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Abbott, George (marriage to Hannah Chandler) (i2001)
Abbott, Hannah (marriage to John Chandler) (i1996)
Abbott, Lydia (marriage to Henry Chandler) (i1998)
Abbott, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Chandler) (i2000)


Adams, Abigail (i2476), b.1682-
Adams, Abraham (i2468), b.1650-d.1729
Adams, Abraham (i2480), b.1685-
Adams, Allida (marriage to Horace Wright Fay) (i1600)
Adams, Ambrose (i992)
Adams, Amos (i606), b.1766-
Adams, Amy (i632), b.1804-d.1848
Adams, Amy W. (i644), b.1844-d.1844
Adams, Anna (i592), b.1649-
Adams, Anna M. (i634), b.1812-
Adams, Augustus (i24), b.1806-d.1892
Adams, Augustus (i630), b.1802-d.1802
Adams, Augustus (marriage to Lydia A. Phelps) (i24), b.1806-d.1892
Adams, Benjamin (i2484), b.1690-
Adams, Charles Hawkins (i649), b.1855-d.1929
Adams, Charles Henry (i656), b.1870-d.1953
Adams, Daniel (i2474), b.1679-
Adams, Darius (i602), b.1761-
Adams, Darius (i616), b.1787-d.1869
Adams, Darius (i636), b.1834-d.1872
Adams, David (i2482), b.1689-d.1723
Adams, Edward (i988), d.1671
Adams, Elizabeth (i613), b.1777-
Adams, Elizabeth (i621), b.1793-
Adams, Elizabeth (i2479), b.1684-
Adams, Emma (i618), b.1789-
Adams, George (Lt.) (i993)
Adams, Harvey Raymond (i642), b.1842-d.1918
Adams, Helen Mae (i654), b.1867-d.1959
Adams, Helen Mae (marriage to Ervin Eugene Wallace) (i654), b.1867-d.1959
Adams, Henry (i991), d.1646
Adams, Henry Augustus (i14), b.1837-d.1917
Adams, Henry Augustus (i1035), b.1914-d.1914
Adams, Henry Augustus (marriage to Augusta Melissa Carpenter) (i14), b.1837-d.1917
Adams, James (i589), b.1625-d.1653
Adams, James (i990), d.1652
Adams, James (marriage to Frances Vassall) (i589), b.1625-d.1653
Adams, Jessie Maria (i9), b.1872-d.1936
Adams, Jessie Maria (marriage to Edward Castle Mosher) (i9), b.1872-d.1936
Adams, John (i586), d.1633
Adams, John (i1312), b.1686-
Adams, John (i2470), b.1656-d.1693
Adams, John (i2485), b.1692-d.1727
Adams, John Quincy (i640), b.1839-
Adams, John, Jr. (i587), d.1703
Adams, Jonathan (i2481), b.1686-
Adams, Joseph (i612), b.1775-d.1843
Adams, Joseph Phelps (i638), b.1835-d.1904
Adams, Joseph Phelps (marriage to Mary Brainerd Phelps) (i638), b.1835-d.1904
Adams, Leonard (i611), b.1773-
Adams, Lucy (i624), b.1795-
Adams, Lynda (i628), b.1800-
Adams, Margaret (Marjorie) (i594), b.1654-
Adams, Margaret Ellen (i658) (still alive)
Adams, Mary (i593), b.1653-
Adams, Mary (i626), b.1798-
Adams, Mary (i2466), b.1647-
Adams, Mihitible (i610), b.1771-
Adams, Minnie Gertrude (i652), b.1862-d.1952
Adams, Minnie Gertrude (marriage to James Perry Houston) (i652), b.1862-d.1952
Adams, Nathan (i2471), b.1656-
Adams, Nathaniel (i2469), b.1656-d.1693
Adams, Oliver R. (i645), b.1845-d.1891
Adams, Rebecca (i1310), b.1682-
Adams, Richard (i595), b.1651-d.1728
Adams, Richard (marriage to Rebecca Davis) (i595), b.1651-d.1728
Adams, Richard, III (i599)
Adams, Richard, Jr. (i598), b.1680-
Adams, Samuel (i600), b.1737-d.1809
Adams, Samuel (i2464)
Adams, Samuel (i2473), b.1677-d.1698
Adams, Samuel, Jr. (i603), b.1762-
Adams, Sarah (i604), b.1764-
Adams, Sarah (i619), b.1791-
Adams, Sarah (i1311), b.1683-
Adams, Sarah (i2475), b.1680-d.1708
Adams, Sarah (marriage to Isaac Castle) (i2475), b.1680-d.1708
Adams, Susan (i608), b.1769-
Adams, Susanna (i588)
Adams, Thomas (i989)
Adams, Walter Grey (i647), b.1846-d.1919
Adams, William (i591), b.1647-
Adams, William (i597), b.1690-d.1727
Adams, William (i987), b.1594-


Aiken, Jerusha (marriage to Jedediah Fay) (i1576), b.1762-


Alexander, Daniel (i3281)
Alexander, George (i3279)
Alexander, Mary (i3278), b.1648-d.1727
Alexander, Mary (marriage to Micah Mudge) (i3278), b.1648-d.1727


Alger, Lydia (marriage to James? Mosher) (i3090)


Allen, Abigail (i1725)
Allen, Infant (i1727)
Allen, Jane (marriage to Peter (Rev.) Bulkeley) (i2050)
Allen, John (i1723), d.1704
Allen, Nehemiah (i1719)
Allen, Obadiah (Dea.) (i1726)
Allen, Philip (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i3071)
Allen, Samuel (i1717), d.1648
Allen, Samuel, Jr. (i1721), d.1703
Allen, Sarah (i1702), b.1672-d.1724
Allen, Sarah (marriage to Jeremiah Davol) (i2135)
Allen, Sarah (marriage to Joseph (Justice) Strong) (i1702), b.1672-d.1724


Allison, John W. (marriage to Caroline Susanna Mosher) (i209), d.1918


Allyn, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Mudge) (i3286)


Andrews, Daniel (i768)
Andrews, Edward (i766)
Andrews, Ezra Randall (i767), b.1828-d.1900
Andrews, John (i764)
Andrews, Mary Jane (i19), b.1834-d.1917
Andrews, Mary Jane (marriage to Silas (Rev.) Franklin Millikan) (i19), b.1834-d.1917
Andrews, Patience (i765)
Andrews, Randall (i34), b.1794-d.1877
Andrews, Randall (marriage to Avis Mason) (i34), b.1794-d.1877
Andrews, Sarah (i763)
Andrews, William Daniel (i769)


Ann Allen (marriage to Samuel Allen) (i1718)
Anne Davis (marriage to Robert Davis) (i2017)


Armstrong, Harriet Julia (marriage to Oliver R. Adams) (i646)


Arnold, Elizabeth (marriage to John Odlin) (i1961), b.1684-d.1726


Artz, Alan Michael (i2712) (still alive)
Artz, Alfred Joseph, Jr. (i2704) (still alive)
Artz, Allison Anne (i2718) (still alive)
Artz, Andrew Stephen (i2705) (still alive)
Artz, Brian Andrew (i2707) (still alive)
Artz, Charles Robert (i2708) (still alive)
Artz, Charles Robert, Jr. (i2710) (still alive)
Artz, Elaine Kathleen (i2711) (still alive)
Artz, Mae Margaret (i2713) (still alive)
Artz, Margaret Ellen (i2719) (still alive)
Artz, Stephanie Suzanne (i2717) (still alive)
Artz, Thomas Alfred (i2714) (still alive)
Artz, Thomas Jacob (i2716) (still alive)


Atkinson, Luke (marriage to Mary Platt) (i2115)


Atwater, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Beach) (i3100)


Audley, Elizabeth (i107), b.1668-
Audley, Elizabeth (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i107), b.1668-


Babbitt, Zephaniah (marriage to Abigail Hamlin) (i3314)


Baker, John (Dea.) (marriage to Susannah Strong) (i1752), b.1762-d.1817
Baker, Joseph (marriage to Ruth Holton) (i1776)


Baldwin, Mr. (marriage to Thankful Strong) (i1699)
Baldwin, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Royce) (i582)


Barber, Ruth (marriage to William Phelps) (i3297), b.1683-d.1747
Barber, Thomas (Lt.) (marriage to Mary Phelps) (i3351), d.1713
Barber, William A. (marriage to Cordelia Johnson) (i3063), d.1842


Barnard, Joseph (marriage to Sarah Strong) (i1692), d.1695


Barnes, Eli (marriage to Maryetta Fay) (i1603)


Barnum, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Thompson) (i2489)


Bartlett, Mindwell (marriage to Waitstill Strong) (i1655), b.1682-d.1741


Barton, Lydia, (Burton?) (marriage to Samuel Mudge) (i3325)


Bassett, Sally (marriage to Abner Strong) (i1769), b.1784-d.1865
Bassett, Stephen (marriage to Sarah Adams) (i620)


Bayford, Annis (Agnes or Ann) (marriage to William Chandler) (i1080), b.1603-d.1683


Beach, (?) (i1022)
Beach, Adna (i940), b.1718-
Beach, Amos (i1001), b.1724-
Beach, Amos (marriage to Sarah Royce) (i1001), b.1724-
Beach, Asenath (i967)
Beach, Baldwin (i1006), b.1736-d.1776
Beach, Barnabas (i583), b.1716-d.1800
Beach, Barnabas (marriage to Sarah Thompson) (i583), b.1716-d.1800
Beach, Deborah (i52), b.1783-d.1862
Beach, Deborah (marriage to Elijah Castle) (i52), b.1783-d.1862
Beach, Edmund (i999), b.1720-
Beach, Elizabeth (i964)
Beach, Hannah (i1016), b.1684-
Beach, Jacob (i1003), b.1728-
Beach, John (i571), b.1655-d.1709
Beach, John (i1004), b.1731-
Beach, John (i1024), b.1611-d.1677
Beach, John (Deacon) (i578), b.1690-d.1773
Beach, John (Deacon) (marriage to Mary Royce) (i578), b.1690-d.1773
Beach, John (Deacon) (marriage to Sarah Tyler) (i578), b.1690-d.1773
Beach, John (marriage to Mary Royce) (i571), b.1655-d.1709
Beach, Lettice (i1014), b.1679-
Beach, Linus (i1000), b.1721-
Beach, Mary (i573), b.1657-
Beach, Mary (i1002), b.1726-
Beach, Mary (i1007), b.1739-d.1785
Beach, Mary (i1015), b.1681-
Beach, Melinda (i965)
Beach, Miles (i962), b.1775-d.1837
Beach, Myron (i963)
Beach, Richard (i1023), b.1611-
Beach, Roys (i1005), b.1733-
Beach, Samuel (i574), b.1660-
Beach, Samuel (i1017), b.1696-
Beach, Sarah (i572), b.1653-
Beach, Sarah (i966)
Beach, Thomas (i567), b.1611-d.1662
Beach, Thomas (i939), b.1686-
Beach, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Platt) (i567), b.1611-d.1662
Beach, Zerah (i585), b.1746-d.1836
Beach, Zerah (marriage to Lucy Stevens) (i585), b.1746-d.1836
Beach, Zophar (i575), b.1662-


Beardsley, Helen Augusta (marriage to John Quincy Adams) (i641)


Bedon, Richard (marriage to Sarah Mosher) (i3084)


Behr, John H. (marriage to Mary Grace Millikan) (i196), b.1873-d.1902


Bemis, Mary (marriage to John Griswold) (i2601), d.1679


Benedict, Thomas (marriage to Roxalana Strong) (i1750)


Benjamin, Ann (marriage to John Ellis) (i1212), b.1597-


Bennett, Alice (marriage to William Lane Fairchild) (i1494), b.1858-d.1912


Bethia (marriage to John Fuller) (i3153), d.1687


Betts, Charles W. (marriage to Sarah Belinda Mosher) (i202)


Bidwell, Anna (marriage to James Eno) (i3371), d.1657


Birge, Daniel (marriage to Deborah Holcombe) (i3428), b.1644-d.1698


Bissell, Abigail (i3378), b.1661-d.1728
Bissell, Abigail (marriage to James Eno) (i3378), b.1661-d.1728
Bissell, Benjah (i3439), b.1671-d.1697
Bissell, Deborah (i3444), b.1679-d.1739
Bissell, Elizabeth (i3441), b.1678-
Bissell, Hannah (i3446), b.1682-d.1717
Bissell, Hannah (marriage to Nathaniel (Capt.) Phelps) (i3446), b.1682-d.1717
Bissell, Jacob (i3433), b.1664-d.1694
Bissell, John (i3431), b.1659-d.1684
Bissell, John (Capt.) (i3405), b.1591-d.1677
Bissell, John (Lt.) (i3409), d.1688
Bissell, Joshua (i3440), b.1674-d.1712
Bissell, Joyce (i3407)
Bissell, Mary (i3413)
Bissell, Mary (i3436), b.1666-d.1741
Bissell, Nathaniel (i3415), b.1640-d.1714
Bissell, Samuel (i3403), b.1636-d.1697
Bissell, Samuel (i3438), b.1668-d.1697
Bissell, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Holcombe) (i3403), b.1636-d.1697
Bissell, Thomas (i3411), d.1689
Bissell, Thomas, Jr. (marriage to Hester Strong) (i1697), b.1656-d.1738


Bixby, Abigail (i1059), b.1666-d.1758
Bixby, Benjamin (i1060), b.1653-d.1727
Bixby, Daniel (i1053), b.1651-d.1717
Bixby, Daniel (i1062), b.1675-d.1727
Bixby, Daniel (i1077), b.1724-
Bixby, Daniel (marriage to Hannah Chandler) (i1053), b.1651-d.1717
Bixby, David (i1067), b.1688-d.1767
Bixby, Deborah (i1046), b.1704-d.1779
Bixby, Deborah (marriage to Henry (Sergt.) Stevens) (i1046), b.1704-d.1779
Bixby, George (i1057), b.1660-d.1739
Bixby, Hannah (i1063), b.1679-d.1724
Bixby, Jonathan (i1058), b.1666-d.1717
Bixby, Jonathan (i1066), b.1685-d.1714
Bixby, Joseph (i1052), b.1648-d.1725
Bixby, Joseph (i1070), b.1696-d.1761
Bixby, Joseph (Sargent) (i1048), b.1620-d.1701
Bixby, Joseph (Sargent) (marriage to Sarah Wyatt) (i1048), b.1620-d.1701
Bixby, Maria (i1072), b.1708-
Bixby, Mary (i1056), b.1659-d.1699
Bixby, Mary (i1069), b.1693-
Bixby, Mary (i1073), b.1710-
Bixby, Mephibosheth (i1068), b.1690-d.1767
Bixby, Nathaniel (i1051), b.1644-
Bixby, Nathaniel (i1055), b.1657-d.1658
Bixby, Sarah (i1050), b.1647-
Bixby, Sarah (i1054), b.1655-d.1657
Bixby, Sarah (i1065), b.1683-d.1712
Bixby, Sarah (i1075), b.1718-d.1759
Bixby, Sary (i1074), b.1712-d.1714
Bixby, Thomas (i1064), b.1681-d.1754
Bixby, Thomas (i1076), b.1722-d.1760
Bixby, Thomas (marriage to Deborah Elkins) (i1064), b.1681-d.1754


