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Adams, Billy (i1964) (living status unknown)
Adams, Justin Kyle (i1965) (living status unknown)


Agnes (marriage to Stephen Harnsberger) (i170), b.1725-


Allen, Jane (Peggy) (marriage to Harrison Cary) (i1613), b.1804-
Allen, Margaret (marriage to Harrison Cary) (i1614), b.1804-
Allen, Mary (marriage to William Jennings) (i1555)


Alyne (marriage to William Russell Kingery) (i1161) (living status unknown)
Amma (marriage to William Mouldon) (i264)


Anderson, Adrian Matthew (i55) (still alive)
Anderson, Bobby Clay, Jr. (i1394), b.1960-d.2001
Anderson, Elizabeth (marriage to John Nelson Matthews) (i2099), b.1787-d.1868
Anderson, Jack Lee (i53) (still alive)
Anderson, Jasmine Belle (i465) (still alive)
Anderson, Jessica Leigh (i54) (still alive)
Anderson, Sarah Jane (marriage to William Henry Huffman) (i1799), b.1832-d.1908
Anderson, Walter (i1395) (still alive)


Ann (marriage to Levi Baldock) (i648), b.1744-d.1833
Ann M. (marriage to William Warren Matthews) (i2112), b.1823-d.1884


Arlington, David Mitchell (i1088) (living status unknown)
Arlington, Erica Lynn (i1087) (living status unknown)
Arlington, Tom (i1084) (living status unknown)
Arlington, Tommie Earl (i1085) (living status unknown)
Arlington, unknown (i1086) (living status unknown)


Armistead, Hannah (marriage to Miles Cary) (i1579), b.1706-d.1750


Armstrong, Mary (marriage to Noble Molten Starr) (i608), b.1849-d.1935
Armstrong, unknown (marriage to Nancy Lanier) (i1739)


Austin, Margaret (marriage to Solomon Starr) (i1042), b.1827-d.1912


Bacon, Martha Henrietta (marriage to Ernest Marshall Gramlin) (i1021) (living status unknown)
Bacon, Ora D. (marriage to Eddie Rogan Starr) (i15), b.1898-d.1984


Bagnell, Mary Frances (marriage to Thomas Cary) (i1601), b.1780-


Bailey, Bobby L. (i2014) (living status unknown)
Bailey, Danny (i2015) (living status unknown)
Bailey, E. Russell (i1876), b.1905-d.1984
Bailey, E. Russell (marriage to Edith Ellen Matthews) (i1876), b.1905-d.1984
Bailey, George R. (marriage to Hattie Irene Matthews) (i2035)
Bailey, Jerry Dale (i2074), b.1939-d.1940
Bailey, Joseph Allen (i2044) (living status unknown)
Bailey, Marshall Reed (i2046) (living status unknown)
Bailey, Patsy Neal (i2048), b.1944-d.1945
Bailey, Paul (i2006) (living status unknown)
Bailey, Paul (marriage to Lucille Matthews) (i2006) (living status unknown)


Baird, Justin John (i1361) (living status unknown)
Baird, Mark Allan (i1359) (living status unknown)
Baird, Shauna Kaye (i1360) (living status unknown)


Baker, John, Sr. (i1538), b.1730-d.1798
Baker, Judith (i1537), b.1774-d.1843
Baker, Judith (marriage to Wilson Cary) (i1537), b.1774-d.1843


Baldock, Abijah (i382), b.1813-d.1898
Baldock, Abijah (marriage to Mary A. Huffman) (i382), b.1813-d.1898
Baldock, Albert T. (i30), b.1841-d.1932
Baldock, Albert T. (marriage to Margaret Francis Huffman) (i30), b.1841-d.1932
Baldock, Albert T. (marriage to Sarah Josephine Boneparte Huffman) (i30), b.1841-d.1932
Baldock, Alexander James (i915) (still alive)
Baldock, Amanda Kay (i1314), b.1981-d.2000
Baldock, Ambrose (i84), b.1844-d.1930
Baldock, Brenda Katherine (i1253) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Charles Logan (i927) (still alive)
Baldock, Clemma Katherine (i94), b.1903-d.1984
Baldock, Clemma Katherine (marriage to Ralph R. Bartley) (i94), b.1903-d.1984
Baldock, David Michael (i910) (still alive)
Baldock, Deborah (i929) (still alive)
Baldock, Edna Louise (i1259), b.1941-d.1986
Baldock, Effie Candace (i110), b.1876-d.1889
Baldock, Elizabeth (i661), b.1785-d.1870
Baldock, Erbie Lee (i888) (still alive)
Baldock, Ersie Dee (i889), b.1917-d.1974
Baldock, Esther Corrine (i103), b.1893-d.1941
Baldock, Esther Corrine (marriage to Leo Henry Sigler) (i103), b.1893-d.1941
Baldock, Faulkner (i81), b.1815-d.1902
Baldock, Faulkner (marriage to Wyrinda Huffman) (i81), b.1815-d.1902
Baldock, George (i83), b.1843-d.1862
Baldock, Henry (i87), b.1852-d.1932
Baldock, Henry (marriage to Lucy Ellen Ford) (i87), b.1852-d.1932
Baldock, Henry Jefferson (i92), b.1873-d.1969
Baldock, Henry Judson (i1257) (living status unknown)
Baldock, infant (i823), b.1902-d.1902
Baldock, infant son (i112), b.1883-d.1884
Baldock, James (i653), b.1765-d.1808
Baldock, James Alfred (i922) (still alive)
Baldock, James Garvin (i554) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Jefferson Allen (i1308) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Jenifer Letha (i925) (still alive)
Baldock, Jimmie Lee (i1289) (living status unknown)
Baldock, John E. (i645), b.1796-d.1827
Baldock, Judy Dell (i1307) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Larry Marvin (i1283) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Laura Frances (i113), b.1885-d.1886
Baldock, Levi (i647), b.1745-d.1808
Baldock, Levi, Jr. (i643), b.1770-
Baldock, Lola Mae (i1293) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Marcus Logan (i95), b.1887-d.1985
Baldock, Margaret Michel (i924) (still alive)
Baldock, Martha Ellen (i86), b.1849-d.1910
Baldock, Martha Susan (i552) (still alive)
Baldock, Marvin Green (i887), b.1909-d.1991
Baldock, Mary Lois (i1275) (still alive)
Baldock, Matthew David (i918) (still alive)
Baldock, Meredith S. (marriage to Martha Elizabeth Ford) (i1787), b.1847-d.1924
Baldock, Monica Helen (i89), b.1867-d.1927
Baldock, Monica Helen (marriage to James H. Ross) (i89), b.1867-d.1927
Baldock, Nancy Katherine (i88), b.1855-d.1941
Baldock, Nancy Katherine (marriage to James Phillip Hall Ford) (i88), b.1855-d.1941
Baldock, Naomi Beth (i913) (still alive)
Baldock, Nicole Diane (i1301) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Olene (i890), b.1914-d.1914
Baldock, Ora Lucille (i99), b.1890-d.1984
Baldock, Ora Lucille (marriage to James M. Holt) (i99), b.1890-d.1984
Baldock, Otis Wayne (i1252) (still alive)
Baldock, Parthenia Ellen (i17), b.1881-d.1962
Baldock, Parthenia Ellen (marriage to John William Franklin Starr) (i17), b.1881-d.1962
Baldock, Patsy Dianna (i1299) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Phillip Michael (i1298) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Rebecca Ruth (i912) (still alive)
Baldock, Richard (i651)
Baldock, Richard (i652), b.1764-d.1841
Baldock, Robert Allan (i921), b.1939-
Baldock, Robert Evan (i926) (still alive)
Baldock, Robert Lemore (i97), b.1915-d.1995
Baldock, Rueben (i649), b.1767-d.1848
Baldock, Ruth (i98) (still alive)
Baldock, Sara Wyrinda (i111), b.1878-d.1977
Baldock, Sara Wyrinda (marriage to George Washington Hodges) (i111), b.1878-d.1977
Baldock, Sarah (i659), b.1784-d.1828
Baldock, Sarah Elizabeth (i85), b.1847-d.1851
Baldock, Sherry Ruth (i1309) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Stephen James (i911) (still alive)
Baldock, Stephen Timothy (i919) (living status unknown)
Baldock, Tabitha (i655), b.1772-d.1850
Baldock, Tyler Stephan (i916) (still alive)
Baldock, Vinnie Rene (i91), b.1871-d.1957
Baldock, Vinnie Rene (marriage to William David Hood) (i91), b.1871-d.1957
Baldock, Virginia Katherine (i90), b.1869-d.1963
Baldock, Virginia Katherine (marriage to Ansil W. Norris) (i90), b.1869-d.1963
Baldock, William B. (i657), b.1781-d.1870
Baldock, Wilmer Ernestine (i93) (still alive)
Baldock, Wilmer Lee (i1251), b.1936-d.1936


Barber, Anna Ranay (i1272) (living status unknown)
Barber, David Alan (i1274) (living status unknown)
Barber, Nathaniel McArthur (i1271) (living status unknown)
Barber, Nathaniel McArthur, III (i1273), b.1993-d.1993


Barbour, Amy Jill (i1993) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Dennis (i1994) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Emma Louise (i1996) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Mary Ida (i1988), b.1928-d.1937
Barbour, Molly Beth (i1992) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Omar Lewis (i972) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Rebecca Frances (i1986) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Riley Robert (i971), b.1901-d.1963
Barbour, Riley Robert (marriage to Vera Key Matthews) (i971), b.1901-d.1963
Barbour, Riley Robert, Jr. (i973) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Valeda Lois (i1991) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Valerie Katherine (i1985) (living status unknown)
Barbour, Vera Opal (i1989) (living status unknown)

Barler (Barlow)

Barler (Barlow), Jemima (marriage to Dietrich Huffman) (i162), b.1756-d.1842


Bartlett, Andrew T. (i968), b.1903-d.1966
Bartlett, Andrew T. (marriage to Beula Elizabeth Matthews) (i968), b.1903-d.1966
Bartlett, James Eugene (i970) (living status unknown)
Bartlett, Rollin Thompson (i969) (living status unknown)


Bartley, Brandin Jade (i1227) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Bryan (i1249) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Christopher Lance (i1237), b.1980-d.1983
Bartley, Christopher Lee (i1226), b.1981-d.2000
Bartley, Danna Allen (i1236) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Delea Lynn (i1235) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Denise Pauline (i1222) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Dennis Wayne (i1224) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Earl Russell (i1185), b.1924-d.2002
Bartley, Edna Ruth (i1187), b.1927-d.1987
Bartley, Edna Ruth (marriage to Roger E. Botts) (i1187), b.1927-d.1987
Bartley, Edwin Elwin (i1215) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Edwin Leroy (i1188) (still alive)
Bartley, Eli (i1217) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Ellen Kathryn (i1219) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Ervin Wayne (i1190), b.1934-d.2001
Bartley, Evan (i1218) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Ezra (i1216) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Gary Garland (i1195) (still alive)
Bartley, infant (i1186), b.1926-d.1926
Bartley, Jeffery Dean (i1242) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Jonathan Andrew (i1248) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Kelvin Lee (i1241) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Kevin Michael (i1207), b.1974-d.1995
Bartley, Lance Allen (i1192) (still alive)
Bartley, Larry Hascal (i1191) (still alive)
Bartley, Larry Michael (i1233) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Lawrence Ellis (i1193) (still alive)
Bartley, Linda Gail (i1197) (still alive)
Bartley, Lisa Ann (i1232) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Manna T. (marriage to Simeon Jacob Uriah Huffman) (i389), b.1851-
Bartley, Michael Earl (i1203) (still alive)
Bartley, Nathan Michael (i1206) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Rachel Laureen (i1247) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Ralph Arnold (i1189) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Ralph R. (i1183), b.1901-d.1973
Bartley, Ralph R. (i1184), b.1923-d.1923
Bartley, Ralph R. (marriage to Clemma Katherine Baldock) (i1183), b.1901-d.1973
Bartley, Renae Aniela (i1244) (still alive)
Bartley, Richard Carroll (i1194) (still alive)
Bartley, Sara Brynn (i1228) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Sonja Kathy (i1239) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Terry Robert (i1230) (living status unknown)
Bartley, Tony Russell (i1231) (living status unknown)


Bassett, William (marriage to Bridgett Cary) (i1563)


Bauling, Alana Ellen (i1376) (living status unknown)
Bauling, Frederick George (i1372) (living status unknown)
Bauling, Marla Starr (i1375) (living status unknown)
Bauling, Rinda Larae (i1374) (living status unknown)
Bauling, Susanne Ilene (i1373) (living status unknown)


Baxter, Brookie Carmell (i1397) (living status unknown)
Baxter, Lisa Marie (i860) (still alive)
Baxter, Max (i1396), b.1938-d.1977
Baxter, Max Brenton (i1398) (living status unknown)
Baxter, Roger Phillip (i861) (still alive)
Baxter, Warner Bradley (i1399) (living status unknown)
Baxter, Warner J. (i1403) (living status unknown)


Bayley, Arthur (marriage to Mary Jordan) (i1696)


