907)
Whitney, John, Jr. (marriage to Ruth Reynolds) (i907)
Whitney, Mrs. Ruth Shattuck (i755), b.1645-
Whitney, Mrs. Ruth Shattuck (marriage to Enoch Lawrence) (i755), b.1645-


Whittaker, Susanna (marriage to William 'Major' Millikan) (i160)


Wignall, Alexander (i1943)
Wignall, Elizabeth (i1915)
Wignall, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Ingraham) (i1915)


Wilber, Patience (marriage to William Hathaway) (i330)


Wilbore, Rebecca Pierce (marriage to Abraham Hathaway) (i2157)


Wilcox, John (marriage to Rebecca Mosher) (i3077), b.1704-
Wilcox, Rebecca (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i3074), b.1711-


Willet, Hezekiah (marriage to Hannah Brown) (i1781)


Willett, Thomas (Capt.) (marriage to Mary Brown) (i1778)


Williams, Jemima (marriage to John Padelford) (i3228), b.1723-d.1778
Williams, John, Sr. (i490)
Williams, Mary (i489)
Williams, Mary (marriage to Anthony Dodson) (i489)


Wilson, Anthony (marriage to Sarah Jones) (i2285)

Wodell or Waddell

Wodell or Waddell, William (i1480), d.1693


Wodell, Alice (i347), b.1650-d.1734
Wodell, Alice (marriage to Abraham Anthony) (i347), b.1650-d.1734
Wodell, Frances (i1485), b.1652-d.1692
Wodell, Gershom (i1483), b.1642-
Wodell, Mary (i1482), b.1640-
Wodell, Sarah (i1484), b.1644-d.1680


Wood, Elizabeth (i1877), d.1682
Wood, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Morse) (i1877), d.1682
Wood, Hopestill (i1807), b.1699-d.1762
Wood, Hopestill (marriage to John Daggett) (i1807), b.1699-d.1762
Wood, Hopestill (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i1807), b.1699-d.1762
Wood, John (i1853)
Wood, John (i1856), b.1663-d.1757
Wood, John (i1857), b.1689-d.1775
Wood, John (marriage to Bethiah Mason) (i1856), b.1663-d.1757
Wood, John (marriage to Charity Millerd) (i1857), b.1689-d.1775
Wood, John (marriage to Charity Thurber) (i1856), b.1663-d.1757
Wood, Mary (marriage to Mial Pierce) (i2610), d.1770
Wood, Mehitable (marriage to Joseph (Captain) Morse) (i2638), b.1655-d.1681
Wood, Nicholas (i1893)
Wood, Penelope (i1865), b.1722-d.1800
Wood, Penelope (marriage to John (Capt.) Daggett) (i1865), b.1722-d.1800
Wood, Thomas (i1854), b.1634-d.1704


Woodbury, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Church) (i2749), b.1683-d.1757


Woodman, Edith (marriage to Thomas Church) (i2743), b.1685-d.1718


Wormell, Mary (marriage to Thomas Munro) (i1381), d.1705


Wright, Lydia (marriage to John Johnson) (i119), b.1788-d.1833
Wright, Mary (marriage to William Sabin) (i1898), d.1660
Wright, Sybil (marriage to Stephen Munro) (i2761)

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