Blake, Sarah (marriage to Elisha Johnson) (i702), b.1758-d.1826


Blanchard, Greta Erwin (marriage to Robert Andrews Millikan) (i189), b.1878-d.1953


Bliss, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Holcombe) (i3425), b.1651-d.1722


Blossom, Anne (marriage to Henry Rowley) (i3117)


Boenig, Rylea Suzanne (i3448) (still alive)


Bonham, Nicholas (marriage to Hannah Fuller) (i3156), b.1630-d.1684


Borington, Miss (marriage to William Adams) (i994)


Bosworth, Amy (marriage to Samuel Adams Jr.) (i615), d.1802


Bradley, Juliet (marriage to Alonzo Ethelbert Phelps) (i2026), b.1814-d.1869
Bradley, Lucie (marriage to Darius Adams) (i2018)


Brayton, Horatio H. (marriage to Jennet (Jeanette) Frances Lay) (i3456), b.1822-
Brayton, Mary (marriage to Joseph Davol) (i2129)


Breece, Erin Lee (i709) (still alive)
Breece, James Philip (i708) (still alive)
Breece, Megan Mosher (i710) (still alive)


Brewer, Anne (i1093), b.1628-d.1659
Brewer, Daniel (i1089), b.1596-d.1646
Brewer, Daniel (i1091), b.1624-d.1708
Brewer, George (i1092), b.1626-d.1646
Brewer, Hannah (i1098), b.1630-d.1717
Brewer, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Chandler) (i1098), b.1630-d.1717
Brewer, Joanna (i1094), b.1631-
Brewer, Nathaniel (i1095), b.1635-d.1694
Brewer, Sarah (i1096), b.1638-


Brewster, Tabitha (marriage to Phinehas Strong Jr.) (i1731)


Briggs, Silas (i3096)
Briggs, Susanna (i54), b.1782-d.1819
Briggs, Susanna (marriage to Robert? Mosher) (i54), b.1782-d.1819


Brigham, John (i1610)
Brigham, Jonathan (i1550)
Brigham, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Fay) (i1550)
Brigham, Levinah (marriage to John Fay Jr.) (i935), d.1749
Brigham, Mary (i933), b.1638-d.1676
Brigham, Mary (i1552), b.1678-
Brigham, Mary (marriage to Gershom Fay) (i1552), b.1678-
Brigham, Mary (marriage to John Fay) (i933), b.1638-d.1676
Brigham, Thomas (i1606), b.1603-
Brigham, Thomas, Jr. (i1608), b.1641-


Bright, Abigail (marriage to Elisha Odlin) (i1949), d.1705


Bristol, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Terrill) (i2153)


Brown, Betsey, Hull (marriage to Heman Phelps) (i2517), b.1795-d.1838
Brown, Robert (Rev.) E. (marriage to Mabel Aurelia Millikan) (i198), b.1873-d.1938


Brownell, Ann (marriage to Benjamin Davol) (i2134), b.1680-d.1735
Brownell, George (marriage to Elizabeth Davol) (i2141), b.1693-d.1742


Buckingham, Mary (marriage to Ephraim Strong) (i1663), b.1686-


Buell, Mary (marriage to Samuel Bissell) (i3404), b.1642-d.1718
Buell, Samuel (marriage to Deborah Griswold) (i2598), b.1641-d.1720


Bulkeley, Catherine (i2067), b.1660-
Bulkeley, Catherine (marriage to Richard Treat) (i2067), b.1660-
Bulkeley, Charles (Dr.) (i2068), b.1663-
Bulkeley, Daniel (i2058), b.1625-
Bulkeley, Dorothy (i1432), b.1662-d.1757
Bulkeley, Dorothy (i2073), b.1640-
Bulkeley, Dorothy (marriage to Thomas (Lieut. Thomas) Treat) (i1432), b.1662-d.1757
Bulkeley, Edward (i2052), b.1614-d.1696
Bulkeley, Edward (i2070), b.1672-d.1748
Bulkeley, Eleazor (i2064), b.1638-
Bulkeley, George (i2057), b.1623-
Bulkeley, Gershom (Rev.) (i2063), b.1636-d.1713
Bulkeley, Gershom (Rev.) (marriage to Sarah Chauncey) (i2063), b.1636-d.1713
Bulkeley, Jabez (i2059), b.1626-d.1629
Bulkeley, John (Rev.) (i2056), b.1620-
Bulkeley, John (Rev.) (i2071), b.1679-
Bulkeley, Joseph (i2060), b.1629-
Bulkeley, Mary (i2053), b.1615-d.1615
Bulkeley, Mary (i2558), b.1621-d.1624
Bulkeley, Nathaniel (i2055), b.1618-d.1627
Bulkeley, Peter (i2065), b.1643-d.1691
Bulkeley, Peter (i2069), b.1664-d.1701
Bulkeley, Peter (Rev.) (i2049), b.1583-d.1659
Bulkeley, Richard (i2062)
Bulkeley, Thomas (i2054), b.1617-
Bulkeley, William (i2061)


Bumstead, Jeremiah (marriage to Hannah Odlin) (i1952), b.1637-d.1709


Burbank, Miss (marriage to David Fay) (i2867)


Burt, David (marriage to Mary Holton) (i1774)


Butcher, Sarah, Harding (marriage to Hugh Mosher) (i866), d.1716


Cable, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Adams) (i2477)


Campbell, Adam S. (marriage to Mary Adams) (i627)


Canfield, Sarah (marriage to Josiah Platt) (i2122)


Carpenter, Amelia (i2552), b.1858-
Carpenter, Augusta Melissa (i15), b.1837-d.1920
Carpenter, Augusta Melissa (marriage to Henry Augustus Adams) (i15), b.1837-d.1920
Carpenter, Burton (i2555), b.1866-d.1878
Carpenter, Byron Fay (i974), b.1837-
Carpenter, Byron Fay (marriage to Amy Malvina Wells) (i974), b.1837-
Carpenter, Charlotte (i969)
Carpenter, Ellsworth (i2551), b.1857-d.1863
Carpenter, Harry L. (i2553), b.1860-
Carpenter, Henry (i26), b.1795-d.1837
Carpenter, Henry (marriage to Roxana Fay) (i26), b.1795-d.1837
Carpenter, Henry, Jr. (i972), b.1835-
Carpenter, Jerome Bonaparte (i968), b.1824-d.1895
Carpenter, Jerome Bonaparte (marriage to Lucy Josepha Lay) (i968), b.1824-d.1895
Carpenter, Marion (i970), b.1822-
Carpenter, Mary (i2549), b.1855-d.1942
Carpenter, Nora (i2554), b.1863-
Carpenter, Rollin Marion (i2556), b.1867-d.1909
Carpenter, Thaddeus B. (i971), b.1829-
Carpenter, Wallace Fay (i973), b.1832-
Carpenter, Wilbur (i2548), b.1853-
Carpenter, Winifred (i2557), b.1871-


Case, Joseph (marriage to Ann Eno) (i3391), b.1674-d.1748


Castle, Abigail (i955), b.1786-d.1832
Castle, Abigail (i2457), b.1675-
Castle, Caroline Elizabeth (i21), b.1808-d.1879
Castle, Caroline Elizabeth (marriage to Silas Briggs Mosher) (i21), b.1808-d.1879
Castle, Cynthia (i959), b.1808-
Castle, Daniel (i564), b.1707-
Castle, Elijah (i51), b.1780-d.1844
Castle, Elijah (marriage to Deborah Beach) (i51), b.1780-d.1844
Castle, Gideon (i49), b.1746-d.1836
Castle, Gideon, Jr. (i951), b.1774-d.1814
Castle, Henry (i566), b.1613-d.1698
Castle, Henry (i2453), b.1666-
Castle, Isaac (i565), d.1727
Castle, Isaac (marriage to Sarah Adams) (i565), d.1727
Castle, Joseph (i954), b.1783-d.1818
Castle, Lucy (i953), b.1778-
Castle, Marenda (i952), b.1775-d.1815
Castle, Mary (i2458), b.1677-
Castle, Mercy (i2460), b.1684-
Castle, Miles Beach (i56), b.1826-d.1900
Castle, Miles Beach (i947), d.1825
Castle, Moses (i958), b.1793-
Castle, Richard (i957), b.1790-d.1804
Castle, Richard H. (i960), b.1816-d.1852
Castle, Samuel (i2456), b.1668-d.1707
Castle, William (i956), b.1788-
Castle, William (i2461)
Castle, William Elijah (i961), b.1824-d.1850


Catherine (marriage to James? Mosher) (i3089)
Catherine (marriage to Joseph? Mosher) (i3097)


Caulkins, Deborah (marriage to Jonathan Royce) (i1401)


Champion, Henry (marriage to Mehitable Rowley) (i3177), b.1695-d.1779


Chandler, Annis (i1088), b.1639-d.1682
Chandler, Hannah (i1061), b.1659-d.1730
Chandler, Hannah (i1083), b.1629-d.1711
Chandler, Hannah (marriage to Daniel Bixby) (i1061), b.1659-d.1730
Chandler, Henry (i1082)
Chandler, Henry (i1104), b.1667-d.1738
Chandler, John (i1086), b.1634-d.1703
Chandler, John (i1100), b.1655-d.1746
Chandler, Joseph (i1999), b.1669-
Chandler, Sarah (i1087), b.1637-
Chandler, Sarah (i1102), b.1661-d.1757
Chandler, Thomas (i1081), b.1630-d.1702
Chandler, Thomas (i1099), b.1652-d.1659
Chandler, Thomas (i1103), b.1664-d.1736
Chandler, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Brewer) (i1081), b.1630-d.1702
Chandler, William (i1079), b.1595-d.1642
Chandler, William (i1084), b.1635-d.1698
Chandler, William (i1085), b.1632-d.1633
Chandler, William (i1101), b.1659-


Chapman, Lucy (marriage to Micah (Capt.) Mudge) (i3328)
Chapman, Robert (marriage to Mahitable Rowley) (i3206)
Chapman, Sarah (marriage to Moses Rowley) (i3193), b.1690-d.1757


Chauncey, Charles (Rev.) (i2072)
Chauncey, Nathaniel (Rev.) (marriage to Abigail Strong) (i1679), b.1639-d.1685
Chauncey, Sarah (i2066), b.1631-d.1699
Chauncey, Sarah (marriage to Gershom (Rev.) Bulkeley) (i2066), b.1631-d.1699


Chedister, Mark Daniel (i2917) (still alive)
Chedister, Tracy Lynn (i2918) (still alive)


Chetwode, Grace (marriage to Peter (Rev.) Bulkeley) (i2051), b.1602-d.1669


Child, Hannah (marriage to John Fay) (i1560)
Child, Lydia (marriage to James (Deacon James) Fay) (i691), b.1706-
Child, Ruth (marriage to Stephen (Capt.) Fay) (i1570), b.1714-d.1802


Church, Elijah (marriage to Jemima Phelps) (i2525), d.1859
Church, Mary (marriage to Ebenezer Rowley) (i3175), b.1698-d.1786


Churchill, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Royce) (i1013), b.1644-d.1689


Clapp, Esther (marriage to Samuel Strong) (i1686), b.1656-d.1698
Clapp, Hannah (marriage to Ebenezer (Elder) Strong) (i1677), b.1646-
Clapp, Roger (Capt.) (marriage to Joanna Ford) (i1636)


Clark, Abigail (marriage to Josiah Royce) (i3110)
Clark, Hannah (marriage to John Platt) (i2117)
Clark, John (Dea.) (marriage to Mary Strong) (i1690), b.1651-d.1704
Clark, Mary (marriage to John Strong) (i1632), b.1638-d.1663
Clark, Mary Dane (marriage to William Chandler) (i2006)
Clark, William (Capt.) (marriage to Hannah Strong) (i1695), b.1656-d.1725


Cleaves, William (marriage to Sarah Chandler) (i2007)


Cogswell, Chloe (marriage to Joseph (Major) Strong) (i1756), d.1799
Cogswell, Susannah (marriage to Francis (Dea.) Strong) (i1761), b.1771-d.1811


Coleman, Sarah (marriage to Richard Treat) (i1420), d.1734


Comstock, Christopher (marriage to Hannah Platt) (i2121)


Cook, Aaron (marriage to Miss _____ Ford) (i1640)


Cooley, Levi (marriage to Elizabeth Adams) (i614)


Corbe, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Rowley) (i3197), b.1694-d.1757


Cornell, Edward (i478)
Cornell, Elijah (i486)
Cornell, Elisha (i483)
Cornell, Elizabeth (i481)
Cornell, Gideon (i485)
Cornell, Israel (i482)
Cornell, John (i479)
Cornell, Mary (i282), b.1724-d.1772
Cornell, Mary (marriage to James Mason) (i282), b.1724-d.1772
Cornell, Richard (i480), b.1702-
Cornell, Ruth (i487)
Cornell, Stephen (i404), d.1765
Cornell, Stephen (i475), b.1656-
Cornell, Stephen (i484)
Cornell, Stephen (marriage to Hannah Mosher) (i475), b.1656-
Cornell, William (i477)


Cornish, Joseph (Ensign) (marriage to Mary Ann Eno) (i3396), b.1697-


Cox, Hannah (marriage to Eliakim Fay) (i1589)
Cox, Mary Emmeline (marriage to Walter Grey Adams) (i648), b.1850-


Crane, Elijah (marriage to Abigail Adams) (i2478)


Crawford, Jacob (marriage to Sophia Walter) (i2031)


Crippen, Catherine (marriage to Shubael Rowley) (i3129), d.1735
Crippen, Mary, Corbe (marriage to Moses Rowley) (i3139), b.1667-d.1764


Crosby, Mary (marriage to Daniel Fay) (i694)


Crow, Martha (marriage to Timothy Phelps) (i3383)


Crowe, ? (marriage to Sarah Fuller) (i3164)


Crowell, David Michael (i2794) (still alive)
Crowell, Deborah (i2785) (still alive)
Crowell, Elizabeth (i2787) (still alive)
Crowell, James Matthew (i2791) (still alive)
Crowell, Jessica Rose (i2801) (still alive)
Crowell, MacKenzie Valentina (i2800) (still alive)
Crowell, Olivia LianRong (i2799) (still alive)
Crowell, Peter Wentworth (i2783) (still alive)
Crowell, Robert Francis (i2793) (still alive)
Crowell, Truman MacKenzie, Jr. (i2789) (still alive)
Crowell, Truman McKenzie (i2782), b.1898-d.1954
Crowell, Truman McKenzie (marriage to Nancy Houston) (i2782), b.1898-d.1954

Culver (Colver)

Culver (Colver), Edward (i1199), b.1610-d.1685
Culver (Colver), Edward (marriage to Ann Ellis) (i1199), b.1610-d.1685