Beard, Letitia Lou (marriage to Charles Grant Huffman) (i1776), b.1854-d.1928


Bell, Thomas (marriage to Lucinda Huffman) (i1763), b.1825-


Bellamy, George H. (marriage to Sarah Caroline Ford) (i1785), b.1844-d.1929
Bellamy, Samuel D. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Huffman) (i1803), b.1817-d.1865


Bellis, Mary (Amy?) (marriage to George W. Sigler) (i1859)


Bennett, Brett Alan (i1386) (living status unknown)
Bennett, George (i1385) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Grant Thomas (i1388) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Paige LaRae (i1389) (living status unknown)
Bennett, Trent Jordan (i1387) (living status unknown)


Benson, Andrew Arthur (i557) (still alive)


Bensyl, Mitchell Layne (i1363) (living status unknown)


Berry, Jerod Scott (i1521) (living status unknown)
Berry, Jessica Gayle (i1518) (living status unknown)
Berry, Jordan Joel Taylor (i1520) (living status unknown)
Berry, Joshua Glenn (i1519) (living status unknown)
Berry, Steven Glenn (i1517) (living status unknown)


Berryman, Glen (marriage to Verna Virginia Hood) (i1157), b.1906-d.1990
Berryman, Lola Catherine (marriage to Henry Jefferson Baldock) (i393), b.1881-d.1946


Birge, Beulah Mae (marriage to Hershel Lee Gramlin) (i992), b.1913-d.2002
Birge, Billy Dean (i1011), b.1931-d.2001
Birge, Charles Edward (i1012), b.1936-d.2001
Birge, Gary David (i1013) (living status unknown)
Birge, Ned (i1010), d.2001
Birge, Ned (marriage to Mabel Gramlin) (i1010), d.2001
Birge, Ralph Lee (i1014) (living status unknown)
Birge, Rondal Arthur (i1015) (living status unknown)


Blake, Selma (marriage to Ollie S. Eastham) (i2088)


Blankenbaker, Jacob (marriage to Mary Barbara Thomas) (i403), b.1718-


Bolsseau, Michael Christopher (i1270) (living status unknown)
Bolsseau, Michael Lynn (i1269) (living status unknown)


Bolton, Uriah (marriage to Mahulda A. Huffman) (i1801), b.1825-


Botts, Phillip Rodney (i1210) (living status unknown)
Botts, Roger E. (i1208), b.1925-
Botts, Roger E. (marriage to Edna Ruth Bartley) (i1208), b.1925-
Botts, Stephen Roger (i1209) (living status unknown)


Boward, Eric Travis (i541) (still alive)
Boward, Kalvin Craig (i2084) (still alive)
Boward, Levi Thomas (i2086) (still alive)
Boward, Lucas Starr (i2085) (still alive)


Bowles, Betty Lou (i1371) (living status unknown)
Bowles, Betty Lou (marriage to Max Baxter) (i1371) (living status unknown)
Bowles, Billy Richard (i1370), b.1939-d.1977
Bowles, Christopher (i1392)
Bowles, Dennis (i844), b.1905-d.1985
Bowles, Dennis (marriage to Pauline Hodges) (i844), b.1905-d.1985
Bowles, Dortha Jean (i845), b.1929-d.2003
Bowles, Jessie Ilene (i1369) (living status unknown)
Bowles, Joseph Michael (i1391), b.1961-d.1986


Bradley, Deborah Kay (i939) (still alive)
Bradley, John Robert (i938) (still alive)


Bradshaw, Chelsie Taite (i1529) (living status unknown)
Bradshaw, Colby Nash (i1530) (living status unknown)
Bradshaw, Kevin Dale (i1528) (living status unknown)


Branch, Mary (marriage to Robert Cary) (i1595), b.1775-d.1826


Branstetter, Elsie Olene (marriage to Bernard Tillman Hodges) (i1435), b.1914-d.1999


Brewer, unknown (marriage to Sarah Lanier) (i1654)


Brockmann, Augusta Christina (marriage to Heinrich Christian Friedrich Ernst Wedemeyer) (i614), b.1851-d.1925


Brown, Angie Vernall (marriage to Thomas Eugene Parker) (i2042) (living status unknown)
Brown, Donald Lee (i1152) (living status unknown)
Brown, Mary Elizabeth (i1149), b.1923-d.1923
Brown, Ona Christine (marriage to Marvin Green Baldock) (i1258), b.1911-d.1986
Brown, Virgil Everette (i1148), b.1900-d.1986
Brown, Virgil Everette (marriage to Eula Bethel Hood) (i1148), b.1900-d.1986
Brown, William Brent (i1150) (living status unknown)


Brummell, Josiah (marriage to Dorothy Cary) (i1603), b.1775-
Brummell, Obedience (marriage to Miles Cary) (i1593), b.1770-


Bruning, Brett Joseph (i781) (still alive)
Bruning, Ethan Jay (i783) (still alive)
Bruning, Larry Joseph (i780) (still alive)
Bruning, Shane Jordan Nichols (i784) (still alive)
Bruning, Tyler James (i782) (still alive)


Buckles, Harriet (marriage to John Sigler) (i2072), d.1883
Buckles, Rebecca (marriage to John Sigler) (i2073), b.1858-d.1932


Buckley, Joicey E. (marriage to William Levi Matthews) (i1891)


Burgess, Alma R. (marriage to Herman Clyde Gramlin) (i1007), b.1917-d.1974


Burnett, Henry Cox (marriage to Judith Cary) (i1605), b.1780-


Bush, Paul Delphia (i1915), d.2002
Bush, Paul Delphia (marriage to Margaret Grace Matthews) (i1915), d.2002
Bush, Rondol Paul (i2017) (living status unknown)
Bush, Winford Eldon (i2016) (living status unknown)


Bushong, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Hamilton) (i222), b.1785-


Button, Blake (i944) (still alive)
Button, Brady Conrad (i943) (still alive)
Button, Brian Allin (i941) (still alive)
Button, Brock Jamison (i945) (still alive)
Button, Freddie Allen (i940) (still alive)
Button, John Morgan, Sr. (marriage to Lucy Huffman) (i1772), b.1785-d.1861
Button, Nancy (marriage to Armstead Huffman) (i195), b.1788-d.1834
Button, Sarah (i942) (still alive)
Button, Zacheus (marriage to Elizabeth Huffman) (i379), b.1783-d.1853


Bybee, Debbie (i1981) (living status unknown)
Bybee, Karen (i1975) (living status unknown)
Bybee, Marcia (i1978) (living status unknown)
Bybee, Richard A. (i1921), b.1928-
Bybee, Richard A. (marriage to Jean Francis) (i1921), b.1928-


C____, Bertie (marriage to Roy Wayne Hood) (i1174), b.1942-


Call, Margaret (marriage to Johan Heinrich Railsback) (i419), b.1738-


Carey, Nancy Thomas (i3), b.1852-d.1916
Carey, Nancy Thomas (marriage to Amos Rogan (Roger?) Starr) (i3), b.1852-d.1916


Cary, Abner Clay (i277), b.1798-d.1875
Cary, Abner Clay (marriage to Mary King Williams) (i277), b.1798-d.1875
Cary, Alexander Campbell (i1639), b.1842-d.1916
Cary, Amanda Hutchins (i1633), b.1835-
Cary, Anne (i1559), b.1649-
Cary, Anne (i1582), b.1707-
Cary, Anne (i1607), b.1770-d.1861
Cary, Archibald (i1617), b.1806-d.1885
Cary, Beverly (i1621), b.1804-d.1833
Cary, Bridget (i1583), b.1710-
Cary, Bridgett (i1562), b.1652-
Cary, Cyrus Walker (i1641), b.1844-d.1929
Cary, Dorothy (i1573)
Cary, Dorothy (i1584), b.1712-
Cary, Dorothy (i1602), b.1779-
Cary, Edward (i1609)
Cary, Elizabeth (i1557), b.1653-
Cary, Elizabeth (i1569), b.1675-
Cary, Elizabeth (i1588), b.1709-
Cary, Elizabeth (i1606), b.1785-
Cary, Elizabeth Henry (i1637), b.1839-d.1918
Cary, George H. (i1625), b.1811-d.1884
Cary, Harrison (i1612), b.1796-d.1838
Cary, Henry (i1560), b.1650-d.1720
Cary, Henry (i1596), b.1771-
Cary, James (i1571), b.1673-
Cary, James Madison (i1623), b.1808-
Cary, John Crittenden (i1644), b.1848-d.1923
Cary, Judith (i1604), b.1783-
Cary, Lineus Simpson (i1610), b.1795-d.1856
Cary, Lucenia Wesley (i1635), b.1837-
Cary, Martha (i1586), b.1714-
Cary, Mary Wilson (i1628), b.1829-d.1846
Cary, Mary Woodson (i1615), b.1802-d.1852
Cary, Miles (i1564), b.1655-d.1709
Cary, Miles (i1578), b.1701-d.1766
Cary, Miles (i1592), b.1766-d.1813
Cary, Miles (Major) (i1546), b.1671-d.1724
Cary, Miles (Major) (marriage to Elizabeth Cocke) (i1546), b.1671-d.1724
Cary, Milner (i1572), b.1675-
Cary, Mylles (Col.)(Miles) (i1540), b.1622-d.1667
Cary, Nathaniel (i1581), b.1703-d.1761
Cary, Nathaniel (i1598), b.1773-
Cary, Richard (i1577), b.1696-d.1721
Cary, Robert (i1534), b.1723-d.1782
Cary, Robert (i1594), b.1768-d.1831
Cary, Robert (marriage to Mary Jennings) (i1534), b.1723-d.1782
Cary, Robert Preston (i1619), b.1814-d.1892
Cary, Thomas (i1550), b.1698-d.1755
Cary, Thomas (i1590), b.1725-d.1784
Cary, Thomas (i1600), b.1775-
Cary, Thomas (Major) (i1542), b.1647-d.1708
Cary, Thomas (Major) (marriage to Anne Milner) (i1542), b.1647-d.1708
Cary, Thomas (marriage to Dorothy Philipson) (i1550), b.1698-d.1755
Cary, Thomas, II (i1567), b.1670-d.1713
Cary, Tillitha Martin (i1629), b.1830-d.1903
Cary, Virginia Clay (i1631), b.1833-d.1856
Cary, William (i1543), b.1657-d.1713
Cary, Wilson (i1536), b.1770-d.1822
Cary, Wilson (marriage to Judith Baker) (i1536), b.1770-d.1822


Casey, Donald Lee (i70) (still alive)
Casey, Jennifer Lynn (i72) (still alive)
Casey, Lisa Ann (i71) (still alive)
Casey, Sean Michael (i73) (still alive)


Catterall, Candace Suzanne (i855) (still alive)
Catterall, Connor Ross (i856) (still alive)
Catterall, Roydon Blake (i854) (still alive)


Caven, Ada (marriage to Owen Frank McClintock) (i1856)


Clore, Rosannah (marriage to Daniel Railsback) (i406), b.1765-


Cloyd, Belle (marriage to Cyrus Walker Cary) (i1642), b.1850-d.1872
Cloyd, James (marriage to Elizabeth Henry Cary) (i1638), b.1830-
Cloyd, Mary Jane (marriage to Robert Preston Cary) (i1620), b.1822-d.1876
Cloyd, Thomas J. (marriage to Virginia Clay Cary) (i1632)


Coats, Elizabeth (marriage to George Jordan) (i1690)


Cochran, Eleanor (i208), b.1801-
Cochran, Nancy (i207), b.1793-d.1859
Cochran, Nancy (marriage to Edward Huffman) (i207), b.1793-d.1859
Cochran, William (i205), b.1765-


Cocke, Elizabeth (i1547), b.1665-d.1724
Cocke, Elizabeth (marriage to Miles (Major) Cary) (i1547), b.1665-d.1724
Cocke, Richard (i1548)


Collins, Dora Ann (marriage to John Crittenden Cary) (i1645), b.1855-d.1943
Collins, Mary Jane (marriage to George H. Cary) (i1627)


Combs, Elizabeth (marriage to David Starr) (i1036), b.1803-
Combs, Sarah (marriage to John Sidney Starr) (i1031), b.1800-


Conger, Hannah (marriage to John Railsback) (i412), b.1786-


Cook, George (marriage to Anna Maria Hoffman) (i359), b.1760-


Copeland, Charles Lawrence (i2096) (living status unknown)
Copeland, Clayton Joseph (i2082) (still alive)
Copeland, Dora Alta (i2095) (living status unknown)
Copeland, Dwayne Edward (i124) (still alive)
Copeland, Melvin Clarence (i115), b.1912-d.1990
Copeland, Melvin Clarence (marriage to Josephine Thomas Starr) (i115), b.1912-d.1990
Copeland, Michelle Kay (i125) (still alive)
Copeland, Patrica (i117) (still alive)
Copeland, Robert Joseph (i123) (still alive)
Copeland, Robert Nash (i2080) (still alive)
Copeland, Tammy Marie (i122) (still alive)
Copeland, Victor (i116) (still alive)
Copeland, Winston Starr (i118), b.1939-d.1987


