The Best from our Arkansas Adventure

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Hiking at Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo and Beyond

Between a Rock & a Hard Place at Mount Nebo

Sitting on Rocks at Mount Nebo

Blanchard Springs - Where the Water Goes
After Creating Blanchard Springs Caverns

The Path to Blanchard Springs

At "Pedestal Rocks" - I'm smiling because
I didn't know there was "Nothing" beneath me

One of many Pedestals on the "Pedestal Rocks" hike

Falling Waters Falls, a favorite of kayakers

WOW, what a TRIP - we want to try it

A Natural Bridge on the Seven Hollows Trail
Petit Jean State Park, May 12, 2000

The Architectural Award Winning Thorncrown Chapel
Near Eureka Springs, June 16, 2000

An Inside View of Thorncrown Chapel

Blue Spring at Eureka Springs Gardens
30 Million Gallons per Day, June 16, 2000

Proof Positive for those doubters

Further explanation not required

Oops - I Don't Remember It Looking Quite This Way

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