Culver, Abigail (i1227), b.1686-
Culver, Ann (i1221), b.1677-d.1677
Culver, Ann (i1224), d.1710
Culver, Edward, Jr. (i1208), b.1654-d.1732
Culver, Elizabeth (i1222), b.1673-d.1676
Culver, Elizabeth (i1223), b.1678-d.1703
Culver, Ephraim (i1228), b.1692-
Culver, Ephrain (i1209), b.1655-d.1709
Culver, Gershon (i1205), b.1648-d.1717
Culver, Hannah (i1207), b.1652-d.1733
Culver, Infant (i1206), b.1650-d.1650
Culver, John (i1201), b.1640-d.1725
Culver, Joseph (i1204), b.1646-d.1730
Culver, Joshua (i1202), b.1643-d.1713
Culver, Joshua (i1225), b.1684-d.1730
Culver, Joshua (marriage to Elizabeth Ford) (i1202), b.1643-d.1713
Culver, Margaret (i1210), b.1657-
Culver, Samuel (i1203), b.1645-d.1674
Culver, Samuel (i1226), b.1684-d.1750
Culver, Samuel (marriage to Ruth Tyler) (i1226), b.1684-d.1750
Culver, Sarah (i1198), b.1688-d.1751
Culver, Sarah (marriage to John Thompson) (i1198), b.1688-d.1751


Curtis, Jonathan (marriage to Abigail Thompson) (i2490)
Curtis, Luzon (marriage to Susan Mosher) (i212), b.1795-d.1863


Curtiss, Mary (marriage to Francis (Dea.) Strong) (i1762)


Dane, Francis (marriage to Hannah Chandler) (i2002)
Dane, Mary (marriage to William Chandler) (i2004)


Davis, Dolor (i2014), d.1673
Davis, Rebecca (i596)
Davis, Rebecca (marriage to Richard Adams) (i596)
Davis, Robert (i2016)


Davol, Abigail (i1974)
Davol, Anna (i1972)
Davol, Benjamin (i1968), d.1735
Davol, Benjamin (i2131)
Davol, Elizabeth (i1975), d.1742
Davol, Hannah (i1973), d.1744
Davol, Hannah (i3073), b.1707-d.1769
Davol, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Mosher) (i3073), b.1707-d.1769
Davol, Jeremiah (i1969)
Davol, John (i2127), b.1643-d.1643
Davol, Jonathan (i1958), b.1650-d.1737
Davol, Jonathan (i1966)
Davol, Jonathan (marriage to Hannah Odlin) (i1958), b.1650-d.1737
Davol, Joseph (i1967), d.1725
Davol, Joseph (i2128), d.1716
Davol, Mary (i1970)
Davol, Mary (marriage to James Mosher) (i1970)
Davol, Sarah (i109), d.1746
Davol, Sarah (marriage to Hugh Mosher) (i109), d.1746
Davol, Saran (marriage to Hugh Mosher Jr.) (i3081)
Davol, William (i1965)
Davol, William (i1971), d.1772


Dayton, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Terrill) (i2496)


Deane, Eleanor (marriage to John (Elder) Strong) (i1629), d.1630


Deming, unknown (marriage to Edmund Beach) (i3102)


Dibble, Mary (marriage to John Eno) (i3380)


Dickerson, Abigail (marriage to Henry Castle) (i2452), d.1725


Dimond, Sarah, Bemis (marriage to Edward Griswold) (i2596) (living status unknown)


Doane, Abigail (marriage to Samuel Lothrop) (i1174), b.1633-
Doane, Keziah (marriage to Isaac Fay) (i1619), b.1747-d.1811


Dorothy (marriage to Jonathan Rowley) (i3181)
Dorothy Phelps (marriage to William Phelps) (i911)


Douglas, Elizabeth (marriage to John Chandler) (i2003)


Dover, Anne (marriage to William Phelps) (i661), d.1689


Drake, Jacob (marriage to Mary Bissell) (i3414), d.1689
Drake, Mary (marriage to John (Capt.) Bissell) (i3406), d.1641


Dudley, Miles (marriage to Rachel Strong) (i1657), b.1676-d.1753
Dudley, William (Dea.) (marriage to Ruth Strong) (i1667), b.1684-d.1761


Dunning, Hannah (marriage to Hiram? Mosher) (i3094), b.1779-d.1812


Dutton, William (marriage to Harriet Phelps) (i2642)


Eagan, Mary Kathleen, Hartley (marriage to Edward Adams Mosher) (i44), b.1909-d.1986


Eaton, Roxanna (marriage to Horace Wright Fay) (i1599), d.1835


Elderkin, Lucy (marriage to Joseph (Major) Strong) (i1757), b.1778-d.1819


Eleanor Cutter (marriage to Samuel Adams Jr.) (i631), d.1838
Eliza Ford (marriage to Timothy Ford) (i1214), b.1615-d.1681
Elizabeth (marriage to James Eno) (i3372), b.1617-d.1679
Elizabeth (marriage to Moses Mudge) (i3291)
Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Holcombe) (i3372), b.1617-d.1679
Elizabeth Copely (marriage to Nathaniel (Deacon) Phelps) (i3348), d.1712
Elizabeth Davol (marriage to Joseph Davol) (i2130), d.1716
Elizabeth Theale (marriage to Thomas Ufford) (i2172), d.1660


Elkins, Deborah (i1071), b.1682-d.1761
Elkins, Deborah (marriage to Thomas Bixby) (i1071), b.1682-d.1761
Elkins, Eleazer (i1078), b.1656-


Ellis, Ann (i1200), b.1619-d.1682
Ellis, Ann (marriage to Edward Culver (Colver)) (i1200), b.1619-d.1682
Ellis, John (i1211), b.1593-


Ellsworth, Josiah (Sgt.) (marriage to Elizabeth Holcombe) (i3419), b.1629-d.1689


Elmer, Laura, Elliott (marriage to Heman Phelps) (i2518), b.1794-d.1862


Eno, Abigail (i3386), b.1686-d.1749
Eno, Abigail (marriage to Samuel (Lt.) Phelps) (i3386), b.1686-d.1749
Eno, Ann (i3390), b.1682-d.1760
Eno, David (i3400), b.1702-d.1745
Eno, James (i3370), d.1682
Eno, James (i3377), b.1651-d.1714
Eno, James (marriage to Abigail Bissell) (i3377), b.1651-d.1714
Eno, James, III (i3381), b.1679-d.1764
Eno, James, III (marriage to Hannah Phelps) (i3381), b.1679-d.1764
Eno, John (i3379), b.1654-
Eno, John (i3397), b.1693-d.1757
Eno, Mary Ann (i3394), b.1691-d.1731
Eno, Samuel (Capt.) (i3398), b.1696-d.1778
Eno, Sarah (i3375), b.1649-
Eno, Sarah (marriage to Benajah (Sgt.) Holcombe) (i3375), b.1649-
Eno, Susannah (i3359), b.1699-d.1773
Eno, Susannah (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i3359), b.1699-d.1773
Eno, William (Lt.) (i3392), b.1684-d.1763


Eunice Strong (marriage to Adino Strong) (i1652), b.1679-d.1763


Fairchild, Brian Paul (i2990) (still alive)
Fairchild, Edith (i1495), b.1878-
Fairchild, Edward L. (i1499), b.1881-d.1910
Fairchild, Joan Elizabeth (i2986) (still alive)
Fairchild, Luella (i1498), b.1892-d.1895
Fairchild, Paul Warner (i63), b.1906-d.1995
Fairchild, Paul Warner, Jr. (i2987) (still alive)
Fairchild, Philip Mosher (i62), b.1903-d.1993
Fairchild, Ralph (i1496), b.1889-
Fairchild, Randall Martin (i2991) (still alive)
Fairchild, Susan Kimberly (i2989) (still alive)
Fairchild, Walter Henry (i61), b.1877-d.1944
Fairchild, Walter Henry (marriage to May Louise Mosher) (i61), b.1877-d.1944
Fairchild, Weldon (i1497), b.1892-
Fairchild, William Lane (i1493), b.1844-d.1911


Farr, Jonathan, Jr. (marriage to Lucy Fay) (i1621)


Fay, Aaron (i1579), b.1759-d.1815
Fay, Austin W. (i980), b.1803-d.1849
Fay, Bathsheba (i1555), b.1693-
Fay, Benjamin (i1595), b.1780-d.1856
Fay, Benjamin (Capt.) (i1566), b.1712-d.1777
Fay, Charlotte (i976), b.1805-d.1808
Fay, Daniel (i692), b.1728-d.1815
Fay, Daniel (i1039), b.1752-d.1810
Fay, David (i1338), b.1671-d.1676
Fay, David (i1339), b.1679-d.1738
Fay, David (i1590), b.1769-d.1859
Fay, Deliverance (i1342), b.1686-d.1711
Fay, Dinah (i1562), b.1705-
Fay, Ebenezer (i1622), b.1746-
Fay, Eliakim (i1588), b.1767-
Fay, Elizabeth (i1582), b.1761-
Fay, Elizabeth (i1623), b.1747-
Fay, Eunice (i1557), b.1696-
Fay, Florina (i1594), b.1777-
Fay, Gershom (i1340), b.1681-d.1720
Fay, Gershom (marriage to Mary Brigham) (i1340), b.1681-d.1720
Fay, Hannah (i1596), b.1782-d.1869
Fay, Hannah (i1625), b.1749-d.1835
Fay, Horace Wright (i979), b.1801-d.1864
Fay, Isaac (i1618), b.1742-d.1816
Fay, James (Deacon James) (i690), b.1707-d.1777
Fay, James, Jr. (i1040), b.1735-
Fay, Jedediah (i1575), b.1755-
Fay, John (i688), b.1648-d.1690
Fay, John (i936), b.1700-d.1732
Fay, John (marriage to Mary Brigham) (i688), b.1648-d.1690
Fay, John, Jr. (i689), b.1669-d.1747
Fay, John, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Wellington) (i689), b.1669-d.1747
Fay, Jonathan (i695), b.1774-d.1837
Fay, Jonathan (i1591), b.1771-
Fay, Joseph (i1592), b.1775-d.1814
Fay, Josiah (i1613), b.1732-
Fay, Lucy (i1620), b.1744-
Fay, Lydia (i1561), b.1702-
Fay, Lydia (i1611), b.1730-d.1817
Fay, Mary (i1041), b.1717-
Fay, Mary (i1042), b.1756-
Fay, Mary (i1043), b.1772-
Fay, Mary (i1549), b.1675-d.1751
Fay, Mary (i1559), b.1698-d.1704
Fay, Mary (marriage to Jonathan Brigham) (i1549), b.1675-d.1751
Fay, Maryetta (i975), b.1810-
Fay, Mehitabel (i1565), b.1710-
Fay, Mehitable (i1614), b.1737-d.1761
Fay, Moses (i1578), b.1758-
Fay, Moses (i1584), b.1763-d.1839
Fay, Reuben (i1616), b.1738-d.1800
Fay, Roswell (i978), b.1795-d.1873
Fay, Roxana (i27), b.1797-d.1876
Fay, Roxana (marriage to Henry Carpenter) (i27), b.1797-d.1876
Fay, Ruth (i1341), b.1684-
Fay, Samuel (i1547), b.1673-d.1732
Fay, Sarah (i1586), b.1765-
Fay, Stephen (Capt.) (i1569), b.1715-d.1781
Fay, Timothy (i1571), b.1750-d.1831
Fay, Wells Alvirus (i977), b.1814-d.1897
Fay, Wells Alvirus (marriage to Emilet Harriet Lay) (i977), b.1814-d.1897


Ferguson, Barrett Alan (i2606) (still alive)


Filer, Zerubbabel (marriage to Experience Strong) (i1684), b.1644-d.1715


Filley, Abigail (marriage to John Bissell) (i3432), b.1658-d.1707


Fitch, Dorothy (marriage to Nathaniel Bissell) (i3417), b.1658-d.1691
Fitch, Mary (marriage to Daniel Terrill) (i2152)


Fletcher(?), Mary (marriage to Moses Rowley) (i3138), d.1714


Ford, Abigail (i680), d.1688
Ford, Abigail (marriage to John (Elder) Strong) (i680), d.1688
Ford, Bethia (i1216), b.1638-d.1687
Ford, Elizabeth (i1218), b.1642-
Ford, Elizabeth (marriage to Joshua Culver) (i1218), b.1642-
Ford, Hepzibah (i1637)
Ford, Joanna (i1635)
Ford, John (i1220), b.1652-
Ford, Mary (i1215), b.1636-d.1692
Ford, Mathew (i1219), b.1649-d.1694
Ford, Miss _____ (i1639)
Ford, Samuel (i1217), b.1640-d.1712
Ford, Thomas (i1634), d.1676
Ford, Timothy (i1213), b.1611-d.1684


Frances (marriage to George Phelps) (i3344), d.1690
Frances (marriage to Matthew Fuller) (i3145)


Fuller, Anna (marriage to Jonathan Rowley) (i3179), b.1704-d.1741
Fuller, Anne (i3151), b.1640-d.1691
Fuller, Anne (marriage to Samuel Fuller) (i3151), b.1640-d.1691
Fuller, child (i3166), b.1659-d.1659
Fuller, Deborah (marriage to John Rowley) (i3173), b.1689-d.1752
Fuller, Ebenezer (marriage to Mary Rowley) (i3185), b.1715-d.1749
Fuller, Edward (i3143), b.1575-d.1621
Fuller, Elizabeth (i3123), b.1630-d.1715
Fuller, Elizabeth (i3158)
Fuller, Elizabeth (marriage to Moses Rowley) (i3123), b.1630-d.1715
Fuller, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Rowley) (i3171), b.1693-d.1766
Fuller, Hannah (i3155), b.1636-d.1686
Fuller, John (i3152), b.1640-d.1691
Fuller, John (i3165), b.1655-d.1726
Fuller, John (marriage to Mehitabel Rowley) (i3165), b.1655-d.1726
Fuller, Mary (i3149), b.1630-d.1691
Fuller, Mary (i3160), b.1644-d.1720
Fuller, Matthew (i3144), d.1678
Fuller, Patience (marriage to Ebenezer Mudge Jr.) (i3305), d.1770
Fuller, Samuel (i3147), b.1608-d.1683
Fuller, Samuel (i3148), b.1630-d.1676
Fuller, Samuel (i3157), b.1638-d.1691
Fuller, Samuel (marriage to Anne Fuller) (i3157), b.1638-d.1691
Fuller, Samuel (marriage to Jane Lothrop) (i3147), b.1608-d.1683
Fuller, Samuel (marriage to Naomi Rowley) (i3168), b.1682-d.1757
Fuller, Sarah (i3159), b.1641-
Fuller, Sarah (i3163), b.1654-
Fuller, Thomas (i3162), b.1650-d.1683
Fuller, Thomas (marriage to Martha Rowley) (i3187), b.1717-d.1802


Gabbert, G.A. (marriage to Edith Fairchild) (i3274)


Galpin, Samuel (marriage to Esther Thompson) (i2493)


Garrett, William (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Mosher) (i206)