Cox, Chastain (marriage to Lucinda Huffman) (i373), b.1785-d.1837


Crabtree, Cindy Joyce (i1100) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Deborah Ann (i1095) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Diane (i1094) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Donna Fay (i1097) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Emma (i1053) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Emma (marriage to Elzie Mitchell Polson) (i1053) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Eula Denise (i1096) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Evelyn (i1051) (still alive)
Crabtree, Haskel Earl (i1052), b.1924-d.1994
Crabtree, Ishmel (i966)
Crabtree, Ishmel (marriage to Eunice Nell Matthews) (i966)
Crabtree, James (i1054) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Jerry Lee (i1130) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Larry (i967) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Lenny B. (i1050), b.1889-d.1971
Crabtree, Lenny B. (marriage to Beulah Ethel Hood) (i1050), b.1889-d.1971
Crabtree, Leonard (i1058) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Margaret Ethel (i1076) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Marilyn Gail (i1101) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Mary (i1060) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Michael Earl (i1077) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Myrtie Alyne (i1057) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Patsy Lee (i1059) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Sandra Renee (i1078) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Sheila Mae (i1080) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Shirley Ann (i1082) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, Verna (i1056) (living status unknown)
Crabtree, William Lennie (i1055) (living status unknown)


Crow, Elizabeth (marriage to Ezekial Huffman) (i372), b.1789-d.1851
Crow, Nancy (marriage to Julius Huffman) (i371), b.1790-


Curry, William (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Huffman) (i1810), b.1832-


Daugherty, Nancy (marriage to William Henry Huffman) (i1798), b.1826-d.1877


Day, Elmer (marriage to Ola Sigler) (i2067), b.1892-d.1945


Denton, Alexander S. (marriage to Elizabeth Huffman) (i1767), b.1830-
Denton, Richard (marriage to Nancy Huffman) (i1765), b.1830-


Devashen, Wanda (marriage to Roy Wayne Hood) (i1173) (living status unknown)


Dietrich, Bradley (i877) (still alive)
Dietrich, Edwin Lloyd (i875), b.1905-d.1978
Dietrich, Edwin Lloyd (marriage to Odessa Ellen Wedemeyer) (i875), b.1905-d.1978
Dietrich, Kay Ellen (i876) (still alive)
Dietrich, Kimberly (i878) (still alive)


Dietz, Annette Kay (i138) (still alive)
Dietz, Anthony Patrick (i146) (still alive)
Dietz, Charles Edward (i143) (still alive)
Dietz, Christopher Louis (i140) (still alive)
Dietz, Dylan Thomas (i543) (still alive)
Dietz, Maxwell Aubrey (i145) (still alive)
Dietz, Patrick James (i139) (still alive)
Dietz, Patrick Jared (i149) (still alive)
Dietz, Quinton Ronald (i151) (still alive)
Dietz, Ronald Edward (i137) (still alive)
Dietz, Wesley John (i142) (still alive)


Dillingham, Charles (i1979) (living status unknown)
Dillingham, Taylor (i1980) (living status unknown)


Dooley, Reuben (marriage to Leah Railsback) (i409), b.1773-


Doris (marriage to Ezra David Hood) (i1168) (living status unknown)


Douglas, Samuel (marriage to Ann Starr) (i1038), b.1792-


Droege, Kevin (i1847) (still alive)
Droege, Sarah Danielle (i1848) (still alive)


Dubree, Callie Coastin (i1533) (living status unknown)
Dubree, Joel Anthony (i1531) (living status unknown)
Dubree, Nolan Garth (i1532) (living status unknown)


Dudley, George (marriage to Dorothy Cary) (i1585), b.1705-


Duncan, Jessie (marriage to Ross Wedemeyer) (i865), b.1910-d.1961


Eastham, Joe (i2091)
Eastham, Mary Ann (i127) (still alive)
Eastham, Ollie S. (i2087)
Eastham, Paul (i2090) (living status unknown)
Eastham, Richard (i2089) (living status unknown)
Eastham, Robert E. (i126), b.1934-d.1995


Edwards, Elizabeth (marriage to Teter Huffman Jr.) (i362), b.1790-d.1877
Edwards, Gloria Ann (i1455) (living status unknown)
Edwards, Lacy Kay (i1454) (living status unknown)
Edwards, Lenville A. (i1452), b.1934-d.1962
Edwards, Sally (Sarah) (marriage to Levi Baldock Jr.) (i644)
Edwards, Susanna (marriage to Peter Ford) (i1778)
Edwards, Vickie Lynette (i1453) (living status unknown)


Elizabeth Bevin (marriage to Arthur Jordan) (i1666), b.1630-d.1699


Elliott, Vickie Lee (marriage to Bernice Thomas Matthews) (i959), b.1906-d.1960


Engel, Fred (marriage to Alice Augusta Wedemeyer) (i621), b.1878-d.1948


Eubank, Roddy Bagby (marriage to Lois Starr) (i2019), b.1914-d.1987


Euteneur, Anna Maria (marriage to Johan Heinrich Railsback) (i418), b.1739-d.1786


Fellure, Jacob Marcus (i932) (still alive)
Fellure, Randy (i931) (still alive)


Ferguson, Ava Catherine (i1473) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Clay Montgomery (i1472) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Jeremy Jason (i1475) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Joshua David (i1476) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Mitchell (i1468) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Mitchell (i1469) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Mitchell Allan (i1470) (living status unknown)


Findley, Mary (marriage to Armstead Huffman) (i1770)


Flood, Jane (i1693)
Flood, John (i1656), b.1592-d.1658
Flood, John (i1659), b.1627-d.1672
Flood, John (marriage to Fortune Jordan) (i1656), b.1592-d.1658
Flood, Mary (i1661), b.1635-d.1678
Flood, Mary (marriage to John Washington) (i1661), b.1635-d.1678
Flood, Thomas (i1660), b.1629-d.1677
Flood, Walter (i1694)
Flood, William (i1658), b.1625-


Flowers, Nell (marriage to Granville Rogan Matthews) (i1999) (living status unknown)


Ford, Austin Davenport (i1779), b.1821-d.1864
Ford, Austin Davenport (marriage to Catherine Huffman) (i1779), b.1821-d.1864
Ford, Catherine Fanny (i1791), b.1856-d.1913
Ford, James Phillip Hall (i642), b.1846-d.1915
Ford, James Phillip Hall (marriage to Nancy Katherine Baldock) (i642), b.1846-d.1915
Ford, John Thomas (i1781), b.1844-d.1932
Ford, Lucy Ellen (i114), b.1858-d.1911
Ford, Lucy Ellen (marriage to Henry Baldock) (i114), b.1858-d.1911
Ford, Martha Elizabeth (i1786), b.1850-d.1911
Ford, Mary Olive (i1790), b.1854-d.1855
Ford, Nancy Ann (i1788), b.1851-d.1880
Ford, Peter (i1777)
Ford, Sarah Caroline (i1784), b.1848-d.1896
Ford, William Alexander (i1793), b.1863-d.1950


Foster, Christopher (marriage to Mary Jordan) (i1697)


Fowler, William C. (marriage to Eva Esther Holt) (i1854)


Francis, Benjamin Lee (i1952) (living status unknown)
Francis, Carla (i1947) (living status unknown)
Francis, Clayton (i1929) (living status unknown)
Francis, Donita (i1930) (living status unknown)
Francis, Eddie Bryant (i999), b.1903-d.1977
Francis, Eddie Bryant (marriage to Ruby Ann Gramlin) (i999), b.1903-d.1977
Francis, Eddie Bryant, Jr. (i1001) (living status unknown)
Francis, Gena (i1949) (living status unknown)
Francis, Greg (i1946) (living status unknown)
Francis, Hascal (i1004) (living status unknown)
Francis, Hascal (marriage to Ova Mae Gramlin) (i1004) (living status unknown)
Francis, Heather Dawn (i1963) (living status unknown)
Francis, Helen M. (i1918), b.1929-
Francis, Henry Earl (i1003) (living status unknown)
Francis, Howard Evans (i1924) (living status unknown)
Francis, Jean (i1920), b.1931-
Francis, Jean (marriage to Richard A. Bybee) (i1920), b.1931-
Francis, Margaret Joyce (i1002) (living status unknown)
Francis, Patricia (i1922) (living status unknown)
Francis, Tina Michelle (i1953) (living status unknown)
Francis, Vera Nell (i1005) (living status unknown)
Francis, Willa Mae (i1000), b.1927-d.1969
Francis, William Henry (i1944) (living status unknown)


Gallivan, Lucas Shane (i1367) (living status unknown)


Galloway, George (marriage to Mary Polly Starr) (i1034)


Garrett, Carl Russell (i1489), b.1934-d.1995
Garrett, Denissa Rae (i1492) (living status unknown)
Garrett, Larissa Gay (i1490) (living status unknown)
Garrett, Melissa Fay (i1491) (living status unknown)


Gee, Nancy (marriage to Jesse H. Huffman Sr.) (i381), b.1801-


Gentry, Sarah Belle (marriage to Fred Bedford Gerald) (i1354)


Gerald, Cheryl Ann (i1355) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Darrell R. (i847) (still alive)
Gerald, Dora (i1347)
Gerald, Fred Bedford (i1352), b.1906-
Gerald, George Harlan (i1348)
Gerald, James Garnett (i1102) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Jeffery Neal (i1344) (still alive)
Gerald, Larry Reid (i1356) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Mark Ross (i1358) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Maude (i1349)
Gerald, Michael Reid (i1364) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Ola (i1350), b.1896-
Gerald, Paulette Marie (i1343) (still alive)
Gerald, Radford F. (i846) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Radford F. (marriage to Dortha Jean Bowles) (i846) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Robert Dwayne (i1105) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Roger Dale (i1103) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Samuel C. (i1353), b.1910-
Gerald, Sandra Fay (i1106) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Timothy Lane (i1368) (living status unknown)
Gerald, Timothy Lee (i1357) (living status unknown)
Gerald, William Bedford (i1345), b.1871-d.1910
Gerald, William Radford (i1351), b.1901-


Gerhard, Maria Catherina (marriage to Johann Georg Rehlsbach) (i414), b.1706-d.1777


Gibson, Anthony Michael (i1381) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Steven Michael (i1380) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Timothy Austin (i1382) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Vergenne (marriage to William A. Starr) (i610), b.1851-d.1942


Gilliam, Elizabeth (marriage to Francis Maybury) (i1706), b.1665-d.1716


Glass, Edith Juanita (marriage to William B. Holt) (i102)


Glover, Ashley Nicole (i1143) (living status unknown)
Glover, Bradley (i1142) (living status unknown)
Glover, Casey Rae (i1144) (living status unknown)


Goessar, Zora E. (marriage to John R. Holt) (i1850)


Goodman, Joe Michael (i1954) (living status unknown)
Goodman, Michael Monroe (i1956) (living status unknown)


Graham, James Monroe (marriage to Elizabeth Dallas Matthews) (i1912)


Gramlin, Barbara Sue (i1009) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Bedford Boyd (i994), b.1934-d.1936
Gramlin, Burnell (i1966) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Charles Edward (i1017) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Dale Dean (i1916)
Gramlin, Dennis Lawrence (i1022) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Donald Eugene (i1025) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Earl Franklin (i989) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Eddie (i993), b.1931-d.1977
Gramlin, Edith Wandaline (i1019) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Ernest Marshall (i991), b.1926-d.1992
Gramlin, Herbert (i1008) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Herman Clyde (i987), b.1913-d.1978
Gramlin, Hershel Lee (i983), b.1907-d.1937
Gramlin, infant (i1917), b.1936-d.1936
Gramlin, Kenneth Earl (i997) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Larry Eugene (i1020) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Mabel (i988), b.1916-d.2001
Gramlin, Mabel (marriage to Ned Birge) (i988), b.1916-d.2001
Gramlin, Marcia Ann (i1024) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Mary Lou (i1023) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Ova Mae (i986), b.1911-d.1985
Gramlin, Ruby Ann (i985), b.1909-d.1980
Gramlin, Ruby Ann (marriage to Eddie Bryant Francis) (i985), b.1909-d.1980
Gramlin, Ruth (i1925) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Shirley M. (i998) (living status unknown)
Gramlin, Walter Lawrence (i12), b.1880-d.1947
Gramlin, Walter Lawrence (marriage to Lula Thomas Starr) (i12), b.1880-d.1947
Gramlin, William Wesley (i990), b.1920-d.1993


Graves, Thomas Crittenden (marriage to Tillitha Martin Cary) (i1630), b.1826-d.1909


Groce, Brittany Paige (i1495) (living status unknown)
Groce, Gary Lawrence (i1494) (living status unknown)
Groce, Seth Garrett (i1496) (living status unknown)


Hadden, Roger Dale (i2114) (still alive)