Gates, Jireh (marriage to Hannah Strong) (i1754), d.1836
Gates, Thomas, Jr. (marriage to Sarah Rowley) (i3207)


Gaylard, Alice (marriage to Richard Treat) (i1418)


Gaylord, Mary (marriage to Joseph (Ensign) Griswold) (i2599), b.1649-


Geissal, Philip Emil (marriage to Marjorie Norma Johnson) (i148), b.1906-d.1975


Gillett, Mary (marriage to David Eno) (i3401)
Gillett, Mary (marriage to Jacob Bissell) (i3434), b.1667-d.1734


Gleason, Joseph (marriage to Emily Phelps) (i2024)


Goodnow, David (marriage to Dinah Fay) (i1563)


Goodrich, David Orvis (marriage to Martha Mudge) (i3331)


Gosnell, Edna Verbena (marriage to Oliver Adams Wallace) (i2815), b.1896-d.1975


Gould, Samuel (marriage to Cynthia C. Mosher) (i204)
Gould, Samuel (marriage to Mary Josephine Mosher) (i204)
Gould, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Bixby) (i2560), b.1664-d.1723


Grant, Mary (marriage to James Eno III) (i3382), b.1678-d.1704


Gray, Anna (marriage to Abraham Mudge) (i3339)


Green, Abigail (marriage to Jonathan Rowley) (i3180)


Gregory, Gilbert (marriage to Sarah Hamlin) (i3317)


Grey, Amos (Dr.) (marriage to Sophia Walter) (i2030)


Griswold, Deborah (i929), b.1646-d.1718
Griswold, Deborah (marriage to Edward Phelps) (i3361), b.1698-d.1771
Griswold, Edward (i921), b.1607-d.1687
Griswold, Francis (i924), b.1629-d.1671
Griswold, George (i925), b.1632-d.1704
Griswold, George (marriage to Mary Holcombe) (i925), b.1632-d.1704
Griswold, Hannah (i928), b.1642-
Griswold, John (i926), b.1635-d.1642
Griswold, John (i932), b.1652-d.1717
Griswold, Joseph (Ensign) (i930), b.1647-d.1716
Griswold, Liddia (i3358), b.1637-d.1639
Griswold, Mary (i666), b.1644-d.1719
Griswold, Mary (marriage to Timothy (Lt.) Phelps) (i666), b.1644-d.1719
Griswold, Samuel (i931), b.1649-d.1672
Griswold, Sarah (i927), b.1630-
Griswold, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Phelps) (i927), b.1630-


Guire, Luke (marriage to Mary Adams) (i2467)


Hacker, Carolyn Millikan (i716) (still alive)
Hacker, Patricia Janet (i717) (still alive)
Hacker, Stephan Otto (i48) (still alive)


Haight, Elizabeth (marriage to John? Mosher) (i3093), b.1766-d.1857


Hamlin, Abigail (i3313)
Hamlin, Cornelius (i3308)
Hamlin, Cornelius (marriage to Mary (Marcy) Mudge) (i3308)
Hamlin, Cornelius, Jr. (i3309)
Hamlin, Mary (Polly) (i3310), b.1735-
Hamlin, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Richard Treat Jr.) (i3310), b.1735-
Hamlin, Mercy (Marcy) (i3315)
Hamlin, Ruth (i1441)
Hamlin, Ruth (marriage to Timothy Treat) (i1441)
Hamlin, Sarah (i3316)


Hammond, Anna (marriage to John (Rev.) Lothrop (or Lathrop)) (i1157), b.1616-d.1688
Hammond, Charles Albert (i1501), d.1923
Hammond, Charles Albert, Jr. (i64), b.1880-d.1921
Hammond, Charles Albert, Jr. (marriage to Florence Ione Mosher) (i64), b.1880-d.1921
Hammond, Elizabeth Van Ness (i65) (still alive)
Hammond, James Chesney Teffingwell (i1503), b.1877-


Hannah (marriage to Ebenezer Mudge Jr.) (i3304)
Hannah Davol (marriage to Jonathan Davol) (i2132)


Hannum, Mary (marriage to John Allen) (i1724)


Hardin, James Franklin (marriage to Mary Carpenter) (i2550), b.1852-d.1939


Harriet A. Van Ness (marriage to Charles Johnson Van Ness) (i3062), b.1828-d.1921


Harris, Rollin Christopher (i2604) (still alive)
Harris, Steven John (i2962) (still alive)


Harrist, Alanna Megan (i2721) (still alive)
Harrist, Mark Adams (i2722) (still alive)
Harrist, Walter Mark (i2720) (still alive)


Hart, Margaret (marriage to Asahel Strong) (i1649)
Hart, Mrs. Mary Lee (marriage to Jedediah Strong) (i1672), d.1710


Hatch, Jonathan (marriage to Sarah Rowley) (i3122), b.1626-d.1710
Hatch, Mercy (marriage to Nathan Rowley) (i3136), b.1667-
Hatch, Molly (marriage to Aaron Fay) (i1580), b.1762-d.1784


Hawkins, Joseph (marriage to Lucy Adams) (i625)
Hawkins, Myron (marriage to Elizabeth Adams) (i622)


Hawley, Hannah (marriage to John Ufford) (i2175)
Hawley, John (marriage to Susan Adams) (i609)


Heard, Luke (marriage to Sarah Wyatt) (i2559), d.1647

Heckman (Henchman)

Heckman (Henchman), Bridget (marriage to William Chandler) (i2005)


Hedge, Sarah (marriage to Moses Fay) (i1585), b.1768-


Hewett, Mary (marriage to Thomas Strong) (i1642), d.1671


Holcombe, Abigail (i3402), b.1637-d.1688
Holcombe, Abigail (marriage to Samuel Bissell) (i3402), b.1637-d.1688
Holcombe, Benajah (Sgt.) (i3376), b.1644-d.1736
Holcombe, Benajah (Sgt.) (marriage to Sarah Eno) (i3376), b.1644-d.1736
Holcombe, Deborah (i3423), b.1646-d.1649
Holcombe, Deborah (i3427), b.1650-d.1686
Holcombe, Elizabeth (i3418), b.1634-d.1712
Holcombe, Jonathan (i3430), b.1652-d.1656
Holcombe, Joshua (i3420), b.1640-d.1690
Holcombe, Mary (i2597), b.1635-d.1708
Holcombe, Mary (marriage to George Griswold) (i2597), b.1635-d.1708
Holcombe, Nathaniel (i3424), b.1648-d.1740
Holcombe, Samuel (Corporal) (marriage to Martha Phelps) (i3389), b.1683-d.1722
Holcombe, Sarah (i3422), b.1642-d.1654
Holcombe, Thomas (i3373), b.1601-d.1657


Holdeman, Aryanna Audrey-D'sha (i3447) (still alive)
Holdeman, Charles Hammond (i68) (still alive)
Holdeman, Florence Marguerite (i2778) (still alive)
Holdeman, John Mosher (i67) (still alive)
Holdeman, Joshua Job (i2773) (still alive)
Holdeman, Lauren Jeanne-Marie (i2770) (still alive)
Holdeman, Marjorie Elizabeth (i2769) (still alive)
Holdeman, Ruby Irene (i2774) (still alive)
Holdeman, William Dean (i66), b.1916-d.1998
Holdeman, William Douglas (i2771) (still alive)


Holmes, Martha (i1955), b.1640-d.1711
Holmes, Martha (marriage to John Odlin) (i1955), b.1640-d.1711
Holmes, Obadiah (Rev.) (i1956), b.1607-d.1682


Holton, Mary (i1773)
Holton, Rachel (i1643)
Holton, Rachel (marriage to Thomas Strong) (i1643)
Holton, Ruth (i1775)
Holton, Sarah (i1771)
Holton, William (Deacon) (i1728), b.1611-d.1691


Hopkins, Charles (marriage to Emma Adams) (i623)


Hosford, Anna (marriage to John Phelps) (i3363), b.1705-d.1740
Hosford, Mary (marriage to Reuben Phelps) (i3201)
Hosford, Mindwell (marriage to John Phelps) (i3364)
Hosford, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i668), b.1666-d.1717


Houston, (?) (i2865), d.1895
Houston, Harvey (i2779)
Houston, James Perry (i653), b.1860-d.1939
Houston, James Perry (marriage to Minnie Gertrude Adams) (i653), b.1860-d.1939
Houston, Nancy (i2781), b.1904-d.1979
Houston, Nancy (marriage to Truman McKenzie Crowell) (i2781), b.1904-d.1979

Howse (House)

Howse (House), Hannah (marriage to John (Rev.) Lothrop (or Lathrop)) (i1156), b.1594-


Hughes, Nicholas (marriage to Abigail Thompson) (i2491)


Humphrey, Samuel (Captain) (marriage to Mary Ann Eno) (i3395), b.1684-d.1725


Hunt, John (marriage to Sarah Fay) (i1587)
Hunt, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Fay) (i1583), b.1759-


Huntington, Philoxcena (marriage to Heman Phelps) (i2516), b.1779-d.1829


Hurd, Abegail (marriage to Gideon Castle) (i50), b.1756-d.1840
Hurd, John, Sr. (marriage to Sarah Thompson) (i2488)
Hurd, Mercy (marriage to Thomas Brigham) (i1607)


Hurlbut, Joseph, Jr. (marriage to Mary Castle) (i2459)


Husted, Elizabeth (marriage to John Adams) (i2486)


Hutchinson, (?) (marriage to Sarah Adams) (i605)


Isabel Ufford (marriage to Thomas Ufford) (i2171), d.1659


Ives, Lois (marriage to John Beach) (i3106)


James, Mary (marriage to Nathan Adams) (i2472)


Janes, Sarah (marriage to Waitstill Strong) (i1654), d.1705


Jarvis, Jane (marriage to Joseph Mudge) (i3333)


Jenner, Patience (marriage to Elnathan Strong) (i1665)


Joan (marriage to James Phelps) (i910)
Joanna Brewer (marriage to Daniel Brewer) (i1090), b.1602-d.1689


Johnson, Andrew (i1032), b.1796-d.1873
Johnson, Cordelia (i1034), b.1799-d.1893
Johnson, Elisha (i701), b.1747-d.1839
Johnson, Elisha (i1025), b.1780-d.1825
Johnson, George Monroe (i10), b.1875-d.1955
Johnson, George Monroe (marriage to Marjorie Avis Millikan) (i10), b.1875-d.1955
Johnson, Hannah (i1029), b.1790-d.1873
Johnson, Harriet Mary (i45), b.1905-d.2000
Johnson, Harriet Mary (marriage to Charles Adams Mosher) (i45), b.1905-d.2000
Johnson, Horace (i1031), b.1793-d.1793
Johnson, Isaac (i1011)
Johnson, Janet Grace (i7), b.1916-d.1974
Johnson, Janet Grace (marriage to Edward Adams Mosher) (i7), b.1916-d.1974
Johnson, Laura (marriage to Martin Phelps) (i2530), d.1856
Johnson, Lydia (marriage to Jabez Baldwin Phelps) (i2521), b.1780-d.1874
Johnson, Marjorie Norma (i46), b.1908-
Johnson, Oliver (i1027), b.1784-
Johnson, Orinda (i698), b.1793-d.1872
Johnson, Orinda (marriage to Gerardus Van Ness) (i698), b.1793-d.1872
Johnson, Pamelia (i1033), b.1799-d.1803
Johnson, Robert (i1500), b.1696-d.1792
Johnson, Royal (i1030), b.1788-d.1819
Johnson, Samuel (i1026), b.1782-d.1836
Johnson, Sarah (i1028), b.1786-d.1845


Jones, David (marriage to Polly Strong) (i1759)
Jones, John H. (marriage to Amelia Chapman Lay) (i3460)
Jones, Margaret Ellen (marriage to Charles Henry Adams) (i657), b.1874-d.1950
Jones, Ralph (marriage to Mary Fuller) (i3150)
Jones, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Bulkeley) (i2284), b.1620-d.1683


Jordan, John (marriage to Barbara Mosher) (i3086), b.1743-


Judd, Samuel (marriage to Maria Strong) (i1645)


Kelley, Agnes A. (marriage to Hubert Dwight Smith) (i3056), b.1846-d.1924


Kellog, Mary (marriage to Joseph Platt) (i2123)


Kendel, Nathan Alexander (i2776) (still alive)
Kendel, Rebecca Anne (i2777) (still alive)


Kerr, Rebecca (marriage to Harvey Houston) (i2780)


Kilborn, Amasa (marriage to Sibbel Phelps) (i2513), b.1761-d.1844


Kilbourn, Frances (marriage to Thomas Ufford) (i2487), d.1683


King, Anna (marriage to Hubbard Wallace Wells) (i2533) (living status unknown)
King, Anna (marriage to William Vassall) (i996), b.1592-d.1650
King, Betsey (marriage to Dan Phelps) (i2523), b.1789-d.1864
King, John (Capt.) (marriage to Sarah Holton) (i1772)


Kirby, Experience (marriage to John Mosher) (i3066), b.1670-d.1745
Kirby, John (marriage to Rebecca Mosher) (i3069), b.1672-d.1727


Knight, James (marriage to Maria Mosher) (i3091)


Langrell, Bethiah (marriage to Daniel Rowley) (i3204)


Larkin, Sarah (marriage to David Fay) (i1551)


Lathrop, Abigail (i1182), b.1665-d.1686
Lathrop, Anne (i1183), b.1667-d.1745
Lathrop, Barnabas (i1189), b.1685-
Lathrop, Bethia (i1188), b.1682-d.1716
Lathrop, Elizabeth (i1176), b.1648-d.1690
Lathrop, Elizabeth (i1186), b.1678-
Lathrop, Elizabeth (marriage to Isaac Royce) (i1176), b.1648-d.1690
Lathrop, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Thompson) (i1176), b.1648-d.1690
Lathrop, Elizabeth (marriage to Pelatiah West) (i1746)
Lathrop, Hannah (i1190), b.1687-
Lathrop, Israel (i1180), b.1659-d.1733
Lathrop, John (i1175), b.1645-d.1688
Lathrop, John (i1187), b.1680-
Lathrop, John (marriage to Ruth Royce) (i1175), b.1645-d.1688
Lathrop, Joseph (i1181), b.1661-d.1740
Lathrop, Martha (i1179), b.1657-d.1719
Lathrop, Mary (i1146), b.1674-d.1754
Lathrop, Mary (marriage to William Tyler) (i1146), b.1674-d.1754
Lathrop, Ruth (i1184), b.1671-d.1750
Lathrop, Samuel (i1177), b.1650-d.1732
Lathrop, Samuel (i1185), b.1676-d.1744
Lathrop, Sarah (i1178), b.1655-d.1706
Lathrop, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Royce) (i1178), b.1655-d.1706


Lawrence?, Betsey (marriage to Hiram? Mosher) (i3095)