Hall, Lucinda (marriage to William Hodges) (i1319), b.1819-d.1853


Hamilton, John Andrew (i224), b.1818-d.1891
Hamilton, John Andrew (marriage to Catherine Belle Huffman) (i224), b.1818-d.1891
Hamilton, Richard Johnson (marriage to Nancy Jane Huffman) (i1775), b.1835-d.1906
Hamilton, Sarah Bushong (Boneparte ?) (i223), b.1812-d.1902
Hamilton, Sarah Bushong (Boneparte ?) (marriage to Simeon Huffman) (i223), b.1812-d.1902
Hamilton, Thomas (i221), b.1780-
Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Margaret Francis Huffman) (i638), b.1824-d.1894


Harlan, Charlotte T. (marriage to John Huffman) (i384), b.1834-
Harlan, Clarissa Coates (marriage to William Allen Huffman) (i385), b.1819-d.1900
Harlan, Jehu McCann (marriage to Lucy Jane Huffman) (i383), b.1826-d.1913
Harlan, John (marriage to Mary Frances Huffman) (i374), b.1776-d.1851
Harlan, Stephen C. (marriage to Lucy Jane Huffman) (i1808)


Harms, Amanda Rose (i40) (still alive)
Harms, Robert Walter (i39) (still alive)


Harnsberger, John (i394)
Harnsberger, Margaret (i160), b.1750-d.1832
Harnsberger, Margaret (marriage to Henry Huffman Jr.) (i160), b.1750-d.1832
Harnsberger, Stephen (i169), b.1720-


Hartwell, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Cocke) (i1549)


Harvey, Cornelia Florence (marriage to Charles Henry Matthews) (i1895)
Harvey, Gladys Joy (marriage to Dudley Clark Starr) (i19), b.1925-d.1985
Harvey, Nancy, Tomlin (marriage to Uriah Taylor Huffman) (i1769), b.1824-d.1910


Haynes, Bobbie Jo (i1285) (living status unknown)


Heard, William Carr (marriage to Mary Woodson Cary) (i1616), b.1794-d.1877


Henderson, Gregory Wayne (i1315) (living status unknown)
Henderson, Jessica Ruth (i1316), b.1980-d.2002
Henderson, Robert (marriage to Rachel S. A. Starr) (i267)
Henderson, Stacey Michelle (i1317) (living status unknown)


Hill, Harold (marriage to Augusta Wilhamina Wedemeyer) (i623)
Hill, Martha (marriage to Jacob Railsback) (i411), b.1782-
Hill, Martha Paweman (marriage to William Hood) (i1046), b.1926-


Hinde, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Cary II) (i1568), b.1675-


Hines, Berian Olive (marriage to John Hayden Huffman) (i1813), b.1854-d.1925
Hines, Christopher Alan (i369) (still alive)
Hines, Martha Marie (marriage to John Hayden Huffman) (i1812), b.1837-d.1872
Hines, Robert Martin (i368) (still alive)


Hodges, Angela Heather (i1411) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Barbara (i1407) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Barry Lynn (i1479) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Bernard Tillman (i1430), b.1911-d.1994
Hodges, Bonnie Lou (i1441) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Christopher Michael (i1447) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Clyde Stanley (i1431), b.1913-d.1991
Hodges, Connie Sue (i1406) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Dalton Lyle (i1436) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Delva (i1432), b.1915-d.1915
Hodges, Denva (i1433), b.1915-d.1915
Hodges, Elizabeth (i1320), b.1846-d.1928
Hodges, Ernestine (i1434), b.1917-d.1917
Hodges, Gary Marlin (i1507) (living status unknown)
Hodges, George Washington (i606), b.1871-d.1958
Hodges, George Washington (marriage to Sara Wyrinda Baldock) (i606), b.1871-d.1958
Hodges, Glenn Brent (i1324), b.1925-d.1956
Hodges, Gloria Dale (i1505), b.1938-d.1957
Hodges, Hallie Gazel (i826), b.1904-d.1995
Hodges, Hallie Gazel (marriage to Rufus Watson Shives) (i826), b.1904-d.1995
Hodges, Harriet (i1321), b.1854-d.1941
Hodges, Jana Jill (i1523) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Jeffrey Benson (i1525) (living status unknown)
Hodges, John Barton (i1527) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Joseph Scott (i1445) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Joshua Jacob (i1512) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Karyn Ashley (i1480) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Katie Elaine (i1450) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Kelsie Elizabeth-Ann (i1451) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Lloyd Lynn (i1438) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Lonnie Dale (i1446) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Malcolm Lionel (i825), b.1902-d.1989
Hodges, Maria Annette (i1409) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Marla (i1524) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Mary Gayle (i1506) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Pauline (i827), b.1906-d.1994
Hodges, Pauline (marriage to Dennis Bowles) (i827), b.1906-d.1994
Hodges, Richard Douglas (i1444) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Richard Robert (i1326) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Robin Marie (i1482) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Roger Dale (i1483) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Roger Morris (i1439) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Rondol (i828), b.1909-d.1984
Hodges, Rondol (i1405) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Rondol Marshall , II (i1410) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Ruth Elizabeth (i1437) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Ruth Elizabeth (marriage to Lenville A. Edwards) (i1437) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Stanley Norman, Jr. (i1510) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Stanley Norman, Sr. (i1508) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Tammy Shawn (i1478) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Theodore Brent (i824), b.1900-d.1955
Hodges, Timothy Allen (i1443) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Virginia (i1440) (living status unknown)
Hodges, Virginia (marriage to Carl Russell Garrett) (i1440) (living status unknown)
Hodges, William (i1318), b.1815-d.1891
Hodges, William (marriage to Louisa Huffman) (i1318), b.1815-d.1891


Hoffman, Anna Catherine (i157), b.1738-
Hoffman, Anna Maria (i168), b.1760-
Hoffman, Elizabeth (i158), b.1739-
Hoffman, Lewis (i165), b.1755-d.1803
Hoffman, Maria Elizabeth (i156), b.1736-


Hofmann, Johannes Henrich (i154), b.1708-d.1765


Hogan, Betsy (marriage to James Baldock) (i654)


Hollis, Reba Carlene (marriage to John Robert Hunter) (i1842)


Holloway, Samuel (marriage to Ida Belle Matthews) (i2027)


Holt, Arthur Leslie (i1852), b.1907-d.1954
Holt, Eva Esther (i1853)
Holt, George W. (i1851), b.1885-d.1953
Holt, James M. (i100), b.1891-d.1969
Holt, James M. (marriage to Ora Lucille Baldock) (i100), b.1891-d.1969
Holt, Jimmie (i829) (living status unknown)
Holt, John R. (i1849)
Holt, Madelyn (i830) (living status unknown)
Holt, William B. (i101), b.1917-d.1982


Holtzclaw, Henry (marriage to Sarah Huffman) (i363), b.1775-d.1857
Holtzclaw, Jacob (marriage to Susanna Thomas) (i399), b.1713-
Holtzclaw, Joseph (marriage to Mary Thomas) (i401), b.1715-


Homan, Betty (marriage to John A. Sigler) (i1861), b.1884-d.1936


Hood, Albert Leslie (i343), b.1907-d.1986
Hood, Beulah Ethel (i819), b.1899-d.1962
Hood, Beulah Ethel (marriage to Lenny B. Crabtree) (i819), b.1899-d.1962
Hood, Beverly (i1176) (living status unknown)
Hood, Bonnie Jean (i1048), b.1927-d.1999
Hood, Charles Ezra (i1167), b.1963-d.1963
Hood, Charles Milford (i821), b.1902-d.1987
Hood, Dascal Lee (i1169) (living status unknown)
Hood, Eula Bethel (i820), b.1899-d.1954
Hood, Eula Bethel (marriage to Virgil Everette Brown) (i820), b.1899-d.1954
Hood, Ezra David (i345), b.1936-d.1983
Hood, Gary (i1171) (living status unknown)
Hood, Henry Chaskel (i818), b.1897-d.1897
Hood, Herbert Wayne (i817), b.1895-d.1975
Hood, Hurbert Worth (i816), b.1893-d.1978
Hood, Iva Mae (i884), b.1912-
Hood, Iva Mae (marriage to Marvin Buell Mosier) (i884), b.1912-
Hood, Joe (i955) (living status unknown)
Hood, Kevin Wayne (i1175), b.1966-d.1978
Hood, Mary Ellen (i935) (still alive)
Hood, Mattie Lucille (i886) (living status unknown)
Hood, Opal Virginia (i1047), b.1922-d.1922
Hood, Roy Wayne (i1170), b.1941-
Hood, Teresa (i1178) (living status unknown)
Hood, unknown (i954)
Hood, Verna Virginia (i822), b.1905-d.1998
Hood, Verna Virginia (marriage to Francis Marion Kingery) (i822), b.1905-d.1998
Hood, William (i1045), b.1918-d.2000
Hood, William David (i342), b.1868-d.1939
Hood, William David (marriage to Vinnie Rene Baldock) (i342), b.1868-d.1939
Hood, William Stanley (i885), b.1910-d.1910


Hope, Edith Joyce (marriage to Albert Leslie Hood) (i344), b.1917-d.1996


Howard, Anne Timson (marriage to Miles Cary) (i1580), b.1705-


Hudson, Sarah (marriage to John Baker Sr.) (i1539) (living status unknown)


Huffman, Albert (i209), b.1823-d.1892
Huffman, Allen (i197), b.1789-d.1871
Huffman, Ambrose, Jr. (i184), b.1787-d.1845
Huffman, Ambrose, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Huffman II) (i184), b.1787-d.1845
Huffman, Ambrose, Sr. (i163), b.1753-d.1849
Huffman, Ambrose, Sr. (marriage to Mary Railsback) (i163), b.1753-d.1849
Huffman, Anna (i174), b.1776-d.1847
Huffman, Armstead (i194), b.1785-d.1857
Huffman, Barnett (i199), b.1792-d.1871
Huffman, Bennett Elmore (i388), b.1836-d.1900
Huffman, Bennett Elmore (marriage to Dosha Catherine Huffman) (i388), b.1836-d.1900
Huffman, Catherine (i1780), b.1821-d.1906
Huffman, Catherine (marriage to Austin Davenport Ford) (i1780), b.1821-d.1906
Huffman, Catherine Belle (i217), b.1823-d.1891
Huffman, Catherine Belle (marriage to John Andrew Hamilton) (i217), b.1823-d.1891
Huffman, Charles Grant (i233), b.1859-d.1939
Huffman, Cornelius (i176), b.1784-d.1835
Huffman, Dietrich (i161), b.1755-d.1835
Huffman, Dosha Catherine (i229), b.1845-d.1885
Huffman, Dosha Catherine (marriage to Bennett Elmore Huffman) (i229), b.1845-d.1885
Huffman, Edward (i198), b.1790-d.1859
Huffman, Edward (marriage to Nancy Cochran) (i198), b.1790-d.1859
Huffman, Edward Jasper (i228), b.1842-d.1912
Huffman, Elam (i200), b.1794-d.1843
Huffman, Eliza E. (i230), b.1847-d.1847
Huffman, Elizabeth (i201), b.1797-d.1843
Huffman, Elizabeth (i214), b.1830-
Huffman, Elizabeth, I (i187), b.1782-d.1785
Huffman, Elizabeth, II (i191), b.1788-d.1869
Huffman, Elizabeth, II (marriage to Ambrose Huffman Jr.) (i191), b.1788-d.1869
Huffman, Ezekial (i189), b.1782-d.1868
Huffman, Frances Marion (i1795), b.1822-d.1875
Huffman, Henry (i203), b.1801-d.1865
Huffman, Henry (i210), b.1828-d.1853
Huffman, Henry, Jr. (i159), b.1748-d.1835
Huffman, Henry, Jr. (marriage to Margaret Harnsberger) (i159), b.1748-d.1835
Huffman, Jemima (i183), b.1781-d.1808
Huffman, Jesse H., Sr. (i204), b.1803-d.1866
Huffman, John (i202), b.1799-d.1856
Huffman, John (i219), b.1830-
Huffman, John (marriage to Nancy Gee Huffman) (i219), b.1830-
Huffman, John Hayden (i1811), b.1837-d.1932
Huffman, Jonathan Clark (i1815), b.1842-d.1915
Huffman, Julius (i188), b.1783-d.1855
Huffman, Louis Francis (i1814), b.1839-d.1862
Huffman, Louisa (i211), b.1819-d.1897
Huffman, Louisa (marriage to William Hodges) (i211), b.1819-d.1897
Huffman, Lucinda (i190), b.1787-d.1845
Huffman, Lucinda (i213), b.1822-
Huffman, Lucy (i196), b.1787-d.1844
Huffman, Lucy Jane (i218), b.1826-d.1906
Huffman, Lucy Jane (i1807), b.1832-
Huffman, Mahulda A. (i1800), b.1825-
Huffman, Margaret Francis (i225), b.1836-d.1929
Huffman, Margaret Francis (marriage to Albert T. Baldock) (i225), b.1836-d.1929
Huffman, Mary (i167)
Huffman, Mary A. (i216), b.1814-d.1854
Huffman, Mary A. (marriage to Abijah Baldock) (i216), b.1814-d.1854
Huffman, Mary Elizabeth (i1802), b.1827-d.1912
Huffman, Mary Frances (i179), b.1778-d.1848
Huffman, Mary Frances (i193), b.1784-d.1832
Huffman, Moses (i171), b.1770-d.1796
Huffman, Nancy (i212), b.1824-d.1910
Huffman, Nancy Gee (i1774), b.1841-d.1909
Huffman, Nancy Gee (marriage to John Huffman) (i1774), b.1841-d.1909
Huffman, Nancy Jane (i226), b.1838-d.1858
Huffman, Nancy S. (i1805), b.1830-d.1874
Huffman, Nimrod (i172), b.1773-d.1846
Huffman, Patty Ann (i1766), b.1825-d.1854
Huffman, Rosanna (i173), b.1775-d.1808
Huffman, Sarah (i178), b.1779-d.1843
Huffman, Sarah Ann (i186), b.1779-
Huffman, Sarah Elizabeth (i1809), b.1835-d.1873
Huffman, Sarah Josephine Boneparte (i31), b.1848-d.1912
Huffman, Sarah Josephine Boneparte (marriage to Albert T. Baldock) (i31), b.1848-d.1912
Huffman, Simeon (i215), b.1812-d.1893
Huffman, Simeon (marriage to Sarah Bushong (Boneparte ?) Hamilton) (i215), b.1812-d.1893
Huffman, Simeon Jacob Uriah (i231), b.1851-d.1926
Huffman, Susanna (i185), b.1777-
Huffman, Teter, Jr. (i175), b.1790-d.1860
Huffman, Thomas (i180), b.1782-d.1872
Huffman, Thomas (i1804), b.1828-
Huffman, Thomas Jefferson (i227), b.1840-d.1861
Huffman, Uriah Taylor (i192), b.1792-d.1871
Huffman, Virginia Ann (i232), b.1856-d.1923
Huffman, William Allen (i220), b.1818-d.1878
Huffman, William Henry (i1797), b.1824-d.1907
Huffman, Wyrinda (i82), b.1816-d.1886
Huffman, Wyrinda (marriage to Faulkner Baldock) (i82), b.1816-d.1886