Lay, Amelia Chapman (i3459), b.1836-
Lay, Emilet Harriet (i1604), b.1822-d.1908
Lay, Emilet Harriet (marriage to Wells Alvirus Fay) (i1604), b.1822-d.1908
Lay, James Harvey (i3457), b.1829-
Lay, Jennet (Jeanette) Frances (i3455), b.1827-
Lay, Julia A. (i3461), b.1845-
Lay, Lucy Josepha (i2545), b.1832-d.1895
Lay, Lucy Josepha (marriage to Jerome Bonaparte Carpenter) (i2545), b.1832-d.1895
Lay, Samuel H. (i2546), b.1795-d.1861
Lay, Samuel Mills (i3454), b.1824-


Learned, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Fay) (i1593)


Lee, Peter (marriage to Ann Mosher) (i3065)
Lee, Sarah (marriage to David Mason) (i289), b.1761-d.1817


Leonard, Mercy (marriage to Richard Adams Jr.) (i986)
Leonard, Olive (marriage to Timothy Fay) (i1572)


Lewis, Margaret Louise (marriage to Robert Adams Wallace) (i2701), b.1906-d.1985


Lindsley, Hannah, Basset (marriage to Timothy Fay) (i1573), b.1757-d.1820

Lothrop (or Lathrop)

Lothrop (or Lathrop), John (Rev.) (i1155), b.1584-d.1653


Lothrop, Abigail (i1168), b.1639-
Lothrop, Anne (i1160)
Lothrop, Barbara (i1163), d.1638
Lothrop, Barnabas (i1166), b.1636-d.1715
Lothrop, Bathshua (i1169), b.1642-d.1723
Lothrop, Benjamin (i1165), b.1626-d.1683
Lothrop, Daughter (i1167), b.1638-d.1638
Lothrop, Elizabeth (i1172), b.1650-d.1650
Lothrop, James (i1171), b.1649-d.1649
Lothrop, Jane (i1161), b.1614-d.1658
Lothrop, Jane (marriage to Samuel Fuller) (i1161), b.1614-d.1658
Lothrop, John (i1162), d.1653
Lothrop, John (i1170), b.1645-d.1727
Lothrop, Joseph (Lieut.) (i1164), b.1624-d.1702
Lothrop, Samuel (i1159), b.1623-d.1701
Lothrop, Thomas (i1158), b.1612-d.1707


Louisa Jane (marriage to James Harvey Lay) (i3458)

Lourie Mosher

Lourie Mosher, Noah Daniel (i740) (still alive)


Lucinda M. Mosher (marriage to Augustus Adams) (i651), b.1827-d.1889
Lydia Mosher (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i942)


Lyman, Richard (marriage to Hepzibah Ford) (i1638)


Lyon, Sally (marriage to David Fay) (i2869)


Mallard, John (marriage to Mary Fay) (i1577)


Mallory, (?) (marriage to William (?) Smith) (i700)


Mansfield, Sarah (marriage to Cornelius Phelps) (i3384), b.1685-d.1774


Margaret (marriage to Edward Griswold) (i922), b.1609-d.1670
Margaret A. Stipp (marriage to Horace Wright Fay) (i1601), d.1909
Margaret Odlin (marriage to John Odlin) (i1945)


Mariner, Arline James (marriage to Max Franklin Millikan) (i194), b.1871-d.1955


Marshall, David (marriage to Sarah Phelps) (i3387), b.1692-
Marshall, Eunice (marriage to Samuel (Capt.) Eno) (i3399), b.1709-d.1792


Mary (Elizabeth?) (Marshall?) (marriage to William Phelps) (i914)
Mary (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i3355), d.1682
Mary Adams (marriage to Edward Adams) (i2463)
Mary Holton (marriage to William (Deacon) Holton) (i1729), d.1691


Mason, Anthony (i290)
Mason, Avis (i35), b.1798-d.1843
Mason, Avis (marriage to Randall Andrews) (i35), b.1798-d.1843
Mason, David (i287), b.1758-
Mason, David (i294)
Mason, Edward (i292)
Mason, Israel (marriage to John (Lt.) Bissell) (i3410), d.1690
Mason, James (i281), b.1724-d.1795
Mason, James (i284)
Mason, James (i293)
Mason, James (marriage to Mary Cornell) (i281), b.1724-d.1795
Mason, John (i291)
Mason, Luther (i295)
Mason, Mary (i285)
Mason, Mary (i298)
Mason, Nancy (i297)
Mason, Ruth (i288)
Mason, Sarah (i296)
Mason, Stephen (i286)
Mason, William (i283)


Massey, David Park (i2798) (still alive)
Massey, Frank Jones, III (i2788) (still alive)


Maxson, John (i903), b.1638-d.1720
Maxson, John (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i903), b.1638-d.1720
Maxson, Rebecca (i105), b.1631-d.1708
Maxson, Rebecca (marriage to Hugh Mosher) (i105), b.1631-d.1708
Maxson, Richard (i900), d.1643
Maxson, Richard (i902), b.1629-d.1643


McAuliffe, Brendan Michael (i2810) (still alive)
McAuliffe, James Jeffrey (i2805) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Jane Carol (i2807) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Jay Francis (i2915) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Jeffrey Steven (i2804) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Jerome Wallace (i2806) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Jessica (i2921) (still alive)
McAuliffe, John Alden (i2803) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Kyle (i2924) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Lucas (i2922) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Mirami Adair (i2809) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Molly Jo (i2925) (still alive)
McAuliffe, Schuyler Alden (i2811) (still alive)


Meeker, Mary (marriage to Samuel Adams) (i2465)


Merwin, Miles (marriage to Sarah Platt) (i2124)


Miles, Hannah (marriage to Adna Beach) (i3101)


Milk, Job (marriage to Abigail Davol) (i2140)


Millette, Nancy Margaret (marriage to Henry Adams Mosher) (i712), b.1911-d.2003


Millikan, Allan Fairchild (i182), b.1866-d.1942
Millikan, Mabel Aurelia (i197), b.1877-
Millikan, Marjorie Avis (i11), b.1874-d.1957
Millikan, Marjorie Avis (marriage to George Monroe Johnson) (i11), b.1874-d.1957
Millikan, Mary Grace (i195), b.1871-d.1943
Millikan, Max Franklin (i193), b.1870-d.1940
Millikan, Robert Andrews (i188), b.1868-d.1953
Millikan, Silas (Rev.) Franklin (i18), b.1834-d.1915
Millikan, Silas (Rev.) Franklin (marriage to Mary Jane Andrews) (i18), b.1834-d.1915


Mills, Martha (marriage to Benjamin (Capt.) Fay) (i1567), b.1719-d.1761


Mirable Thompson (marriage to John Thompson) (i1192), b.1617-d.1690
Mirable Thompson II (marriage to John Thompson) (i1194), b.1643-d.1690


Mitchell, Matthew (marriage to Mary Thompson) (i2495)


Moore, Abigail (marriage to Thomas Bissell) (i3412), d.1689
Moore, Mindwell (marriage to Nathaniel Bissell) (i3416), b.1643-d.1682


Morey, Mrs. Mabel (marriage to Joseph Edwin Phelps) (i2034)
Morey, Sarah (marriage to Zebulon Mosher) (i111)


Morrill, Hannah (marriage to Daniel Brewer) (i1097), b.1636-d.1717


Morton, Hannah (marriage to John Fuller) (i3154), b.1659-d.1738
Morton, Hannah (marriage to John Lothrop) (i3154), b.1659-d.1738


Mosher, Abner (i889), b.1732-
Mosher, Adley (i884)
Mosher, Ann (i867), d.1721
Mosher, Avram Lev Robinson (i741) (still alive)
Mosher, Barbara (i890)
Mosher, Caroline Pamelia (i58), b.1870-d.1943
Mosher, Caroline Susanna (i208), b.1843-d.1927
Mosher, Charles Adams (i36), b.1906-d.1984
Mosher, Charles Adams (marriage to Harriet Mary Johnson) (i36), b.1906-d.1984
Mosher, Christopher Ryan (i1037) (still alive)
Mosher, Clay Adams (i2605) (still alive)
Mosher, Cynthia C. (i203), b.1839-d.1893
Mosher, Danae Lynn (i41) (still alive)
Mosher, Daniel (i871)
Mosher, David Adams (i704) (still alive)
Mosher, Edward Adams (i6), b.1910-d.1998
Mosher, Edward Adams (marriage to Janet Grace Johnson) (i6), b.1910-d.1998
Mosher, Edward Castle (i8), b.1872-d.1942
Mosher, Edward Castle (marriage to Jessie Maria Adams) (i8), b.1872-d.1942
Mosher, Elizabeth (i213), b.1803-
Mosher, Elizabeth (i876), b.1697-
Mosher, Elizabeth Ann (i205), b.1836-
Mosher, Ella Marie (i2957) (still alive)
Mosher, Ephraim (i881), b.1710-
Mosher, Ephraim (i886), b.1726-d.1823
Mosher, Eric Shipherd (i705) (still alive)
Mosher, Florence Ione (i60), b.1885-d.1986
Mosher, Florence Ione (marriage to Charles Albert Hammond Jr.) (i60), b.1885-d.1986
Mosher, Frederic Adams (i43), b.1902-d.1903
Mosher, Frederic Adams (i146) (still alive)
Mosher, Frederic Stevens (i12), b.1841-d.1925
Mosher, Frederic Stevens (marriage to Elizabeth Van Ness Smith) (i12), b.1841-d.1925
Mosher, Hannah (i476), b.1664-d.1717
Mosher, Hannah (i888)
Mosher, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Cornell) (i476), b.1664-d.1717
Mosher, Henry Adams (i37), b.1911-d.1995
Mosher, Henry Charles (i3463) (still alive)
Mosher, Hiram? (i898), b.1776-d.1820
Mosher, Hugh (i104), b.1633-d.1713
Mosher, Hugh (i108), b.1690-d.1764
Mosher, Hugh (marriage to Rebecca Maxson) (i104), b.1633-d.1713
Mosher, Hugh (marriage to Sarah Davol) (i108), b.1690-d.1764
Mosher, Hugh Millette (i713) (still alive)
Mosher, Hugh, Jr. (i883), b.1720-d.1785
Mosher, James (i873), d.1768
Mosher, James (marriage to Mary Davol) (i873), d.1768
Mosher, James Wallace (i5) (still alive)
Mosher, James? (i894), b.1757-d.1841
Mosher, Jemima (i896), b.1761-d.1805
Mosher, Jennifer Marie (i42) (still alive)
Mosher, John (i215), b.1807-d.1831
Mosher, John (i868), b.1668-
Mosher, John Carpenter (i1) (still alive)
Mosher, John Millette (i714) (still alive)
Mosher, John? (i897), b.1762-d.1836
Mosher, Joseph (i869), b.1670-d.1754
Mosher, Joseph (i874), b.1692-d.1766
Mosher, Joseph? (i899), b.1784-d.1814
Mosher, Linda Nancy (i719) (still alive)
Mosher, Margaret (i882), b.1713-
Mosher, Maria (i895), b.1759-
Mosher, Martha Andrews (i2) (still alive)
Mosher, Mary (i870), b.1672-
Mosher, Mary (i875), b.1695-
Mosher, Mary (i887)
Mosher, Mary (i943), b.1640-d.1719
Mosher, Mary (marriage to John Maxson) (i943), b.1640-d.1719
Mosher, Mary Josephine (i210), b.1847-
Mosher, Mary_Jane (i147) (still alive)
Mosher, May Louise (i59), b.1878-d.1976
Mosher, May Louise (marriage to Walter Henry Fairchild) (i59), b.1878-d.1976
Mosher, Mercy (i879), b.1705-d.1747
Mosher, Michael James (i4) (still alive)
Mosher, Nathanial Newcomb (i3464) (still alive)
Mosher, Nellie Wing (i57), b.1874-d.1942
Mosher, Nicholas (i106), b.1666-d.1747
Mosher, Nicholas (i878), b.1703-d.1765
Mosher, Nicholas (i892), b.1740-
Mosher, Nicholas (i941), b.1596-
Mosher, Nicholas (marriage to Elizabeth Audley) (i106), b.1666-d.1747
Mosher, Nicholas Newcomb (i706) (still alive)
Mosher, Phebe (i891)
Mosher, Polly (i214), b.1804-d.1822
Mosher, Rebecca (i872), b.1677-d.1746
Mosher, Rebecca (i880), b.1708-
Mosher, Robert, Jr. (i218), b.1814-d.1815
Mosher, Robert? (i53), b.1778-d.1815
Mosher, Robert? (marriage to Susanna Briggs) (i53), b.1778-d.1815
Mosher, Salome (i216), b.1810-
Mosher, Sarah (i885)
Mosher, Sarah Belinda (i201), b.1834-
Mosher, Silas Briggs (i20), b.1812-d.1871
Mosher, Silas Briggs (marriage to Caroline Elizabeth Castle) (i20), b.1812-d.1871
Mosher, Stephen Henry (i718) (still alive)
Mosher, Susan (i211), b.1801-d.1829
Mosher, Thomas (i877), b.1698-d.1776
Mosher, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Davol) (i877), b.1698-d.1776
Mosher, Timothy (marriage to Sarah Mosher) (i3082), b.1716-d.1745
Mosher, Victoria Elizabeth (i2964) (still alive)
Mosher, Zebulon (i110), b.1733-d.1790
Mosher, Zebulon (i893), b.1756-d.1846


Mott, Joanna, Mosher (marriage to Ephraim Mosher) (i3080)


Mudge, Abigail (i3296), b.1683-d.1705
Mudge, Abigail (i3318), b.1712-
Mudge, Abigail (marriage to William Phelps) (i3296), b.1683-d.1705
Mudge, Abraham (i3338), b.1728-
Mudge, Deborah (i3336), b.1726-
Mudge, Ebenezer, Jr. (i3303), b.1709-d.1803
Mudge, Ebenezer, Sr. (i3292), b.1683-d.1758
Mudge, Ebenezer, Sr. (marriage to Abigail Skinner) (i3292), b.1683-d.1758
Mudge, Elizabeth (i3285), b.1673-d.1742
Mudge, Elizabeth (i3321), b.1714-
Mudge, Hannah (marriage to Cornelius Hamlin Jr.) (i3311)
Mudge, Jarvis (i3275), b.1608-d.1653
Mudge, Jarvis (i3282)
Mudge, Jarvis (Capt.) (i3334), b.1724-
Mudge, Jarvis (Capt.) (marriage to Prudence Treat) (i3334), b.1724-
Mudge, Joseph (i3332), b.1722-
Mudge, Martha (i3301), b.1689-d.1739
Mudge, Martha (i3330), b.1720-
Mudge, Mary (i3283), b.1671-d.1706
Mudge, Mary (Marcy) (i3307), b.1711-
Mudge, Mary (Marcy) (marriage to Cornelius Hamlin) (i3307), b.1711-
Mudge, Micah (i3277), b.1650-d.1724
Mudge, Micah (Capt.) (i3326), b.1718-
Mudge, Micah (marriage to Mary Alexander) (i3277), b.1650-d.1724
Mudge, Moses (i3290), b.1677-
Mudge, Samuel (i3323), b.1716-
Mudge, Sarah (i3288), b.1675-
Mudge, Sarah (i3341), b.1733-
Mudge, Susanna (i3300), b.1686-
Mudge, Thankful (i3298), b.1685-d.1741