Huggins, Erica Lauren (i148) (still alive)


Hughes, Hanna Adda (i1281) (living status unknown)
Hughes, Lorie Ann (i1277) (living status unknown)
Hughes, Nicholas Charles (i1280) (living status unknown)
Hughes, William Edward (i1276) (living status unknown)
Hughes, William Russell (i1278) (living status unknown)


Hume, Max (i1401), b.1981-d.2000
Hume, Perry Morris (i1400) (living status unknown)


Hunter, John Robert (i1841)
Hunter, John Robert, Jr. (i68), b.1946-d.1969
Hunter, Lynn Ann (i69) (still alive)


Hutchings, Sally Mae (marriage to Ephraim Williams) (i1677), b.1786-d.1856


Jackson, Didama (marriage to Beverly Cary) (i1622), b.1808-
Jackson, Joe Lee (marriage to Mayme Matthews) (i965), b.1907-d.1999


James, Daniel Louis (i1383) (living status unknown)
James, Megan Leigh (i1384) (living status unknown)
James, William (marriage to Martha Cary) (i1587), b.1710-


Jennings, Mary (i1535), b.1727-d.1835
Jennings, Mary (marriage to Robert Cary) (i1535), b.1727-d.1835
Jennings, William (i1554)


Jewell, Kelly Earl (i1199) (living status unknown)
Jewell, Ty O'Shane (Rigsby) (i1201) (still alive)


Joan (marriage to Billy Richard Bowles) (i1390) (living status unknown)


Jobe, Chase (marriage to Elizabeth Hodges) (i1322), b.1839-d.1908


Johnson, Elizabeth M. (marriage to John E. Baldock) (i646), b.1799-


Jones, Opal Fern (marriage to Forrest Huffman Starr) (i25), b.1921-
Jones, unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Cary) (i1570)


Jordan, Arthur (i1665), b.1627-d.1699
Jordan, Arthur (i1686), b.1595-
Jordan, Aubrey Ernest (i144) (still alive)
Jordan, Elizabeth (i1664), b.1659-d.1735
Jordan, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Washington) (i1664), b.1659-d.1735
Jordan, Fortune (i1691), b.1623-d.1699
Jordan, Fortune (marriage to John Flood) (i1691), b.1623-d.1699
Jordan, George (i1668), b.1653-
Jordan, George (i1688), b.1620-d.1678
Jordan, James (i1670), b.1657-d.1695
Jordan, Mary (i1695), b.1625-d.1698
Jordan, River (i1667), b.1651-
Jordan, Robert (marriage to Dorothy Cary) (i1575)
Jordan, Thomas (i1669), b.1655-d.1685
Jordan, William (i1698), d.1664


Kelly, Earick Eugene (i1067) (living status unknown)
Kelly, Ralph (i1066) (living status unknown)


Kemp, Sally (marriage to Thomas Cary) (i1591), b.1730-


Kessinger, Don (i2005) (living status unknown)
Kessinger, unknown (i2004) (living status unknown)


Kesslar, Bradley Norris (i1499) (living status unknown)
Kesslar, James Norris (i1497) (living status unknown)
Kesslar, Lori Ann (i1498) (living status unknown)


King, unknown (marriage to Molly Lanier) (i1737)


Kingery, Connie Kay (i1156) (living status unknown)
Kingery, Francis Marion (i1154), b.1896-d.1975
Kingery, Francis Marion (marriage to Verna Virginia Hood) (i1154), b.1896-d.1975
Kingery, Jerry Russell (i1159) (living status unknown)
Kingery, Lillie Mae (marriage to Hurbert Worth Hood) (i934), b.1898-d.1978
Kingery, William Russell (i1155), b.1923-d.1997


Kinsman, Anne Calloway (i981) (living status unknown)
Kinsman, David (i980) (living status unknown)


Kirkpatrick, Evelyn (marriage to Archibald Cary) (i1618), b.1812-d.1890


Klug, Rachel (marriage to Daniel Railsback) (i407)


Knapp, Angie Marie, Starr (i52) (still alive)
Knapp, Shelly LeAnne, Starr (i56) (still alive)


Korholz, Patricia Joan (marriage to Ronald Alan Wedemeyer) (i633)


Kuhster, Johanna (marriage to Ernst Wedemeyer) (i613)


Lake, John Ryan (i57) (still alive)
Lake, Steven Johnathan Michael (i58) (still alive)


Lanier, Arthur (i1726), b.1709-d.1726
Lanier, Benjamin (i1741)
Lanier, David (i1735), b.1747-d.1806
Lanier, Elizabeth (i1729), b.1719-d.1795
Lanier, James (i1730), b.1724-d.1786
Lanier, John (i1646), b.1631-d.1683
Lanier, John (i1648), b.1655-d.1719
Lanier, John (i1649), b.1676-d.1720
Lanier, Lemuel (i1671), b.1722-d.1786
Lanier, Lemuel (marriage to Mary (Molly) Peebles) (i1671), b.1722-d.1786
Lanier, Molly (i1736), b.1750-
Lanier, Nancy (i1738)
Lanier, Nicholas (i1655)
Lanier, Richard (i1728), b.1715-d.1781
Lanier, Robert (i1650), b.1678-d.1756
Lanier, Sally (i1673), b.1753-d.1807
Lanier, Sally (marriage to Garrett Williams) (i1673), b.1753-d.1807
Lanier, Sampson (i1651), b.1682-d.1743
Lanier, Sampson (i1727), b.1712-d.1757
Lanier, Sampson (marriage to Elizabeth Washington) (i1651), b.1682-d.1743
Lanier, Sarah (i1653)
Lanier, Thomas (i1725), b.1707-d.1745
Lanier, Washington (i1740)


Leverette, Andrew Mitchell (i1265) (living status unknown)
Leverette, Daniel Mitchell (i1264) (living status unknown)


Lewis, Roy (marriage to Parthenia Ellen Baldock) (i2092)


Lillie L. (marriage to Eddie Gramlin) (i996) (living status unknown)


Lilly, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert (Dr.) Phillipson) (i1553)


Lloyd, Caleb Isiaah (i1462) (living status unknown)
Lloyd, Delani (i1460) (living status unknown)
Lloyd, Grayland Jewell (i1459) (living status unknown)
Lloyd, Seth Ian (i1461) (living status unknown)


Lockey, Judith (marriage to Henry Cary) (i1561)
Lockey, Judith (marriage to Thomas (Major) Cary) (i1576)


Lois (marriage to Bedford Boyd Gramlin) (i1974) (living status unknown)


London, Christopher Howard (i1958) (living status unknown)
London, Leslie Ann (i1972) (living status unknown)
London, Leslie Howard (i1957) (living status unknown)
London, Stephen Hunter (i1959) (living status unknown)


Looper, Donald Keith (i1412) (living status unknown)
Looper, Kelli Annette (i1415) (living status unknown)
Looper, Krista Nicole (i1413) (living status unknown)
Looper, Lori Ann (i1414) (living status unknown)


Lowe, James Waller (i1262) (living status unknown)
Lowe, James Waller, Jr. (i1263) (living status unknown)


Lucreece (marriage to John Lanier) (i1647), b.1634-


Lyons, Martha (marriage to Allen Huffman) (i375), b.1790-d.1828


Mackie, Elspet (marriage to David Peebles) (i1679), b.1612-d.1655


Margaret (marriage to John Flood) (i1657)


Marion, Heather (i1834) (living status unknown)
Marion, Larry Eugene (i1135) (living status unknown)
Marion, Max (i1833) (living status unknown)


Marshall, Ruby Erlene (marriage to Rondol Hodges) (i1404), b.1917-d.1984


Martin, Mildred Frances (marriage to John Thomas Ford) (i1783), b.1852-d.1928
Martin, Robert (i1140) (living status unknown)
Martin, Roberta Michelle (i1141) (living status unknown)


Mary (marriage to Hans Wendel Thomas) (i397)
Mary (marriage to Jehu Peebles) (i1702), b.1710-


Matthews, Amanda Reed (i1903), b.1877-d.1877
Matthews, Anderson (i1881), b.1813-d.1908
Matthews, Bernice Thomas (i958), b.1902-d.1947
Matthews, Bessie Lee (i1913), b.1896-
Matthews, Beula Elizabeth (i961), b.1906-
Matthews, Beula Elizabeth (marriage to Andrew T. Bartlett) (i961), b.1906-
Matthews, Charles Henry (i1894), b.1865-
Matthews, David (i2105), b.1810-
Matthews, Donah B. (i1908), b.1874-d.1937
Matthews, Earle (i2075), b.1908-d.1908
Matthews, Edgar Rafe (i9), b.1880-d.1941
Matthews, Edgar Rafe (marriage to Eleanor Delilah Starr) (i9), b.1880-d.1941
Matthews, Edith Ellen (i1875), b.1913-d.1991
Matthews, Edith Ellen (marriage to E. Russell Bailey) (i1875), b.1913-d.1991
Matthews, Elinora Davis (i2028), b.1880-d.1956
Matthews, Elizabeth Dallas (i1911), b.1877-d.1960
Matthews, Elizabeth Elender (i2109), b.1843-
Matthews, Elizabeth Jane (i1886), b.1842-d.1875
Matthews, Ellis (i1874), b.1910-d.1940
Matthews, Ephriam Beverly (i1901), b.1873-d.1929
Matthews, Eugene Porter (i7), b.1875-d.1953
Matthews, Eugene Porter (marriage to Amaradia Elizabeth Starr) (i7), b.1875-d.1953
Matthews, Eunice Nell (i964), b.1916-
Matthews, Eunice Nell (marriage to Ishmel Crabtree) (i964), b.1916-
Matthews, Frances Ann (i2107), b.1839-
Matthews, Francis (i2103), b.1806-
Matthews, Frederick Eugene (i1902), b.1875-d.1909
Matthews, George Dallas (i1887), b.1844-d.1918
Matthews, Granville Rogan (i957), b.1899-d.1995
Matthews, Granville Rogan (i2023), b.1848-d.1895
Matthews, Harold Thomas (i974) (living status unknown)
Matthews, Hattie Irene (i2034), b.1893-d.1957
Matthews, Ida Belle (i2026), b.1873-d.1951
Matthews, Isaiah (i2100), b.1815-d.1900
Matthews, James Harrison (i2104), b.1808-d.1864
Matthews, Jeana Ross (i979) (living status unknown)
Matthews, John Harold (i977) (living status unknown)
Matthews, John Jordan (i1888), b.1846-d.1847
Matthews, John Nelson (i2098), b.1777-d.1865
Matthews, Joseph (i2102), b.1803-
Matthews, Joseph Nuchols (i1898), b.1870-
Matthews, Joseph Thompson (i1884), b.1838-d.1925
Matthews, Lola Alice (i1904), b.1879-d.1934
Matthews, Lucille (i1873), b.1909-
Matthews, Lucinda R. (i2108), b.1841-
Matthews, Margaret Grace (i1877), b.1920-d.2002
Matthews, Margaret Grace (marriage to Paul Delphia Bush) (i1877), b.1920-d.2002
Matthews, Mary Francis (i2030), b.1881-d.1962
Matthews, Mayme (i963), b.1913-d.1999
Matthews, Millard Gilmore (i2032), b.1883-d.1953
Matthews, Myrtle Marie (i962), b.1910-
Matthews, Nancy Margaret (i1906), b.1871-d.1907
Matthews, Ona Mae (i1871), b.1904-d.1974
Matthews, Ona Mae (marriage to Gilley Roy Parker) (i1871), b.1904-d.1974
Matthews, Paul (i960), b.1904-d.1978
Matthews, Robert Donaldson (i1896), b.1868-d.1935
Matthews, Robert Downing (i978) (living status unknown)
Matthews, Robert Elliot (i975) (living status unknown)
Matthews, twin boy (i1889), b.1846-d.1846
Matthews, Vera Key (i956), b.1897-d.1977
Matthews, Vera Key (marriage to Riley Robert Barbour) (i956), b.1897-d.1977
Matthews, Wanda Chloryne (i2001), b.1931-d.2002
Matthews, Wanda Chloryne (marriage to Hugh Williams) (i2001), b.1931-d.2002
Matthews, Wesley Clark (marriage to Lola Alice Matthews) (i1905)
Matthews, William Levi (i1885), b.1841-d.1928
Matthews, William H. (i2110), b.1845-
Matthews, William Samuel (i5), b.1863-d.1947
Matthews, William Samuel (marriage to Mary Green Starr) (i5), b.1863-d.1947
Matthews, William T. (i1910), b.1876-d.1876
Matthews, William Warren (i2106), b.1817-d.1905


Maybury, Ann (i1700), b.1689-
Maybury, Ann (marriage to David Peebles) (i1700), b.1689-
Maybury, Charles (i1710), b.1693-
Maybury, Elizabeth (i1712), b.1695-
Maybury, Francis (i1705), b.1661-d.1712
Maybury, Francis (i1707), b.1686-
Maybury, George (i1711), b.1695-
Maybury, Hinchia or Hinshaw (i1708), b.1690-
Maybury, Judith (i1713), b.1696-
Maybury, Mary (i1709), b.1691-


McCampbell, Nancy (marriage to Allen Huffman) (i376), b.1795-d.1857


McClintock, Cody James (i80) (still alive)
McClintock, James Gene (i74) (still alive)
McClintock, John Glenn (i27), b.1915-d.1984
McClintock, Michael Gene (i76) (still alive)
McClintock, Owen Frank (i1855)
McClintock, Sydney Michele (i79) (still alive)
McClintock, Tanner Michael (i933) (still alive)
McClintock, Taylor Anna (i78) (still alive)


McCoy, Ruth, Harper (marriage to Herbert Wayne Hood) (i1044) (living status unknown)


McGregor, Edward Hollis (i1136) (living status unknown)
McGregor, Megan (i1835) (still alive)


McIntosh, Derek Clay (i1312) (living status unknown)
McIntosh, Donald Clay (i1310) (living status unknown)
McIntosh, Jeremy Dee (i1311) (living status unknown)


McKee, Jackie Ray (i120) (living status unknown)
McKee, Jesse Ray (i119), b.1907-d.1981
McKee, Jesse Ray (marriage to Josephine Thomas Starr) (i119), b.1907-d.1981


Meador, Bryan Lee (i1070) (living status unknown)
Meador, Delbert Lynn (i1064) (living status unknown)
Meador, Delbert Wilson (i1061) (living status unknown)
Meador, Doris Jean (i1063) (living status unknown)
Meador, Joshua (i1071) (living status unknown)
Meador, Martha Jane (i1062) (living status unknown)
Meador, Michael (i1069) (living status unknown)
Meador, son (i1073)
Meador, Terry Wilson (i1065) (living status unknown)


Medley, Tammie Gail (i1146) (living status unknown)
Medley, William (i1145) (living status unknown)


Mehl, Andrew Ross (i852) (still alive)
Mehl, Charles Andrew (i850) (still alive)
Mehl, Diana Lynn (i851) (still alive)


Melvin, George A. (marriage to Sarah Ann Huffman) (i370), b.1777-


Miles, Alice (marriage to George Jordan) (i1689)


Miller, Bobby (i1302) (living status unknown)
Miller, Kevin Wayne (i1303) (living status unknown)


Mills, James (marriage to Fortune Jordan) (i1692)


Milner, Anne (i1544), b.1649-
Milner, Anne (marriage to Thomas (Major) Cary) (i1544), b.1649-
Milner, Francis (Captain) (i1545)
Milner, Mary (marriage to Miles Cary) (i1565)


Morgan, Samuel Graven (marriage to Virginia Ann Huffman) (i390), b.1850-d.1918


Morris, Brian (i1866) (still alive)
Morris, Carol Jean, Starr (i129) (still alive)
Morris, Jeff (i1865) (still alive)
Morris, John (i1864) (still alive)
Morris, Sandra (i1867) (still alive)
Morris, Vincent Lee, Starr (i128), b.1939-d.1998


Morrisette, Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Cary) (i1597), b.1785-
Morrisette, Francis (marriage to Nathaniel Cary) (i1599), b.1785-


Morrison, Martha Ann Smith (marriage to John Thomas Ford) (i1782), b.1848-d.1882


Mosier, Bernice (marriage to Charles Milford Hood) (i1153), b.1907-d.1997
Mosier, Billy Drane (i1180), b.1989-d.1989
Mosier, Marvin Buell (i1179), b.1910-d.1985
Mosier, Marvin Buell (marriage to Iva Mae Hood) (i1179), b.1910-d.1985
Mosier, Pernie Maude (marriage to Herbert Wayne Hood) (i1043), b.1899-d.1957


Mouldon, William (i263)


Moulton, Ammarada R. (i262), b.1810-d.1889
Moulton, Ammarada R. (marriage to Peter Starr) (i262), b.1810-d.1889


Mowell, William J. (marriage to Rachael Starr) (i1039)


Muller, Michele Leigh (i43) (still alive)
Muller, Shane Eric (i44) (still alive)


Murphy, James (marriage to Lucenia Wesley Cary) (i1636), b.1831-


Neagle, Donald Overton (i1260) (living status unknown)
Neagle, Donald Overton (marriage to Edna Louise Baldock) (i1260) (living status unknown)
Neagle, Donna Lou (i1268) (living status unknown)
Neagle, Lisa Kay (i1261) (living status unknown)


Nichols, Karen Sue (i778) (still alive)
Nichols, Mark Lee (i776) (still alive)
Nichols, Michael Dean (i777) (still alive)
Nichols, Wilber Dean (i775) (still alive)


Noel, Robert Alan (i1960) (living status unknown)
Noel, Shannon Celeste (i1961) (living status unknown)


Norman, Ada Lou (marriage to Ira D. Starr) (i982), b.1893-d.1973
Norman, Ina Belle (marriage to Clyde Stanley Hodges) (i1504), b.1912-d.1996


Norris, Alline (i882), b.1905-
Norris, Ansil W. (i341), b.1871-d.1937
Norris, Ansil W. (marriage to Virginia Katherine Baldock) (i341), b.1871-d.1937
Norris, Noma (i880) (still alive)
Norris, Raymon (i881), b.1899-
Norris, Watson (i883), b.1909-


Norville, Henrietta Key (marriage to Granville Rogan Matthews) (i2024), b.1852-d.1877


Nuckols, Mary Tudor (marriage to Elam Huffman) (i378), b.1803-d.1861


Nunnally, Eliza Jane (marriage to Albert Huffman) (i1764), b.1836-d.1896
Nunnally, Lena (marriage to William Alexander Ford) (i1794), b.1871-d.1949


O'Bannion, Mary (marriage to James Madison Cary) (i1624), b.1816-


O'Neal, Eliza (marriage to Henry Huffman) (i380), b.1809-d.1898


Oliver, Samuel (marriage to Mary Catherine Starr) (i609)


Onell, Brannon (i863) (still alive)
Onell, Larry Vincent (i862), d.1997
Onell, Lexa Lillian Marie (i864) (still alive)


Parke, Clayton Tillman (i1488) (living status unknown)
Parke, Jessie Dale (i1486) (living status unknown)
Parke, Johnny Dale (i1485) (living status unknown)
Parke, William Kyle (i1487) (living status unknown)


Parker, Barbara Norma Jean (i2008) (living status unknown)
Parker, David (i2057) (still alive)
Parker, Edgar Franklin (i2010), b.1925-d.2000
Parker, Gilley Roy (i1872), b.1900-d.1948
Parker, Gilley Roy (marriage to Ona Mae Matthews) (i1872), b.1900-d.1948
Parker, Jewell Roy (i2013), b.1925-d.1967
Parker, Joyce Ann (i2049) (living status unknown)
Parker, Lena (i2009) (living status unknown)
Parker, Martha Evelyn (i2007), b.1934-d.2002
Parker, Patricia (i2055) (still alive)
Parker, Roy Denzil (i2011) (living status unknown)
Parker, Teresa (i2053) (still alive)
Parker, Thomas Eugene (i2012), b.1929-d.2002
Parker, Wayne (i2051) (living status unknown)


Parrish, John (marriage to Catherine Fanny Ford) (i1792)


Parsley, Jordan Blair (i1109) (living status unknown)
Parsley, Samuel Dwayne (i1108) (living status unknown)
Parsley, Wayne (i1107) (living status unknown)


Patsy Starr (marriage to Michael Starr Jr.) (i1030)


Payne, Reuben (marriage to Nancy Ann Ford) (i1789)
Payne, William Thomas (marriage to Elinora Davis Matthews) (i2029)


Peden, Ann S. (marriage to James Harrison Matthews) (i2111), b.1818-d.1861
Peden, Frances R. (marriage to Isaiah Matthews) (i2101), b.1820-d.1896
Peden, Nancy B. (marriage to Anderson Matthews) (i1882), b.1813-d.1846


Pedigo, Lewis (marriage to Martha Ellen Baldock) (i641)
Pedigo, Nancy Jane (marriage to Frances Marion Huffman) (i1796), b.1825-d.1900
Pedigo, Olive P. (marriage to Thomas Huffman) (i181), b.1798-d.1882


Peebles, Alison (i1682), b.1641-
Peebles, Britain (i1734), b.1750-
Peebles, Criston (i1680), b.1634-
Peebles, David (i1678), b.1593-d.1659
Peebles, David (i1684), b.1643-
Peebles, David (i1699), b.1683-d.1726
Peebles, David (i1703), b.1720-d.1796
Peebles, David (marriage to Ann Maybury) (i1699), b.1683-d.1726
Peebles, Frederick (i1733), b.1747-
Peebles, Hubbard (i1732), b.1745-d.1821
Peebles, Jehu (i1701), b.1710-d.1804
Peebles, Jehu (i1731), b.1730-d.1813
Peebles, John (i1685), b.1644-
Peebles, Joseph (i1704), b.1725-d.1782
Peebles, Margaret (i1683), b.1642-
Peebles, Mary (Molly) (i1672), b.1732-d.1761
Peebles, Mary (Molly) (marriage to Lemuel Lanier) (i1672), b.1732-d.1761
Peebles, William (i1681), b.1635-d.1695


Pendleton, Elizabeth (marriage to Rueben Baldock) (i650)


Penick, Sarah (marriage to William B. Baldock) (i658)


Philipson, Dorothy (i1551), b.1702-
Philipson, Dorothy (marriage to Thomas Cary) (i1551), b.1702-


Phillipson, Robert (Dr.) (i1552)


Pickett, Gary (i1976) (living status unknown)
Pickett, Jason (i1977) (living status unknown)


Piercy, Lewis (marriage to Barbara Matilda Starr) (i269)


Pleasants, John (marriage to Dorothy Cary) (i1574)


Polson, Branda Kay (i1090) (living status unknown)
Polson, Elzie Mitchell (i1089), b.1926-d.1969
Polson, Michael Wayne (i1091) (living status unknown)


Postler, Eric Matthew (i153) (still alive)


Pottenger, John (marriage to Catharina Railsback) (i410), b.1775-


Powell, Edwina Mae (i1212) (living status unknown)


Pringle, Jerry Lynn (i1868) (still alive)
Pringle, Scott Keith (i1869) (still alive)


Proctor, David (i1942) (living status unknown)
Proctor, David Earl (i1936) (living status unknown)
Proctor, Elizabeth Jean (i1940) (living status unknown)
Proctor, Mark (i1939) (living status unknown)


Puckett, Amanda Imogene (i2077) (still alive)
Puckett, Greg Lynn (i542) (still alive)
Puckett, Randy Lynn (i2078) (still alive)