Munroe, John F. (marriage to Sarah Van Ness) (i3060), b.1809-


Murvosh, Anne Mary (i2797) (still alive)
Murvosh, Chad Michael (i2786) (still alive)
Murvosh, Helena (i2796) (still alive)
Murvosh, Martha (i2795) (still alive)


Neathery, Eric Michael (i3033) (still alive)
Neathery, Jacob Allen (i3035) (still alive)
Neathery, Jennifer Elizabeth (i3034) (still alive)
Neathery, Kenneth Allen (i3032) (still alive)


Nettleton, Martha (marriage to John Ufford) (i2176)


Newton, Eleanor (marriage to John Adams) (i659), b.1590-
Newton, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i3354), d.1675


Nichols, William (marriage to Thankful Mudge) (i3299)


Nicholson, Richard (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i3085)


North, Bathsheba (marriage to John Griswold) (i2602), b.1654-d.1736
North, Mary (marriage to William (Lt.) Eno) (i3393)


Odlin, Anna (i1962), b.1676-d.1721
Odlin, Elisha (i1948), b.1640-d.1724
Odlin, Hannah (i1947), b.1637-d.1637
Odlin, Hannah (i1951), b.1643-d.1674
Odlin, Hannah (i1957), b.1660-d.1712
Odlin, Hannah (marriage to Jonathan Davol) (i1957), b.1660-d.1712
Odlin, John (i1944), b.1602-d.1685
Odlin, John (i1946), b.1635-d.1635
Odlin, John (i1950), b.1642-d.1711
Odlin, John (i1959), b.1666-d.1738
Odlin, John (marriage to Martha Holmes) (i1950), b.1642-d.1711
Odlin, Peter (i1953), b.1646-d.1732
Odlin, Robert (i1964), b.1677-


Olmstead, Samuel (Capt.), Jr. (marriage to Mary Rowley) (i3196), b.1676-d.1747
Olmstead, William (marriage to Anne Rowley) (i3198)


Owen, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Holcombe) (i3426)


Page, Thomas (marriage to Azubah Strong) (i1735)


Paige, Mary (marriage to Daniel Fay) (i1574), b.1759-d.1834


Palmer, John (Deacon) (marriage to Sarah Mudge) (i3289)
Palmer, Sarah (marriage to Henry Rowley) (i3119)


Parker, Mary (i685), d.1767
Parker, Mary (marriage to Phinehas (Dea.) Strong) (i685), d.1767
Parker, Samuel (marriage to Hannah Fay) (i1597), b.1778-d.1828
Parker, Thomas (Dea.) (i1716)


Parsons, Jemima (marriage to Daniel Rowley) (i3205)
Parsons, Joseph, Esq. (marriage to Elizabeth Strong) (i1682), b.1647-d.1684


Pease, John (marriage to Margaret (Marjorie) Adams) (i746), b.1654-d.1734


Pepoon, ? (marriage to Lydia Phelps) (i3200)
Pepoon, Daniel (marriage to Lavinia Phelps) (i3202)


Perkins, Elizabeth (marriage to Reuben Fay) (i1617), b.1750-d.1803


Peters, Mary (marriage to Thomas Chandler) (i1997)


Peterson, Benjamin Alden (i2813) (still alive)
Peterson, Bruce Allen (i2812) (still alive)
Peterson, Cassandra (i2814) (still alive)


Pettibone, John (marriage to Mary Bissell) (i3437), b.1665-d.1741
Pettibone, Stephen (marriage to Deborah Bissell) (i3445), b.1669-d.1750


Phelps, Aaron (marriage to Polly Phelps) (i2531), b.1781-d.1855
Phelps, Abel (Capt.) (i2504), b.1705-
Phelps, Abigail (i1396), b.1682-d.1708
Phelps, Abigail (i2501), b.1693-
Phelps, Alonzo Ethelbert (i2025), b.1804-
Phelps, Anne (i1398), b.1686-d.1767
Phelps, Benoni (i2502), b.1699-
Phelps, Betsy (i2021), b.1797-d.1860
Phelps, Cornelia Susanna (i1471), b.1827-
Phelps, Cornelius (i1391), b.1671-d.1741
Phelps, Cornelius (i3350), b.1627-
Phelps, Dan (i2522), b.1779-d.1868
Phelps, Dan (i3203), b.1755-
Phelps, Daniel (i2505), b.1707-
Phelps, Edward (i3360), b.1697-d.1790
Phelps, Eleanor (marriage to William Chandler) (i1995)
Phelps, Elizabeth S. (i2645), b.1837-d.1869
Phelps, Emily (i2023), b.1799-d.1864
Phelps, Emily (i2644), b.1834-d.1859
Phelps, Francis Bradley (i2646), b.1847-
Phelps, Frederick (i3369), b.1733-
Phelps, George (i912), b.1605-d.1687
Phelps, Hannah (i1397), b.1684-d.1728
Phelps, Hannah (marriage to James Eno III) (i1397), b.1684-d.1728
Phelps, Harriet (i2019), b.1793-d.1829
Phelps, Heman (i2515), b.1773-d.1865
Phelps, Ichabod (i2506), b.1708-
Phelps, infant (i3349), b.1624-d.1624
Phelps, Jabez Baldwin (i2520), b.1777-d.1851
Phelps, James (i662), b.1520-d.1588
Phelps, Jemima (i2514), b.1771-d.1775
Phelps, Jemima (i2524), b.1781-d.1872
Phelps, Jerusha (marriage to Abel (Capt.) Phelps) (i3365), b.1706-d.1736
Phelps, John (i3362), b.1703-d.1769
Phelps, Joseph (i667), b.1666-d.1716
Phelps, Joseph (i671), b.1743-d.1795
Phelps, Joseph (i673), b.1769-d.1851
Phelps, Joseph (i919), b.1628-d.1684
Phelps, Joseph (i2500), b.1692-d.1761
Phelps, Joseph (Lieut.) (i669), b.1716-d.1757
Phelps, Joseph (Lieut.) (marriage to Lydia Rowley) (i669), b.1716-d.1757
Phelps, Joseph (marriage to Susannah Eno) (i2500), b.1692-d.1761
Phelps, Joseph (marriage to Susannah Treat) (i673), b.1769-d.1851
Phelps, Joseph Edwin (i1470), b.1825-
Phelps, Juliet (i2643), b.1839-
Phelps, Laura (i2020), b.1795-d.1832
Phelps, Lavinia (i2510), b.1757-
Phelps, Lydia (i2508), b.1746-
Phelps, Lydia (i2511), b.1765-d.1774
Phelps, Lydia (i2519), b.1775-d.1775
Phelps, Lydia (i2526), b.1783-d.1852
Phelps, Lydia (i3367), b.1723-
Phelps, Lydia A. (i25), b.1814-d.1867
Phelps, Lydia A. (marriage to Augustus Adams) (i25), b.1814-d.1867
Phelps, Martha (i1399), b.1688-
Phelps, Martin (i2507), b.1744-
Phelps, Martin (i2528), b.1786-d.1848
Phelps, Mary (i920), b.1644-d.1726
Phelps, Mary (i1392), b.1673-
Phelps, Mary (i2499), b.1689-
Phelps, Mary (i3352), b.1628-
Phelps, Mary (i3353), b.1629-
Phelps, Mary Brainerd (i639), b.1839-d.1926
Phelps, Mary Brainerd (marriage to Joseph Phelps Adams) (i639), b.1839-d.1926
Phelps, Mercy Walter (i1469), b.1819-
Phelps, Mercy Walter (marriage to Carmi Wells) (i1469), b.1819-
Phelps, Nathaniel (Capt.) (i1394), b.1678-d.1746
Phelps, Nathaniel (Capt.) (marriage to Hannah Bissell) (i1394), b.1678-d.1746
Phelps, Nathaniel (Deacon) (i918), b.1624-d.1702
Phelps, Polly (i2529), b.1788-d.1855
Phelps, Reuben (i2509), b.1748-
Phelps, Richard (i913), b.1618-
Phelps, Richard (i915), b.1619-
Phelps, Samantha (i2027), b.1807-
Phelps, Samuel (i917), b.1621-d.1669
Phelps, Samuel (Lt.) (i1393), b.1675-d.1749
Phelps, Samuel (Lt.) (marriage to Abigail Eno) (i1393), b.1675-d.1749
Phelps, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Chandler) (i1994), b.1651-d.1746
Phelps, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Griswold) (i917), b.1621-d.1669
Phelps, Sarah (i916), b.1623-
Phelps, Sarah (i1395), b.1679-
Phelps, Sarah (i2497), b.1687-
Phelps, Sarah (i3356), b.1635-d.1659
Phelps, Sarah (i3366), b.1720-
Phelps, Sibbel (i2512), b.1767-d.1849
Phelps, Susannah (i3368), b.1731-
Phelps, Timothy (i1389), b.1663-
Phelps, Timothy (Lt.) (i665), b.1639-d.1719
Phelps, Timothy (Lt.) (marriage to Mary Griswold) (i665), b.1639-d.1719
Phelps, Walter Alonzo (i2648), b.1857-d.1860
Phelps, William (i660), b.1618-d.1682
Phelps, William (i663), b.1560-d.1611
Phelps, William (i664), b.1593-d.1672
Phelps, William (i1390), b.1669-d.1733
Phelps, William (marriage to Abigail Mudge) (i1390), b.1669-d.1733
Phelps, William Converse (i2647), b.1849-


Phinney, Lydia (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i2009), b.1774-d.1810


Pierce, Ruth (marriage to Stephen Cornell) (i398), b.1689-


Pinneo, Anna (marriage to Elisha Strong) (i1742), b.1746-d.1818
Pinneo, James (marriage to Jerusha Strong) (i1737), b.1734-d.1824


Pinney, Abigail (marriage to Nathaniel (Capt.) Phelps) (i3385), d.1761
Pinney, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Griswold) (i3357), b.1640-d.1676
Pinney, Samuel (marriage to Joyce Bissell) (i3408), d.1681
Pinney, Sarah (marriage to William Phelps) (i3346), b.1648-


Platt, Epenetus (i1132), b.1640-d.1693
Platt, Hannah (i1128), b.1643-d.1702
Platt, Isaac (i1126), b.1633-d.1691
Platt, John (i1127), b.1631-d.1705
Platt, Joseph (i1130), b.1649-d.1704
Platt, Josiah (i1129), b.1645-d.1725
Platt, Mary (i1125), b.1629-d.1669
Platt, Richard (Deacon) (i569), b.1603-d.1684
Platt, Samuel (i1131), b.1651-
Platt, Samuel (i1445), b.1634-d.1635
Platt, Sarah (i568), b.1636-d.1670
Platt, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Beach) (i568), b.1636-d.1670


Plumb, Mary (marriage to Allan Fairchild Millikan) (i183), b.1868-d.1956


Pomeroy, Esther (marriage to Darius Adams) (i617), d.1817
Pomeroy, Medad (Dea.), Esq. (marriage to Abigail Strong) (i1680), d.1716


Pope, Amaziah (marriage to Sarah Mosher) (i3083)


Porter, David (marriage to Anne Phelps) (i3388), b.1685-
Porter, Martha (marriage to Moses Rowley) (i3142), b.1687-d.1729
Porter, Mary (marriage to Robert (Deacon) Royce) (i3108) (living status unknown)


Post, Abigail (marriage to Martin Phelps) (i3199)
Post, Jemima (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i672), b.1748-d.1805


Potter, Dorothy (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i3075)


Pratt, Emily (marriage to Samuel H. Lay) (i2547), b.1800-d.1869
Pratt, Isaac (marriage to Eunice Fay) (i1558), b.1696-
Pratt, John (marriage to Bathsheba Fay) (i1556), b.1691-d.1768
Pratt, Mary (marriage to Thomas (Deacon) Skinner Jr.) (i3295)


Prentice, Patience (marriage to John (Rev.) Bulkeley) (i2074)


Prindle, Samuel, Jr. (marriage to Abigail Mudge) (i3320)


Purdy, Miss (marriage to David Fay) (i2868)


Ramsdell, Francis (marriage to Betsy Phelps) (i2022)


Randall, Phillury (marriage to George Phelps) (i3343), d.1648


Ranney, Oliver (marriage to Lynda Adams) (i629)


Rathbun, Joseph (marriage to Mary Mosher) (i3068)


Rebecca Maxson (marriage to Richard Maxson) (i901)


Reed, Persis (marriage to Roswell Fay) (i1598), b.1802-d.1866


Rexford, Sarah (marriage to Abraham Mudge) (i3340)


Rice, Mary (marriage to Thomas Brigham Jr.) (i1609)


Rider, Betsy Lucelia (marriage to Ezra Randall Andrews) (i2035)


Rivera, Alexandra Millette (i3453) (still alive)
Rivera, Erick Dunn (i3452) (still alive)
Rivera, Jimmy Edward (i3449) (still alive)
Rivera, Michael Mosher (i3451) (still alive)
Rivera, Phillip Hunnicut (i3450) (still alive)


Rockwell, Lydia (marriage to Elijah Strong) (i1741), b.1741-d.1811


Rodgers, Benjamin (marriage to Mehitable Fay) (i1615)


Rogers, James (marriage to Hannah Fay) (i1626), b.1745-d.1823


Root, Ebenezer (marriage to Sarah Strong) (i1705), b.1693-d.1760
Root, John (Lt.) (marriage to Elizabeth Bissell) (i3443)
Root, Lucy, Sacket (Sackett) (marriage to Jarvis (Capt.) Mudge) (i3335)


Rowley, Aaron (i3131), b.1666-d.1743
Rowley, Abigail (i3183), b.1703-d.1764
Rowley, Anne (i3189), b.1716-d.1785
Rowley, child (i3137), b.1656-d.1656
Rowley, Daniel (i3190), b.1720-
Rowley, Ebenezer (i3174), b.1695-d.1757
Rowley, Hannah (i3169)
Rowley, Henry (i3116), d.1673
Rowley, John (i3133), b.1667-
Rowley, John (i3172), b.1690-d.1764
Rowley, Jonathan (i3178), b.1704-d.1772
Rowley, Joseph (i3120), b.1630-
Rowley, Lydia (i670), b.1718-d.1757
Rowley, Lydia (marriage to Joseph (Lieut.) Phelps) (i670), b.1718-d.1757
Rowley, Mahitable (i3191), b.1723-
Rowley, Martha (i3186), b.1710-d.1760
Rowley, Mary (i3124), b.1653-
Rowley, Mary (i3140), b.1677-
Rowley, Mary (i3184), b.1708-d.1798
Rowley, Matthew (i3134)
Rowley, Mehitabel (i3128), b.1660-d.1732
Rowley, Mehitabel (marriage to John Fuller) (i3128), b.1660-d.1732
Rowley, Mehitable (i3176), b.1698-d.1775
Rowley, Moses (i3118), b.1630-d.1705
Rowley, Moses (i3126), b.1654-d.1735
Rowley, Moses (i3141), b.1679-d.1749
Rowley, Moses (i3188), b.1713-
Rowley, Moses (marriage to Elizabeth Fuller) (i3118), b.1630-d.1705
Rowley, Naomi (i3167), b.1685-
Rowley, Nathan (i3135), b.1664-d.1742
Rowley, Nathaniel (i3195), b.1733-d.1741
Rowley, Reuben (i3192), b.1725-d.1747
Rowley, Samuel (i3170), b.1688-d.1767
Rowley, Sarah (i3121), b.1630-
Rowley, Sarah (i3130), b.1662-
Rowley, Sarah (i3194), b.1730-
Rowley, Shubael (i3127), b.1660-d.1714


Royce, Abigail (i1118), b.1677-d.1714
Royce, Abigail (i1405), b.1667-d.1668
Royce, Abigail (2) (i1408), b.1673-
Royce, Daniel (i1411), b.1682-
Royce, Deborah (i1120), b.1683-d.1738
Royce, Deborah (i1410), b.1680-
Royce, Dinah (marriage to Linus Beach) (i3103)
Royce, Ebenezer (i1122), b.1691-
Royce, Elizabeth (i1402), b.1662-
Royce, Hannah (i1407), b.1671-
Royce, Isaac (i1114), b.1643-d.1711
Royce, Isaac (i1121), b.1688-d.1729
Royce, Isaac (marriage to Elizabeth Lathrop) (i1114), b.1643-d.1711
Royce, Jacob (i1124), b.1697-d.1727
Royce, John (i1123), b.1693-d.1774
Royce, John (i1403), b.1663-
Royce, Jonathan (i1010), b.1636-d.1690
Royce, Jonathan (i1409), b.1678-
Royce, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Spinning) (i1010), b.1636-d.1690
Royce, Josiah (i1116), b.1670-d.1694
Royce, Josiah (i3109), b.1698-
Royce, Mary (i577), b.1658-
Royce, Mary (i580), b.1695-d.1767
Royce, Mary (marriage to John (Deacon) Beach) (i580), b.1695-d.1767
Royce, Mary (marriage to John Beach) (i577), b.1658-
Royce, Nathaniel (i1113), b.1639-d.1736
Royce, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Lathrop) (i1113), b.1639-d.1736
Royce, Patience (i1400), b.1642-d.1642
Royce, Prudence (i1119), b.1680-d.1742
Royce, Robert (i1008), b.1605-d.1676
Royce, Robert (Deacon) (i1115), b.1669-d.1759
Royce, Ruth (i1112), b.1645-
Royce, Ruth (i1406), b.1669-
Royce, Ruth (marriage to John Lathrop) (i1112), b.1645-
Royce, Samuel (i581), b.1644-d.1711
Royce, Samuel (i1117), b.1673-d.1757
Royce, Sarah (i1404), b.1665-
Royce, Sarah (i3104)
Royce, Sarah (marriage to Amos Beach) (i3104)


Ruggles, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Fay) (i1624), b.1741-


Rust, Jonathan (marriage to Elizabeth Mudge) (i3287)
Rust, Noah (marriage to Keziah Strong) (i1712), b.1708-d.1746
Rust, unknown (marriage to Mary Mudge) (i3284)


Ruth Castle (marriage to Henry Castle) (i2455)
Ruth Strong (marriage to Joseph (Justice) Strong) (i1703), d.1768


Sackett, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Bissell) (i3442), d.1709


Sage, Susanna (marriage to George Alexander) (i3280)


Sarah Adams (marriage to Samuel Adams) (i601), b.1739-
Sarah Brigham (marriage to John Brigham) (i1627)


Savage, Darius (marriage to Salome Mosher) (i217), b.1816-


Schemerhorn, Dorothy (marriage to Austin W. Fay) (i1602)


Scott, Sarah (marriage to Roger Terrill) (i2144)


Scudder, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Lothrop) (i1173), b.1624-


Seeley, Rebecca (marriage to William Castle) (i2462), d.1725


Sharp, Hannah (marriage to Peter Odlin) (i1954), b.1645-d.1732


Shattuck, Benjamin (marriage to Deliverance Fay) (i1554), b.1687-
Shattuck, Susannah (marriage to John Fay) (i1038), b.1643-
Shattuck, Susannah (marriage to Thomas Brigham Jr.) (i1038), b.1643-


Sheldon, Mrs. Ruth Wright (marriage to Samuel Strong) (i1687), b.1663-


Sherman, Jeremiah (marriage to Phebe Mosher) (i3087)
Sherman, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Thompson) (i2492), b.1641-d.1719
Sherman, Sarah (marriage to Benajah Strong) (i1661)


Sherwood, Ruth (marriage to Joshua Holcombe) (i3421), b.1644-d.1699


Shrieve, Caleb (marriage to Mercy Mosher) (i3076), b.1707-


Silliman, Abigail (marriage to David Adams) (i2483)


Simmons, Hannah (marriage to Zebulon Mosher) (i3088), b.1754-d.1834


Simpson, Francis Marian (marriage to James Houston Wallace) (i2686), b.1896-d.1981


Sims, Mary (marriage to Robert Royce) (i1009), b.1609-d.1697


Sisson, Sarah (marriage to William Davol) (i2137)


Skeels, John (marriage to Hannah Terrill) (i2146)


Skinner, Abigail (i3293), b.1691-d.1765
Skinner, Abigail (marriage to Ebenezer Mudge Sr.) (i3293), b.1691-d.1765
Skinner, David (marriage to Abigail Mudge) (i3319)
Skinner, Eunice (marriage to Samuel Mudge) (i3324)
Skinner, Josiah (marriage to Sarah Mudge) (i3342)
Skinner, Thomas (Deacon), Jr. (i3294)
Skinner, Thomas (Rev.) (marriage to Elizabeth Mudge) (i3322)


Smith, Electa (marriage to David Fay) (i2870)
Smith, Elizabeth Van Ness (i13), b.1844-d.1939
Smith, Elizabeth Van Ness (marriage to Frederic Stevens Mosher) (i13), b.1844-d.1939
Smith, Emily Josephine (i950), b.1834-d.1923
Smith, Hubert Dwight (i949), b.1839-d.1905
Smith, Methitable (marriage to Joseph Mosher) (i3070), b.1691-d.1768
Smith, Phebe (marriage to Isaac Platt) (i2118)
Smith, William (?) (i699)
Smith, William Edward (i948), b.1842-d.1874
Smith, William, Jr. (i22), b.1807-d.1896
Smith, William, Jr. (marriage to Pamelia Johnson Van Ness) (i22), b.1807-d.1896


Snow, Sarah (marriage to John Stevens) (i1978), b.1669-d.1757


Soper, Phebe (marriage to Roys Beach) (i3107)


Soule, Mary (marriage to Joseph Davol) (i2133), d.1726


Spencer, Helen M. (marriage to Darius Adams) (i2802)
Spencer, Lucy (marriage to Micah (Capt.) Mudge) (i3327)
Spencer, Orrill G. (marriage to Darius Adams) (i637)


Sperry, Dinah Russell (marriage to Zadoc (Capt.) Strong) (i1764)


Spinning, Humphrey (i1018), b.1606-d.1656
Spinning, Mary (i1012), b.1638-d.1658
Spinning, Mary (marriage to Jonathan Royce) (i1012), b.1638-d.1658


Spooner, Amaziah (marriage to Lydia Fay) (i1612), b.1726-d.1798
Spooner, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Fay) (i693), b.1731-d.1756
Spooner, Martha (marriage to Jonathan Davol) (i2142)


Squire, Hannah (marriage to Henry Castle) (i2454), d.1714


Stebbins, Abigail (marriage to Jedediah Strong) (i1671), b.1660-d.1689
Stebbins, Mary (marriage to Thomas Strong Jr.) (i682), b.1666-
Stebbins, Thankful (marriage to Jerijah Strong) (i1701), b.1678-d.1744


Steele, Rebecca (marriage to Jarvis Mudge) (i3276), b.1608-d.1663


Stevens, Abigail (i1979), b.1702-
Stevens, Daniel (i1990), b.1737-
Stevens, Deborah (i1980), b.1699-
Stevens, Deborah (i1991), b.1729-
Stevens, Eleazer (i2561), b.1731-d.1756
Stevens, Elizebeth (i1981), b.1697-
Stevens, Ephraim (i1984), b.1710-
Stevens, Ephraim (i1992), b.1728-d.1755
Stevens, Ephraim (marriage to Sarah Chandler) (i2008)
Stevens, Ester (i1982), b.1712-
Stevens, Esther (i1988), b.1744-d.1808
Stevens, Henry (Sergt.) (i1045), b.1700-d.1764
Stevens, Henry (Sergt.) (marriage to Deborah Bixby) (i1045), b.1700-d.1764
Stevens, Henry, Jr. (i1047), b.1724-
Stevens, John (i1977), d.1737
Stevens, John (i1983), b.1706-d.1764
Stevens, John (i2562), b.1739-
Stevens, Jonathan (i1989), b.1745-
Stevens, Lucy (i1044), b.1752-
Stevens, Lucy (marriage to Zerah Beach) (i1044), b.1752-
Stevens, Patience (marriage to Horatio (Judge) Strong) (i1748), b.1755-d.1819
Stevens, Prewdence (i1985), b.1716-
Stevens, Sara (i1986), b.1694-
Stevens, Sarah (i1993), b.1733-d.1797
Stevens, Thankful (i1987), b.1714-


Stiles, Cornelius Cuyler (marriage to Cornelia Susanna Phelps) (i2010), b.1824-
Stiles, Harriet (marriage to Joseph Edwin Phelps) (i2011), b.1826-


Stinson, Mary Agnes (marriage to Charles Hawkins Adams) (i650), b.1855-d.1965


Story, Elizabeth (marriage to Ephraim Mosher) (i3079), b.1730-


Stow, Elizabeth (marriage to Benjamin (Capt.) Fay) (i1568), d.1784


Strong, Aaron (marriage to Rachel Strong) (i1714)
Strong, Abigail (i1678), b.1645-d.1704
Strong, Abner (i1768), b.1780-d.1859
Strong, Adino (i1651), b.1676-d.1749
Strong, Asahel (i1648), b.1668-d.1739
Strong, Azubah (i1734), b.1731-
Strong, Benajah (i1660), b.1682-d.1714
Strong, Benjamin (i1650), b.1674-d.1755
Strong, Beulah (i676), b.1759-
Strong, Beulah (i1743), b.1746-d.1750
Strong, Beulah (marriage to Timothy Treat Jr.) (i676), b.1759-
Strong, Ebenezer (Elder) (i1676), b.1643-d.1729
Strong, Eleanor (i1777)
Strong, Elijah (i1739), b.1743-d.1812
Strong, Elisha (i1740), b.1743-d.1805
Strong, Elizabeth (i1681), b.1647-d.1736
Strong, Elizabeth (i1715), b.1713-
Strong, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph (Capt.) Strong) (i1707), b.1704-d.1792
Strong, Elnathan (i1664), b.1686-d.1727
Strong, Ephraim (i1662), b.1685-
Strong, Experience (i1683), b.1650-
Strong, Francis (Dea.) (i1760), b.1770-d.1845
Strong, Hannah (i1694), b.1659-d.1694
Strong, Hannah (i1744), b.1748-d.1767
Strong, Hannah (i1753), b.1762-d.1830
Strong, Hester (i1696), b.1661-d.1727
Strong, Hewett (i1647), b.1666-d.1689
Strong, Horatio (Judge) (i1747), b.1758-d.1831
Strong, Infant (i1631), b.1630-d.1630
Strong, Iranah (i1738), b.1742-d.1773
Strong, Jedediah (i1669), b.1637-d.1733
Strong, Jemima (i1710), b.1707-d.1760
Strong, Jerijah (i1700), b.1665-d.1754
Strong, Jerusha (i1736), b.1738-
Strong, John (i1630), b.1626-d.1698
Strong, John (i1646), b.1665-d.1699
Strong, John (Elder) (i679), b.1605-d.1699
Strong, John (Elder) (marriage to Abigail Ford) (i679), b.1605-d.1699
Strong, Joseph (i1688), b.1652-
Strong, Joseph (Capt.) (i1706), b.1701-d.1773
Strong, Joseph (Justice) (i683), b.1672-d.1763
Strong, Joseph (Justice) (marriage to Sarah Allen) (i683), b.1672-d.1763
Strong, Joseph (Major) (i1755), b.1765-d.1835
Strong, Josiah (i1673), b.1639-
Strong, Keziah (i1711), b.1709-
Strong, Lurana (i1765), b.1777-
Strong, Maria (i1644), b.1663-d.1751
Strong, Mary (i1689), b.1654-d.1738
Strong, Mary (i1732), b.1727-
Strong, Ozias (i686), b.1734-d.1807
Strong, Ozias (marriage to Susannah West) (i686), b.1734-d.1807
Strong, Pelatiah (i1767), b.1772-
Strong, Phinehas (Dea.) (i684), b.1704-
Strong, Phinehas (Dea.) (marriage to Mary Parker) (i684), b.1704-
Strong, Phinehas, Jr. (i1730), b.1725-
Strong, Polly (i1758)
Strong, Rachel (i1656), b.1679-d.1769
Strong, Rachel (i1708), b.1703-
Strong, Rachel (i1713), b.1711-
Strong, Return (i1674), b.1640-d.1726
Strong, Richard (i1628)
Strong, Roxalana (i1749), b.1761-
Strong, Ruth (i1666), b.1688-d.1743
Strong, Samuel (i1685), b.1652-d.1732
Strong, Sarah (i1691), b.1656-d.1733
Strong, Sarah (i1704), b.1699-d.1784
Strong, Sarah (i1733), b.1729-
Strong, Selah (i1658), b.1680-d.1732
Strong, Simeon (i1709), b.1705-
Strong, Submit (i1668), b.1690-
Strong, Susannah (i1751), b.1762-d.1826
Strong, Thankful (i1698), b.1663-
Strong, Thomas (i1641), b.1635-d.1689
Strong, Thomas (marriage to Rachel Holton) (i1641), b.1635-d.1689
Strong, Thomas, Jr. (i681), b.1661-
Strong, Waitstill (i1653), b.1678-d.1762
Strong, Zadoc (Capt.) (i1763), b.1775-d.1835


Sweat, Benjamin (marriage to Anna Davol) (i2138)


Sweetman, Elizabeth (marriage to Benjamin Wellington) (i938)


Swort, (?) (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Mosher) (i207)


Taber, Lydia (marriage to Joseph Mosher) (i3067)
Taber, William (marriage to Margaret Mosher) (i3078), b.1711-


Tallman, Helen Hutchings (marriage to Charles Albert Hammond) (i1502), b.1850-d.1943