Pursley, Amanda Melvina (marriage to Anderson Matthews) (i1883), b.1823-d.1911


Purva, Anna (marriage to John Harnsberger) (i395), b.1695-


Pyles, S. Frank (marriage to Ora Lucille Baldock) (i607), b.1887-


Quick, Sara Ann Elizabeth (marriage to Alexander Campbell Cary) (i1640), b.1850-


Railsback, Anna Elizabeth (i415), b.1732-
Railsback, Annie (i238), b.1767-
Railsback, Catharina (i240), b.1777-d.1849
Railsback, Daniel (i237), b.1765-d.1799
Railsback, Jacob (i241), b.1780-d.1851
Railsback, Johan Heinrich (i417), b.1736-d.1815
Railsback, John (i234), b.1731-d.1810
Railsback, John (i242), b.1784-d.1856
Railsback, John (marriage to Elizabeth Thomas) (i234), b.1731-d.1810
Railsback, Leah (i239), b.1775-d.1807
Railsback, Mary (i164), b.1761-d.1824
Railsback, Mary (marriage to Ambrose Huffman Sr.) (i164), b.1761-d.1824
Railsback, Susannah (i236), b.1763-d.1794


Ramirez, Lindsey Kathleen (i367) (still alive)


Rawlings, (marriage to Arthur Jordan) (i1687), b.1600-


Rees, Dorothy Louise (marriage to Edison Eugene Sigler) (i763), b.1925-d.1987
Rees, Estella R. (marriage to William Hensen Sigler) (i1837), b.1860-d.1927


Rehlsbach, Anna Catherine (i423), b.1745-
Rehlsbach, Johann Ebert (i420), b.1738-d.1738
Rehlsbach, Johann Georg (i413), b.1697-
Rehlsbach, Johann Heinrich (i416), b.1734-d.1735
Rehlsbach, Johann Heinrich (i421), b.1738-d.1740
Rehlsbach, Tilmannus (i422), b.1742-


Reneau, Millard Filmore (marriage to Nancy Margaret Matthews) (i1907), b.1857-d.1944
Reneau, Myrtie Eldean (marriage to William Russell Kingery) (i1158), b.1924-


Renfrow, Imogene (marriage to Winston Starr Copeland) (i1845), b.1942-


Rhude, Barry Wayne (i1295) (living status unknown)
Rhude, Jerry (i1294) (living status unknown)
Rhude, Karen Collete (i1296) (living status unknown)


Richie, Samuel (marriage to Catherine (Kitty) Williams) (i1752)


Rinker, Eric Alexander (i1305) (living status unknown)
Rinker, Marvin Eugene (i1304) (living status unknown)
Rinker, Shana Dawn (i1306) (living status unknown)


Ritter, David Bowman (marriage to Jemima Huffman) (i365), b.1787-d.1865
Ritter, Rosanna (marriage to Cornelius Huffman) (i177), b.1784-d.1857


Robertson, Walthall (marriage to Anne Cary) (i1608), b.1765-d.1820


Roder, Robert (marriage to Helen M. Francis) (i1919)


Ross, Della Odessa (marriage to Henry Wedemeyer) (i616), b.1884-d.1968
Ross, Gerald Ronald (i632) (still alive)
Ross, James H. (i392), b.1865-d.1923
Ross, James H. (marriage to Monica Helen Baldock) (i392), b.1865-d.1923
Ross, Lela Velma (i812), b.1893-d.1931
Ross, Marcus Albert (i813), b.1894-
Ross, Mayme Marie (i815), b.1899-
Ross, Paul Haywood (i814), b.1897-d.1925
Ross, Rebecca Lynn (i853) (still alive)
Ross, Rhonda Lucille (i849) (still alive)


Roundtree, Lucy Porter (marriage to Uriah Taylor Huffman) (i1768), b.1799-d.1856


Rouse, Joseph (marriage to Susannah Railsback) (i405), b.1749-d.1835
Rouse, Radford (marriage to Hallie Gazel Hodges) (i1342), b.1912-d.1979


Russell, Rosie T., Smalling (marriage to William Wesley Gramlin) (i1018) (living status unknown)


Sally (marriage to Dale Dean Gramlin) (i1973) (living status unknown)


Scarisbrook, Martha (marriage to William Cary) (i1556)


Schumacher, Joe Simon (i1843) (still alive)
Schumacher, Shanna Marie (i1844) (still alive)


Schuster, Elizabeth Catharina (marriage to Johannes Henrich Hofmann) (i155), b.1714-


Sewell, Billy Joe (i1114) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Brandon W. (i1120) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Deborah Ann (i1111), b.1951-d.1951
Sewell, Grant Cassidy (i1125) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Inez (marriage to William Clifton Shives) (i1341) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Jack W. (i1110) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Jackie W. (i1113) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Matthew Adam (i1121) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Raymond Phillip (i1112) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Rebecca (i1117) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Tanner Blake (i1124) (living status unknown)
Sewell, Vickie Aline (i1115) (living status unknown)


Shackleford, James Cox (marriage to Elizabeth Baldock) (i662)
Shackleford, Richard (marriage to Tabitha Baldock) (i656)


Shearer, Anna (marriage to Moses Huffman) (i360), b.1772-


Sherfey, Jacob Walter (marriage to Catherine Starr) (i1032), b.1802-d.1864


Shipley, Catherine (marriage to Michael Starr) (i1027)
Shipley, George Eugene (marriage to Mary Francis Matthews) (i2031), b.1880-d.1960


Shirley, Betty Sue (marriage to Ervin Wayne Bartley) (i1223) (living status unknown)


Shive, Michael Kenton (i1335) (living status unknown)
Shive, Roy (i1333), b.1928-


Shives, Amanda Marie (i1340) (living status unknown)
Shives, Chesley Kenton (i1329) (living status unknown)
Shives, Mary Lillian (i1331), b.1925-d.1933
Shives, Michael Scotty (i1339) (living status unknown)
Shives, Ray (i1332), b.1928-
Shives, Rufus Watson (i1328), b.1894-d.1964
Shives, Rufus Watson (marriage to Hallie Gazel Hodges) (i1328), b.1894-d.1964
Shives, William Clifton (i1330), b.1924-d.1972


Siebold, Ansley Paige (i1502) (living status unknown)
Siebold, Jeffrey Wade (i1501) (living status unknown)
Siebold, Tanner Wade (i1503) (living status unknown)


Sigler, Alonzo (i2070)
Sigler, Bradley Eugene (i772) (still alive)
Sigler, Constance Lou (i108) (still alive)
Sigler, Edison Eugene (i105), b.1922-d.1972
Sigler, Etta (i2071)
Sigler, George W. (i1858), d.1887
Sigler, George W. (i2069), b.1860-d.1932
Sigler, Ida (i2062), b.1879-d.1946
Sigler, Jeffrey Dean (i773) (still alive)
Sigler, Jennifer Nicole (i768) (still alive)
Sigler, John (i2068), b.1852-d.1935
Sigler, John A. (i1860), b.1876-d.1932
Sigler, Kyle Eric (i767) (still alive)
Sigler, Leo Henry (i104), b.1894-d.1945
Sigler, Leo Henry (marriage to Esther Corrine Baldock) (i104), b.1894-d.1945
Sigler, Maude (i2064)
Sigler, Ola (i2066), b.1890-d.1966
Sigler, Randy Eugene (i107) (still alive)
Sigler, Sara Kathryn (i109), b.1933-
Sigler, Stephen Lee (i106) (still alive)
Sigler, Timothy Lee (i774) (still alive)
Sigler, William Hensen (i1836), b.1850-d.1931


Skaggs, Anna Malissa (marriage to Sampson Starr) (i1033), b.1816-
Skaggs, Cynthia Ann (marriage to Hiram Starr) (i260), b.1824-


Slaughter, Amanda Bell (marriage to Robert Donaldson Matthews) (i1897), b.1869-


Smiley, unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Starr) (i1028)


Smith, Autumn Brooke (i1287) (living status unknown)
Smith, Christopher (marriage to Annie Railsback) (i408), b.1765-
Smith, Francis E. (marriage to Ida Sigler) (i2063), b.1870-d.1939
Smith, George Taylor (i1513) (living status unknown)
Smith, Myrtie (marriage to Marcus Logan Baldock) (i96), b.1891-d.1969
Smith, Terese Gayle (i1514) (living status unknown)
Smith, Tracy Taylor (i1515) (living status unknown)
Smith, unknown (i1286) (living status unknown)


Sneed, Breana (i951) (still alive)
Sneed, James Paul (i936), b.1914-d.1999
Sneed, Joseph Ferris (i948) (still alive)
Sneed, Margaret Alline (i937) (still alive)
Sneed, Richard (i946) (still alive)
Sneed, Robert Ferris (i952) (still alive)
Sneed, Tyler (i950) (still alive)


Spencer, Charity (marriage to William Cochran) (i206), b.1767-


Spillman, Kaitlyn Mae (i1214) (living status unknown)
Spillman, Mark (i1213) (living status unknown)


Stalcup, Isaac B. (marriage to Amanda Hutchins Cary) (i1634), b.1830-


Starkey, Nettie Mae (marriage to Melvin Clarence Copeland) (i2094) (living status unknown)


Starr, Allen Lee (i36) (still alive)
Starr, Amaradia Elizabeth (i6), b.1877-d.1958
Starr, Amaradia Elizabeth (marriage to Eugene Porter Matthews) (i6), b.1877-d.1958
Starr, Amos Rogan (Roger?) (i2), b.1848-d.1925
Starr, Amos Rogan (Roger?) (marriage to Nancy Thomas Carey) (i2), b.1848-d.1925
Starr, Andrew Jackson (i271), b.1840-
Starr, Ann (i257), b.1810-
Starr, Barbara (i255), b.1803-
Starr, Barbara Matilda (i268), b.1835-d.1910
Starr, Catherine (i245), b.1805-d.1890
Starr, Charles Keith (i2038) (still alive)
Starr, Cheryl Ann (i65) (still alive)
Starr, Constance F. (i1878) (living status unknown)
Starr, Cory Allen (i63) (still alive)
Starr, Cristy Lynette (i50) (still alive)
Starr, David (i254), b.1800-
Starr, David Erik (i135) (still alive)
Starr, Donald Clark (i35) (still alive)
Starr, Doris Cletra (i2022) (living status unknown)
Starr, Dudley Clark (i18), b.1909-d.1973
Starr, Eddie Rogan (i14), b.1892-d.1982
Starr, Eleanor Delilah (i8), b.1881-d.1958
Starr, Eleanor Delilah (marriage to Edgar Rafe Matthews) (i8), b.1881-d.1958
Starr, Elizabeth (i248), b.1787-
Starr, Forrest Huffman (i24), b.1913-d.1963
Starr, George (i247), b.1785-
Starr, George Washington (i270), b.1838-
Starr, Hannah Amanda (i274), b.1849-
Starr, Hiram (i259), b.1821-
Starr, Ira D. (i10), b.1884-d.1942
Starr, Ira Eldon (i1879), b.1927-d.1977
Starr, Jacob (i249), b.1791-
Starr, John Dale (i28), b.1923-d.1992
Starr, John Sidney (i250), b.1792-d.1837
Starr, John William Franklin (i16), b.1874-d.1932
Starr, John William Franklin (marriage to Parthenia Ellen Baldock) (i16), b.1874-d.1932
Starr, Joseph (i252), b.1794-
Starr, Josephine Thomas (i23), b.1915-d.1978
Starr, Josephine Thomas (marriage to Jesse Ray McKee) (i23), b.1915-d.1978
Starr, Josephine Thomas (marriage to Melvin Clarence Copeland) (i23), b.1915-d.1978
Starr, Karen Sue (i130) (living status unknown)
Starr, Larry Gordon (i21), b.1919-d.1965
Starr, Lillian Kathryn (i60) (still alive)
Starr, Linda Sue (i67) (still alive)
Starr, Lois (i42), b.1923-
Starr, Lou Ree (i2021), b.1923-d.1923
Starr, Lula Thomas (i11), b.1887-d.1958
Starr, Lula Thomas (marriage to Walter Lawrence Gramlin) (i11), b.1887-d.1958
Starr, Madelyne Dale (i132) (still alive)
Starr, Madge (i20), b.1911-d.1912
Starr, Margaret (i253), b.1796-
Starr, Marjorie Ellen (i26) (still alive)
Starr, Martha (i261), b.1823-
Starr, Mary Catherine (i273), b.1847-d.1921
Starr, Mary Ellen (i1) (still alive)
Starr, Mary Green (i4), b.1872-d.1920
Starr, Mary Green (marriage to William Samuel Matthews) (i4), b.1872-d.1920
Starr, Mary Polly (i251), b.1793-
Starr, Megan Renae (i64) (still alive)
Starr, Michael (i243), b.1759-
Starr, Michael Kent (i2039), b.1959-d.1974
Starr, Michael, Jr. (i1029), b.1790-
Starr, Miles (i41)
Starr, Nancy (i1040), b.1785-
Starr, Noble Molten (i272), b.1844-d.1909
Starr, Nollie Ellen (i13), b.1890-d.1891
Starr, Paris (i984), b.1920-d.1921
Starr, Peter (i256), b.1807-d.1870
Starr, Peter (marriage to Ammarada R. Moulton) (i256), b.1807-d.1870
Starr, Rachael (i258), b.1813-
Starr, Rachel S. A. (i265), b.1833-d.1903
Starr, Rebecca Elizabeth (i2037) (still alive)
Starr, Robert David (i133) (still alive)
Starr, Roux Allen (i1838) (still alive)
Starr, Sampson (i246), b.1811-
Starr, Sandra Lou (i66) (still alive)
Starr, Sandra Marie (i136) (still alive)
Starr, Sheila Kay (i131) (still alive)
Starr, Solomon (i1041), b.1816-d.1904
Starr, Tara Gayle (i37) (still alive)
Starr, Twylah Cloteel (i2020) (living status unknown)
Starr, Wilborn Lee (i1880), b.1914-d.1980
Starr, William A. (i276), b.1852-d.1929
Starr, William Andrew (i59) (still alive)