Terrill, Abigail (i1134), b.1642-
Terrill, Abigail (marriage to William Tyler) (i1134), b.1642-
Terrill, Daniel (i2151), b.1659-d.1727
Terrill, Eleazer (i2154), b.1662-
Terrill, Ephraim (i2150), b.1655-d.1727
Terrill, Hannah (i2145), b.1645-
Terrill, John (i1232), b.1644-
Terrill, Joseph (i2148), b.1652-
Terrill, Mary (i2149), b.1653-
Terrill, Roger (i1229), b.1616-d.1682
Terrill, Roger (i1231), b.1652-d.1722
Terrill, Roger (marriage to Abigail Ufford) (i1229), b.1616-d.1682
Terrill, Samuel (i2147), b.1647-
Terrill, Thomas (i1233), b.1656-d.1725


Terry, Abigail (marriage to Selah Strong) (i1659), b.1680-d.1761


Thompson, Abigail (i1414), b.1646-d.1731
Thompson, Ambrose (i1412), b.1652-d.1742
Thompson, Esther (i1415), b.1650-d.1678
Thompson, John (i1191), b.1615-d.1679
Thompson, John (i1193), b.1641-d.1681
Thompson, John (i1197), b.1685-
Thompson, John (marriage to Sarah Culver) (i1197), b.1685-
Thompson, Joseph (i1195), b.1664-d.1711
Thompson, Joseph (i1196), b.1684-d.1756
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Lathrop) (i1195), b.1664-d.1711
Thompson, Mary (i1416), b.1655-d.1711
Thompson, Sarah (i584), b.1724-
Thompson, Sarah (i1413), b.1642-d.1718
Thompson, Sarah (marriage to Barnabas Beach) (i584), b.1724-


Tilden, Isaac (marriage to Martha Mudge) (i3302)


Tillinghast, Lydia (marriage to John Odlin) (i1960), b.1666-d.1707


Tillotson, Zenas (Jonas?) (marriage to Samantha Phelps) (i2028)


Tillson, Philo (Dr.) (marriage to Maria Walter) (i2033)


Todd, Amos (marriage to Lurana Strong) (i1766), d.1831


Tracy, Mary (marriage to Francis Griswold) (i2600)


Treat, Abigail (i1463), b.1784-
Treat, Alice (i1447), b.1631-d.1633
Treat, Amanda (i1461), b.1780-
Treat, Ashbel (i1452), d.1780
Treat, Calvin (i1465), b.1790-
Treat, Charles (i1433), b.1696-
Treat, Cornelius (i1458), b.1766-d.1847
Treat, Dorotheus (i1436), b.1704-d.1755
Treat, Dorothy (i1437), b.1704-
Treat, Ebenezer (i1459), b.1771-d.1852
Treat, Eliza (i1467), b.1799-
Treat, Elizabeth (i1446), b.1627-
Treat, Francis (i1464), b.1788-
Treat, Honor (i1423), b.1616-
Treat, Isaac (i1435), b.1701-d.1763
Treat, James (i1422), b.1634-d.1709
Treat, Joanna (i1424), b.1618-d.1694
Treat, John (i1454), d.1801
Treat, Katharine (i1427), b.1637-
Treat, Laura (i1468), b.1801-
Treat, Lucia (i1466), b.1795-
Treat, Mary (i1430), b.1666-d.1748
Treat, Mary (i1439), b.1710-d.1735
Treat, Mary (i1453)
Treat, Mercy (i1457)
Treat, Prudence (i1451), d.1778
Treat, Prudence (marriage to Jarvis (Capt.) Mudge) (i1451), d.1778
Treat, Richard (i1417), b.1584-d.1669
Treat, Richard (i1419), b.1622-d.1693
Treat, Richard (i1428), b.1663-
Treat, Richard (marriage to Catherine Bulkeley) (i1428), b.1663-
Treat, Richard (Rev.) (i677), b.1694-d.1759
Treat, Richard, Jr. (i1449)
Treat, Richard, Jr. (marriage to Mary (Polly) Hamlin) (i1449)
Treat, Robert (i1421), b.1624-d.1710
Treat, Ruth (i1456), b.1761-
Treat, Sarah (i1425), b.1620-
Treat, Sarah (i1429), b.1664-d.1712
Treat, Sarah (i1438), b.1707-
Treat, Seymour (i1462), b.1782-d.1859
Treat, Susanna (i1426), b.1629-d.1705
Treat, Susanna (i1460)
Treat, Susannah (i674), b.1786-d.1875
Treat, Susannah (marriage to Joseph Phelps) (i674), b.1786-d.1875
Treat, Susannah (marriage to Zelak Walter) (i674), b.1786-d.1875
Treat, Thomas (i1434), b.1699-d.1780
Treat, Thomas (i1450), b.1732-
Treat, Thomas (i1455), b.1758-d.1832
Treat, Thomas (Lieut. Thomas) (i1431), b.1668-d.1713
Treat, Thomas (Lieut. Thomas) (marriage to Dorothy Bulkeley) (i1431), b.1668-d.1713
Treat, Timothy (i678), b.1731-d.1776
Treat, Timothy (marriage to Ruth Hamlin) (i678), b.1731-d.1776
Treat, Timothy, Jr. (i675), b.1756-
Treat, Timothy, Jr. (marriage to Beulah Strong) (i675), b.1756-


Treleven, Nettie Eleanor (marriage to Philip Mosher Fairchild) (i69), b.1901-d.1996


Tripp, Benoni (marriage to Elizabeth Mosher) (i3072)


Trumbull, Jonathan (marriage to Lydia Phelps) (i2527) (living status unknown)


Tryon, Oliver (marriage to Deborah Mudge) (i3337)


Tyler, Abigail (i1138), b.1666-
Tyler, Bethia (i1152), b.1708-
Tyler, Elizabeth (i1137), b.1665-
Tyler, Ephraim (i1144), b.1676-
Tyler, Ephraim (i1153), b.1713-
Tyler, Hannah (i1141), b.1672-d.1721
Tyler, John (i1139), b.1669-d.1741
Tyler, Martha (i1149), b.1706-d.1740
Tyler, Mary (i1135), b.1662-
Tyler, Mary (i1148), b.1695-d.1774
Tyler, Mehitable (i1154), b.1717-
Tyler, Phebe (i1150), b.1700-d.1731
Tyler, Ruth (i1145), b.1678-
Tyler, Ruth (i1147), b.1693-d.1727
Tyler, Ruth (marriage to Samuel Culver) (i1147), b.1693-d.1727
Tyler, Samuel (i1151), b.1702-
Tyler, Sarah (i579), b.1697-d.1716
Tyler, Sarah (i1140), b.1671-d.1698
Tyler, Sarah (marriage to John (Deacon) Beach) (i579), b.1697-d.1716
Tyler, Thomas (i1143), b.1673-
Tyler, Tirzah (i1142), b.1673-
Tyler, William (i1133), b.1644-d.1693
Tyler, William (i1136), b.1667-d.1749
Tyler, William (marriage to Abigail Terrill) (i1133), b.1644-d.1693
Tyler, William (marriage to Mary Lathrop) (i1136), b.1667-d.1749


Ufford, Abigail (i1230), b.1622-d.1658
Ufford, Abigail (marriage to Roger Terrill) (i1230), b.1622-d.1658
Ufford, John (i2174)
Ufford, Thomas (i2143), d.1660
Ufford, Thomas (i2173), d.1683


unknown (marriage to Moses Rowley) (i3182), d.1707

Van Ness

Van Ness, Charles Johnson (i3061), b.1820-d.1883
Van Ness, Gerardus (i697), b.1787-d.1866
Van Ness, Gerardus (marriage to Orinda Johnson) (i697), b.1787-d.1866
Van Ness, Helen (i3057), b.1829-d.1844
Van Ness, Pamelia Johnson (i23), b.1814-d.1898
Van Ness, Pamelia Johnson (marriage to William Smith Jr.) (i23), b.1814-d.1898
Van Ness, Sarah (i3059), b.1826-
Van Ness, Susan B. (i3058), b.1824-d.1847


Vassall, Ann (i1280), b.1629-
Vassall, Anne (i1274), b.1614-d.1614
Vassall, Frances (i590), b.1623-
Vassall, Frances (marriage to James Adams) (i590), b.1623-
Vassall, John (i1279), b.1625-
Vassall, Judith (i1275), b.1619-d.1670
Vassall, Margaret (i1281), b.1633-
Vassall, Mary (i1277), b.1624-
Vassall, Mary (i1282), b.1634-
Vassall, Samuel (i1276), b.1624-d.1624
Vassall, William (i995), b.1592-d.1655
Vassall, William (i1278)


Wade, William (marriage to Sarah Phelps) (i3347)


Wallace, Barbara (i2688) (still alive)
Wallace, David Eugene (i2981) (still alive)
Wallace, Donald Eugene (i2816) (still alive)
Wallace, Donald Joseph (i2975) (still alive)
Wallace, Ervin Eugene (i655)
Wallace, Ervin Eugene (marriage to Helen Mae Adams) (i655)
Wallace, Glenn Robert (i2726) (still alive)
Wallace, Jacob Michael (i2983) (still alive)
Wallace, James Adams (i2980) (still alive)
Wallace, James Bradley (i2978) (still alive)
Wallace, James Houston (i2685), b.1894-d.1986
Wallace, Jean Francis (i2687) (still alive)
Wallace, Joshua David (i2977) (still alive)
Wallace, Kenneth Gregory (i2724) (still alive)
Wallace, Oliver Adams (i2684), b.1892-d.1953
Wallace, Rebecca Jeanette (i2979) (still alive)
Wallace, Robert Adams (i2700), b.1905-d.1982
Wallace, Robert Adams, Jr. (i2703) (still alive)
Wallace, Sally Ann (i2817) (still alive)
Wallace, Suzanne (i2702) (still alive)


Walter, Maria (i2032), b.1811-
Walter, Sophia (i2029), b.1808-
Walter, Zelak (i1770), d.1813
Walter, Zelak (marriage to Susannah Treat) (i1770), d.1813


Ward, Increase, Jr. (marriage to Ruth Fay) (i1553), b.1680-
Ward, John (marriage to Anna Odlin) (i2126), b.1672-d.1724
Ward, Tabitha (marriage to Samuel Fay) (i1548), b.1675-


Warham, Sarah (marriage to Return Strong) (i1675), b.1642-d.1678


Warner, Roy (marriage to Caroline Pamelia Mosher) (i2871)


Warriner, Elizabeth (marriage to John Strong) (i1633), d.1684


Watson, Bethuah (marriage to Jacob Beach) (i3105)


Way, Daniel (marriage to Jemima Mosher) (i3092)


Weeden, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Davol) (i2139), d.1745


Weeks, John (marriage to Mary Rowley) (i3125), b.1655-d.1730
Weeks, Mary (marriage to Aaron Rowley) (i3132), b.1670-d.1743


Welles, Sarah (marriage to Ambrose Thompson) (i2494), d.1730


Wellington, Benjamin (i937)
Wellington, Elizabeth (i934), b.1673-d.1729
Wellington, Elizabeth (marriage to John Fay Jr.) (i934), b.1673-d.1729


Wells, Amy Malvina (i2534), b.1845-
Wells, Amy Malvina (marriage to Byron Fay Carpenter) (i2534), b.1845-
Wells, Carmi (i2012), b.1810-d.1873
Wells, Carmi (marriage to Mercy Walter Phelps) (i2012), b.1810-d.1873
Wells, Carminie (i2536), b.1850-
Wells, Cornelia (i2535), b.1847-d.1863
Wells, Eva St. Clair (i2537), b.1852-
Wells, Flora (i2540), b.1859-
Wells, Florence (i2539), b.1856-d.1858
Wells, Hubbard Wallace (i2532), b.1844-
Wells, Jonathan (Capt.) (marriage to Sarah Strong) (i1693), d.1739
Wells, Walter (i2541), b.1862-d.1863


Welsh, Lydia (marriage to Micah (Capt.) Mudge) (i3329)


West, Pelatiah (i1745)
West, Susannah (i687), b.1737-d.1827
West, Susannah (marriage to Ozias Strong) (i687), b.1737-d.1827


Wezerek, Elliott Huska (i2699) (still alive)
Wezerek, Gerhardt Arnold , Jr. (i2689), b.1922-d.1983
Wezerek, Gustav Huska (i2696) (still alive)
Wezerek, Judith Lynn (i2690) (still alive)
Wezerek, Kurt Wallace (i2692) (still alive)
Wezerek, Melina Huska (i2697) (still alive)
Wezerek, Steven Gerhardt (i2691) (still alive)
Wezerek, Thaddeus Huska (i2698) (still alive)


Whipple, Prudence (marriage to James (Deacon James) Fay) (i1564)


White, George B. (marriage to Eva St. Clair Wells) (i2538) (living status unknown)
White, Resolved (marriage to Judith Vassall) (i1976)
White, Rhoda (marriage to Jonathan Fay) (i696), b.1773-d.1864

Whitmore (Wetmore)

Whitmore (Wetmore), Thomas (marriage to Mary Platt) (i2116)


Whitridge, Sarah (marriage to Jeremiah Davol) (i2136), d.1753


Whitson, Oscar J. (marriage to Julia A. Lay) (i3462), b.1847-


Wilbur, William (marriage to Amy Adams) (i633)


Wilcox, John (marriage to Rebecca Mosher) (i3077), b.1704-
Wilcox, Rebecca (marriage to Nicholas Mosher) (i3074), b.1711-


Wilcoxson, Marcy (Mercy), Cornish (marriage to Ebenezer Mudge Jr.) (i3306)


Willard, Margory (marriage to Dolor Davis) (i2015), b.1605-d.1676


Williams, Hester (marriage to James Eno) (i3374)
Williams, Joseph (marriage to Mary Fuller) (i3161), b.1647-d.1721


Wilson, Isabel (marriage to William Phelps) (i3345), d.1675


Winslow, Mary (marriage to James Fay Jr.) (i2866), b.1735-
Winslow, Rebecca (marriage to Aaron Fay) (i1581), b.1759-d.1830


Witherbee, Elizabeth Anne (i3029) (still alive)
Witherbee, Lawrence Day (i3028) (still alive)
Witherbee, Lawrence Day, Jr. (i3030) (still alive)


Wood, Elizabeth (marriage to Isaac Platt) (i2119)
Wood, Mary (marriage to Richard (Deacon) Platt) (i570), b.1605-
Wood, Phoebe (marriage to Epenetus Platt) (i2120)


Woodbridge, Susanna (marriage to Richard (Rev.) Treat) (i1440)


Woodford, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Allen Jr.) (i1722)
Woodford, Sarah (marriage to Nehemiah Allen) (i1720)


Woodward, Delphine Elizabeth (marriage to Harvey Raymond Adams) (i643), b.1846-d.1914
Woodward, Freedom (marriage to Jedediah Strong) (i1670), b.1642-d.1681
Woodward, Susanna (marriage to William Adams) (i2013), b.1693-d.1790


Wright, Huldah (marriage to Amos Adams) (i607)


Wyatt, Dorcas (i2544) (living status unknown)
Wyatt, John (i2542) (living status unknown)
Wyatt, Mary (i2543) (living status unknown)
Wyatt, Sarah (i1049), b.1620-d.1704
Wyatt, Sarah (marriage to Joseph (Sargent) Bixby) (i1049), b.1620-d.1704


Young, James (marriage to Anna M. Adams) (i635)

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