Stephens, James (i1457) (living status unknown)
Stephens, James Cody (i1456) (living status unknown)
Stephens, Maria (marriage to Lineus Simpson Cary) (i1611), b.1802-
Stephens, Megan Nicole (i1458) (living status unknown)
Stephens, Nancy Margaret (marriage to Armstead Huffman) (i1771), b.1794-d.1881


Stout, Edgar Hulse (marriage to Bessie Lee Matthews) (i1914), b.1877-d.1952
Stout, Nancy Jane (marriage to Granville Rogan Matthews) (i2025), b.1858-d.1911
Stout, Narcissa Frances (marriage to Joseph Thompson Matthews) (i1890), b.1844-d.1929


Stringfield, Georgeiana (marriage to Joseph Nuchols Matthews) (i1899)


Sullivan, Bruce Allen (i1463) (living status unknown)
Sullivan, Carrie Edith, Starkey (marriage to Melvin Clarence Copeland) (i2093), b.1910-d.1991
Sullivan, David Allen (i1466) (living status unknown)
Sullivan, Emily Ann (i1465) (living status unknown)
Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth (i1464) (living status unknown)
Sullivan, Michael Patrick (i1467) (living status unknown)


Sutherland, Amanda Lee (i1128) (living status unknown)
Sutherland, Michael (i1126) (living status unknown)
Sutherland, Tracy Marie (i1127) (living status unknown)


Sweeney, James (marriage to Sarah Baldock) (i660)


Tanner, Frederick (marriage to Rosanna Huffman) (i361), b.1750-d.1845


Taylor, Anne (marriage to Mylles (Col.)(Miles) Cary) (i1541), b.1621-d.1657
Taylor, unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Williams) (i1743)
Taylor, William (marriage to Mary Huffman) (i358)


Terry, Mary Jane (marriage to Edward Jasper Huffman) (i387), b.1839-d.1911


Thomas, Abby (i771) (still alive)
Thomas, Alice Joanne (i1427) (living status unknown)
Thomas, Christopher Ralph (i1424), b.1964-d.1964
Thomas, Elizabeth (i235), b.1735-d.1817
Thomas, Elizabeth (marriage to John Railsback) (i235), b.1735-d.1817
Thomas, Eva (marriage to William Bedford Gerald) (i1346), b.1873-d.1911
Thomas, Hans Wendel (i396), b.1712-
Thomas, Jerald Rapheal (i1425) (living status unknown)
Thomas, Jon (i770) (still alive)
Thomas, Laura Elizabeth (i1426) (living status unknown)
Thomas, Mary (i400), b.1739-
Thomas, Mary Barbara (i402), b.1741-
Thomas, Michael (i404), b.1743-
Thomas, Ralph Truman (i1423) (living status unknown)
Thomas, Susanna (i398), b.1737-


Thompson, Donald (i867) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Jessie (marriage to Willa Mae Francis) (i1932) (living status unknown)
Thompson, John Estes (i1428) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Joni Elise (i1429) (living status unknown)
Thompson, Virginia (i868) (still alive)


Todd (i1099) (living status unknown)


Tolle, Thomas Bransford (marriage to Nancy S. Huffman) (i1806), b.1826-d.1886


Traylor, Michale, Combs (marriage to Michael Starr) (i244), b.1778-d.1857


Trisha (i1098) (living status unknown)


Truitt, Harold Lee (i32) (still alive)


Tudor, Elizabeth (marriage to Nimrod Huffman) (i1762), b.1799-d.1872
Tudor, John Henry (marriage to Mary Frances Huffman) (i364), b.1779-d.1865
Tudor, Nancy Harris (marriage to Barnett Huffman) (i377), b.1792-d.1859
Tudor, Sam (marriage to Maude Sigler) (i2065)


Turner, Connie Sue (i1934) (living status unknown)
Turner, Dumas Ray (i1931) (living status unknown)
Turner, Dumas Ray (marriage to Willa Mae Francis) (i1931) (living status unknown)
Turner, Patsy Ann (i1933) (living status unknown)
Turner, Sarah J. (marriage to George H. Cary) (i1626), b.1824-d.1858


Underwood, Cynthia Lynn (i1937) (living status unknown)
Underwood, Edna Louise (marriage to Earl Russell Bartley) (i1196) (living status unknown)
Underwood, Leo (i1935) (living status unknown)


Vibbert, Marcella Ann (marriage to Ezra David Hood) (i1166) (living status unknown)


Vickers, Nancy Ann (marriage to Ambrose Baldock) (i640), b.1849-d.1930


Vinson, Chlorine Elizabeth (marriage to Malcolm Lionel Hodges) (i1327), b.1906-d.2000


Wallace, Clarence William (marriage to Laura Wedemeyer) (i619)


Warren, James William (i1377) (living status unknown)
Warren, Matthew James (i1379) (living status unknown)
Warren, RaeAnne Christine (i1378) (living status unknown)


Washington, Ann (i1720), b.1687-
Washington, Arthur (i1715), b.1681-d.1761
Washington, Elizabeth (i1652), b.1683-d.1773
Washington, Elizabeth (marriage to Sampson Lanier) (i1652), b.1683-d.1773
Washington, Faith (i1722), b.1689-
Washington, George (i1714), b.1680-d.1763
Washington, James (i1724), b.1693-d.1766
Washington, John (i1662), b.1632-d.1661
Washington, John (i1717), b.1684-d.1754
Washington, John (marriage to Mary Flood) (i1662), b.1632-d.1661
Washington, Mary (i1719), b.1686-
Washington, Priscilla (i1718), b.1685-d.1764
Washington, Richard (i1663), b.1660-d.1725
Washington, Richard (i1716), b.1682-
Washington, Richard (marriage to Elizabeth Jordan) (i1663), b.1660-d.1725
Washington, Thomas (i1721), b.1688-d.1749
Washington, William Warren (i1723), b.1690-d.1763


Watkins, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Cary) (i1589), b.1705-


Weaver, Peter (marriage to Maria Elizabeth Hoffman) (i357), b.1734-


Wedemeyer, Alexandra Shay (i859) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Alice Augusta (i620), b.1885-d.1946
Wedemeyer, Augusta Wilhamina (i622), b.1892-d.1917
Wedemeyer, Christine (i873) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Daren Lane (i871) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Donna Kaye (i866) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Erika Kristel (i636) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Ernest Henry (i624), b.1903-d.1974
Wedemeyer, Ernst (i612)
Wedemeyer, Heinrich Christian Friedrich Ernst (i611), b.1848-d.1900
Wedemeyer, Henry (i615), b.1879-d.1960
Wedemeyer, Katherine (i617), b.1881-d.1896
Wedemeyer, Laura (i618), b.1883-d.1941
Wedemeyer, Mackenzie Ellen (i2076) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Michael Alan (i48) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Michael Ross (i45) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Odessa Ellen (i626), b.1921-d.2001
Wedemeyer, Odessa Ellen (marriage to Edwin Lloyd Dietrich) (i626), b.1921-d.2001
Wedemeyer, Ronald Alan (i630), b.1939-d.2000
Wedemeyer, Ronald Alan, Jr. (i634) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Ross (i625), b.1906-d.1979
Wedemeyer, Ross Scott (i631), b.1942-d.1966
Wedemeyer, Savannah Lee (i46) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Sue (i629) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Summer Rae (i47) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Sydne Paige (i858) (still alive)
Wedemeyer, Wayne Ernest (i628), b.1934-d.1934


Welch, Elizabeth Rose (marriage to Glenn Brent Hodges) (i1325) (living status unknown)


Wells, Cordelia (marriage to George Dallas Matthews) (i1893), b.1854-d.1924
Wells, Hugh B. (marriage to Hannah Amanda Starr) (i275)
Wells, Jacob S. (marriage to Rachel S. A. Starr) (i266)
Wells, Lou Eva Minerva (marriage to Joseph Nuchols Matthews) (i1900)


Wheet, William L. (marriage to Donah B. Matthews) (i1909)


White, Anna Jewell (marriage to Ersie Dee Baldock) (i1291), b.1917-d.1943
White, Mary Celina (marriage to Cyrus Walker Cary) (i1643), b.1857-d.1940
White, Naomi R. (marriage to Ersie Dee Baldock) (i1292), b.1930-d.2001


Whitlow, Brandy Lynn (i898) (still alive)
Whitlow, Candace Jeanette (i908) (still alive)
Whitlow, Christopher Todd (i902) (still alive)
Whitlow, Edward Russell (i1164) (living status unknown)
Whitlow, Howard Douglas (i899) (still alive)
Whitlow, James Ray (i1162) (living status unknown)
Whitlow, James William (i1163) (living status unknown)
Whitlow, John Michael (i895) (still alive)
Whitlow, Kimberly Ann (i901) (still alive)
Whitlow, Larry Wayne (i892) (still alive)
Whitlow, Larry Wayne, Jr. (i894) (still alive)
Whitlow, Laurie Ann (i1165) (living status unknown)
Whitlow, Marcus Alan (i904) (still alive)
Whitlow, Marcus Wayne (i909) (still alive)
Whitlow, Mary Jane (i903) (still alive)
Whitlow, Wayne Lenvil (i553), b.1918-d.1994


Wilborn, Earl (marriage to Bonnie Jean Hood) (i1049), b.1925-d.1986


Wilburn, Rushia (marriage to Paul Matthews) (i1870), b.1912-d.1988


Williams, Blake (i1139) (living status unknown)
Williams, Catherine (Kitty) (i1751), b.1795-d.1885
Williams, Christian (i2060) (still alive)
Williams, Connie Lou (i1133) (living status unknown)
Williams, Cynthia (i1753), b.1798-d.1830
Williams, Daniel (i1746), b.1784-
Williams, David (i1744), b.1777-
Williams, Donnie Sue (i1132) (living status unknown)
Williams, Elanora Jones (i1138) (living status unknown)
Williams, Elizabeth (i1742), b.1776-
Williams, Elizabeth (i1755), b.1811-
Williams, Ephraim (i1676), b.1783-d.1853
Williams, Fereby H. (i1757), b.1815-
Williams, Frances G. (i1759), b.1820-
Williams, Garrett (i1674), b.1743-d.1824
Williams, Garrett (marriage to Sally Lanier) (i1674), b.1743-d.1824
Williams, Hugh (i2002), b.1927-d.1971
Williams, Hugh (marriage to Wanda Chloryne Matthews) (i2002), b.1927-d.1971
Williams, James T. (i1758), b.1818-
Williams, John (i1747), b.1786-
Williams, John Washington (i1754), b.1807-d.1887
Williams, Lemuel (i1745), b.1781-d.1858
Williams, Madison L. (i1756), b.1813-
Williams, Mary King (i278), b.1809-d.1876
Williams, Mary King (marriage to Abner Clay Cary) (i278), b.1809-d.1876
Williams, Mary Polly (i1748), b.1788-
Williams, Maxie Elmer (i1131) (living status unknown)
Williams, Nancy (i1749), b.1790-
Williams, Nancy (marriage to Charles Grant Huffman) (i391)
Williams, Ona (marriage to Robert Lemore Baldock) (i920), b.1916-
Williams, Ozburn (i1675), b.1773-d.1854
Williams, Sarah (i1750), b.1791-d.1864
Williams, Sarah (i1761), b.1824-
Williams, Susannah (marriage to Joseph Starr) (i1035)
Williams, Tamara (i2003) (living status unknown)
Williams, Terry Lynn (i1134) (living status unknown)
Williams, unknown (i2059) (living status unknown)
Williams, unknown (marriage to Barbara Starr) (i1037)
Williams, William W. (i1760), b.1822-


Wills, Emmanuel (marriage to Elizabeth Cary) (i1558)


Wilson, Mary (marriage to Miles Cary) (i1566)


Witcher, Velma Louise (marriage to Jewell Roy Parker) (i2043) (living status unknown)


Wood, Amanda Ruth (i906) (still alive)
Wood, David Houston (i905), b.1946-d.1980


Wooten, Mary Catherine (marriage to Edgar Franklin Parker) (i2040) (living status unknown)


Word, Lewis Vilnous (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Matthews) (i1892), b.1844-d.1889
Word, Sallie Pearl (marriage to Millard Gilmore Matthews) (i2033)


Wright, Rebecca (marriage to John Huffman) (i1773), b.1805-d.1853


Young, Henrietta (marriage to Edward Jasper Huffman) (i386), b.1844-d.1866


Zatter, Margaret Henrietta (marriage to Haskel Earl Crabtree) (i1075) (living status unknown)


Zobject, Marguirita (marriage to Theodore Brent Hodges) (i1323), b.1906-d.1996

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